Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 16

She waits till he's disappeared into the bathroom before letting the bra drop to the floor and carefully easing into the T-shirt he'd supplied her with earlier. It's much too big, but feels clean and fresh and is lose enough to make her current bra-less appearance less conspicuous. She takes a few steps and settles carefully onto the edge of the chair opposite the desk, clasping her hands in her lap, staring around her surroundings and wondering what she's got herself into.

He reappears, packs away the items in the med kit, picks up her clothes from the floor, silently placing her bra on the desk and dropping the remnants of her top into the bin by the desk. He disappears once again with the med kit and the next time he appears from the bedroom he's carrying a bathrobe which he drapes across her shoulders.

She's shivering, probably from shock, but has been so preoccupied that it's only now she becomes aware of it. She gives him a strained smile of gratitude and watches as he leans back against the desk, crosses his arms and calmly regards her.

"Wha … what do you want from me?" she asks, a mix of fear and anger and puzzlement in her voice.

"To talk" he answers calmly, "I'd like to find out a bit about you .."

"Why?" She interrupts him

"Writer's curiosity? Nosiness? Wanting to know what a beautiful woman like you is doing leading the life you lead?" he answers. "Look …" he steps in before she can say anything, " … its gone five am and I'm pretty knackered, I should think you must be feeling pretty far out of it as well. How about you take the spare bedroom upstairs and we both get some sleep. We can discuss matters in the morning, and if you want to leave I won't stop you .."

She still can't make out his angle, but the only spare room upstairs she can remember is the one she used to gain entry into the loft. Somehow she doesn't think he's proposing they sleep together right next to his mother and daughter. Not that she's in any condition for fun and games, nor does she intend to be around in the morning. A couple of hours sleep to get some of her strength back and she'll be away from this crazy guy well before he can settle down to 'talk' to her.

He leads the way and she follows him up the stairs, down the hall and into the almost familiar bedroom. He whispers about the bathroom next door which his daughter uses and about calling him if she should need anything. She just nods silently and watches the door close behind him, listening to his footsteps fade away down the hall.

She stands unmoving, barely breathing, in the middle of the room for all of ten minutes, still unsure of what she is doing here. Eventually she moves to the window, smiling as she sees the added security measures which have been installed since her visit. With a sigh she heads for the bed, drops the bathrobe over the end and pulls the Velcro tabs on her shoes before toeing them off. Gingerly, she climbs in, pulling the covers up over herself as she stretches out, sighing in pleasure at the feel of comfort and the release of tension. She'll let herself sleep for a couple of hours at most then she'll leave before anyone is up to stop her.

When her eyes open sometime later she begins to stretch before hissing and freezing in place. She waits for the pain in her back to subside to tolerable levels before slowly turning over. Her mind is fuzzy at first, then the memories from the previous night flood her brain. With a gasp she twists her head to look at the window. There is cold, bright sunlight shining in through the open curtains, much too much light for it to be early morning. Raising her wrist she stares unbelievingly at her father's watch. It's gone eleven-forty, she's slept for over six hours!

Almost in panic she eases her legs over the side of the bed and pushes herself up into a sitting position with the help of her good arm. Her back feels on fire, especially just above her right kidney. She slips her left hand behind her, feels the plaster and gauze dressing which seems to be suspiciously damp. Her right arm and shoulder feel pretty stiff and there's no way she can twist it behind her back and the whole lot is too awkward to deal with using only her left hand. She growls in frustration.

She manages to get herself onto her feet, quietly cursing her predicament. She also needs the loo and that could present some problems in her present state. She's still wearing her trousers and they feel uncomfortable and twisted on her and she's going to have to get out of them if she wants to use the bathroom. Ignoring her shoes she opens the door and looks out into the hallway. She can smell coffee and cooking from downstairs as well as hearing the clash of pots and pans. With a heartfelt groan which she hopes cannot be heard beyond her immediate surroundings, she pushes open the next door down and enters the bathroom.

It's obviously his daughter's, but she doesn't spend too much time in looking around. It's a bit of a struggle to slip her trousers and pants down without the stabbing pains in her back making her gasp, but she manages it and also manages to get them back up and buttoned when she's finished, but the cold layer of sweat on her forehead tells her she's not in good shape right now.

Putting a bit of toothpaste onto her finger she does the best she can to clean her teeth and freshen up before heading to the end of the hallway and starting down the stairs. She pauses halfway down; the place feels warm and her bare feet and T-shirt enough for the moment, whilst the smell of fresh coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon are making her mouth water and her stomach rumble. She thinks it's barely loud enough to be heard, but he looks up from the pan he's holding and gives her a smile which has her heart beating and the blood thrumming in her ears.

"Morning sleeping beauty, how's your back today?"

She almost smiles back at him, his cheerfulness infectious, only just remembering in time that in some mysterious way which she has not yet comprehended, she is his prisoner. She flattens the smile off her face with an effort, moving towards the kitchen island where he's already placing a steaming cup of coffee for her, her intention being to thank him and get the hell out of here.

Half an hour later, a still bemused Kate has had breakfast and is on a second cup of coffee and has yet to broach the subject of her leaving. She's decided that as soon as she's finished this coffee she'll tell him, though he's disappeared into his bedroom. A few minutes later he's returning with the med kit. "I guess I should take a look at the running repairs" he says, indicating he needs to pull up the tail of the T-shirt she's wearing to reveal her back.

With a sigh she consents allowing him to tug the bottom up so that she can hold it with her left hand over her right shoulder. She's aware that her bra is still probably on his desk, so she uses her right arm to hold the shirt in place below her breasts. He's carefully peeling the gauze away and she has to clamp her teeth together to stop the whimper which wants to escape her mouth.

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