Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 18

She stares at him for a few moments, still unable to pigeon–hole him. He says no strings attached and she has to admit, so far he's tried nothing … other than being a great host and healer. She's been expecting the knock on the door in spite of his contradictory behaviour … a couple of uniforms ready to cart her off to the cop shop, a clearing away of valuable items whilst she's around, and yet, so far nothing, he's left her to her own devices, there are a number of valuable pieces she can see from here and yet he's made no move to hide them or warn her off.

Her innate caution tells her to head for the door and get the hell away from this man who not only confuses her, but also stirs all sorts of feelings she doesn't want to even think about. Yet another part of her want to find out what it is that makes him tick … and what it is about her, or her actions that has made an apparently law-abiding citizen move to the dark side!

She has to smile a bit at the thought and seeing his answering smile realises that she's been standing there saying nothing for several minutes. But she doesn't rush into things, not Kate Beckett, so she turns and moves to one of the windows overlooking Broom Street, folding her arms across her chest and biting her lip as the thinks it all out … probably overanalysing as always, but that's her.

If he can get her bike back, it will mean she doesn't have to go back to the scene of her second failed crime and risk being spotted, but he'll need the keys from the pocket of the backpack. She really needs to know if her attacker has been able to identify her, whether the blood and cap she left behind have been traced or are just sitting in the lab computers ready to pop up the next time she screws up, but that will all have to wait.

She's also missed the deadline for her payment. She knows the routine when that happens; no investigation of her case until next month, she lets out a huff of annoyance oblivious to Castle's presence just a few feet away observing her every facial expression and lip-chewing moment.

She's covered at work for today at least, thanks to his insistence; she'll have to decide later if she'll go in tomorrow or not. Also, if he goes down to get her stuff from the car, he'll probably look through the contents of the backpack. The B&E equipment doesn't matter anymore, he already knows that about her, but if he looks at the contents of the tubes, he'll probably want to return them to their owner or worse still, report her. Maybe she can convince him to let her get the stuff. Then there are the items she stole from here, not much admittedly, but she's going to have to return them if she want to live in peace with herself, it's the least she can do in return. But that means getting out of here unaccompanied and visiting her fence … it will just have to go on the to-do list.

And then of course there's the most dangerous part of all of this; their talk. She doesn't really give a shit about his story, but she's a highly private person and has no intention of telling him anything beyond the very basics. She'll have to make sure she answers nothing that might compromise her or her investigation and if she feeds him enough crap to satisfy his curiosity and he keeps to his word of allowing her to leave whenever she wants … well, she never expected to get off that easily!

Decision taken, she drops her arms to her side and turns from the window. She almost jumps back through it as she finds him only a couple of feet from her, observing her with interest. She can't help colouring up, and the worst part is she doesn't even know why!

"Ok, I'd like to take you up on the offer of the shower, but I need to get a couple of things from my backpack first …" she manages once she's got herself back under control, ".. mind if I come down with you to get it?"

"You mean you don't want me poking around the contents," he answers her, "You know, I had no intention of doing so"

Much to her chagrin, she feels herself colouring up once again, not only because she realises he probably wouldn't have done so, but also at being read so easily. She's not used to this. Kate looks around for something to kick and not finding anything has to resort to crossing her arms across her chest and cursing under her breath.

Looking up at him she sees he's almost laughing at her and with a sigh gives a reluctant smile in return. "Ok, I'll take the shower, you get my backpack … but no peeking!" she glares at him.

"No peeking at what? You in the shower or your backpack?" he asks innocently

"Either!" she growls back

He shows her into his bathroom, pulls some towels out for her and returns from the bedroom a few moments later with a fresh shirt, a pair of boxers, thick socks and some sweat pants with drawstrings which he thinks should help to keep them round her waist. He also pulls open a drawer under the sink and points out a number of new toothbrushes, combs and other items in case she wants to make use of them.

"Uhm, try not to get your back too wet or we'll have to change that dressing again … and, umm, I'll just wait out here, chuck your stuff through the doorway and I'll put them in the machine before going down to the car" he says as he's about to leave.

"No way Castle, you show me later where the washing machine is and I'll do them myself, you don't get your hands on my pants!"

"Not your pants I really want to get my hands on" he says waggling his eyebrows. She snorts and pushes him out, closing the door between them.

Rick stands outside the bathroom door grinning. It's the first time she's called him by his name, whether she's seen it on the cardboard cut-out in the office or already knew it when she broke in he doesn't know, but he rather likes the way it sounds when she says it. With a shake of his head he turns and heads out to grab his car keys.

Leaning against the bathroom door, Kate hears him walking away and sighs. No good Kate, she berates herself, you can't let him get in your head like that! Moving to the open drawer, she pulls out a toothbrush still in its green and opaque Holiday Inn cellophane and a comb in the white and red Sheraton carton. She grins, so he isn't above stealing the contents of hotel bathrooms!

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