Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 29

She enters Bagel Bob's for her usual mid-morning coffee and is handing over the cash when Bob pushes her hand away, "It's paid for Kate" he says.

She looks at him in surprise "What do you mean it's paid for?"

Bob shrugs, "Must be an admirer of yours, came in yesterday and left some money for your coffee"

"What was he like?"

"Umm, tall guy, pretty good lookin' I'd say … though not my type …" he grins, "… mid-to-late thirties, expensive watch, asked me what coffee 'Kate, the girl with the Harley' took and left the cash when I told him. I didn't peg him for the crazy type, but I can always let the cops know if he comes in again?"

She's not happy, not happy at all. The writer is invading her life in so many ways that she doesn't know how to react but shakes her head at the last part "No Bob, that's Ok, just a guy I met a few days ago"

"You must have made an impression" he grins and ignoring her raised eyebrows turns to serve the next customer.

His rather cryptic remark becomes clearer to her as the next day she finds her coffee seems to have been paid for again. Having confirmed it was Castle by showing Bob his picture from the fly cover of Storm Fall, she tries to get Bob to take her money and return whatever Castle left to him the next time he calls in. For whatever reason, she can't get Bob to agree, even her threatening to start using Amorino's doesn't sway him.

Her glares and stubbornly held out money are totally ignored by Bob who seems to be enjoying himself rather inordinately. Her frustration is directed more at the way her previously organised life seems to be slipping out of her control, little bit by little bit … and it can all be traced back to her decision to hit Castle's loft. What is it about him that has made everything go pear-shaped?

On the other hand she can hardly complain after what he's done for her so far. The bruising looks pretty awful, but in actual fact her shoulder is on the mend, the stiffness almost gone and the soreness reduced. The minor cuts are just simple red scratches right now which will soon heal and disappear. The three deeper ones are healing nicely, scabs formed and simple plasters being enough to cover them. The deeper cut lower down is still giving her a bit of trouble, though it is getting better. Soon she won't need Lanie's ministrations … and bites her lip as she remembers the feel of Castle's hands and breath on her back.

Next day, Bob has an even broader grin on his face as he hands her the coffee. It takes her a moment to spot the Morning Gorgeous written with a marker pen on the side. She scowls at Bob but has to turn away to bite her lip and hide the smile that's threatening to break out any moment. She quickly scans the room but he's not there. She hates to admit it but the already good coffee seems to taste even better recently.

She carries her coffee out and stands in the street, sipping and looking around her, wondering if he's watching her right now. She should feel totally creeped out, but strangely enough she's not. With a shake of her head she carries her now empty coffee cup into the UMS premises and places it inside her locker. There's a guilty look to her face as she closes the door, but no one notices.

Her mid-morning coffees have now become a game it would appear. Her Wednesday morning one had Wednesday's coffee will help you glow written on the mug. She'd looked suspiciously first at the cup and then at Bob, who'd just shrugged and grinned. He was getting way too much fun out of this for her liking. Having decided that Castle couldn't have put radioactive goo or any other 'glowing' substance into it, she'd taken it and ended up adding it to the other one in her locker.

Yesterday's cup had Thursday's coffee has far to go on it and today's says Friday's coffee is lovely and warming … its then she realises he's messing around with the Monday's Child poem. She has to grin, not only because of his crazy antics, but because of the fact that she had no doubt that he's wondering how long it will take her to catch on. Before heading home that day she goes in to Bagel Bob's, asks for a cup and the marker and leaves her own message on a cup with precise instructions.

The week has given her back and shoulder time to heal and allow her to do some gentle stretching exercises. She can feel the deepest cut pull and makes sure she doesn't overdo it. There's been nothing on the news or in the press about her break-in in the Bowery. She's hoping it will all die down and with Lanie holding onto the two pictures, she decides to set her non-legal activities to one side for the moment.

She spends the weekend at her Dad's cabin, taking long walks with him and making sure they spend quality time together. He's been sober now for a couple of years and she wants to make sure he remains so. She also needs the time to be alone, away from everything that distracts her. There is a lot she has to think about and the peace and quiet of the woods gives her the opportunity to think things through without disruptions.

Monday's coffee is first base and a second line saying Something harder next time then … smarty-pants! is the inscription on her cup and she has to laugh. Looking up at the shelf where Bob had placed her own inscribed cup, she can see it's no longer there. Two can play at this game Castle!

Tuesday morning he's sitting at his usual table in Amorino's and has to grin as he watches her walk out of Bagel Bob's with her coffee cup in hand. As usual she props herself on the small buttress by the doorway, face up to the morning sun and sips her coffee. He doesn't miss the occasional twist she gives the cup or the twitch of her lips as she reads the inscription. Today's was You're amazing and he can't help grinning at how quickly she'd caught on to him. He'd had to laugh as Bob had handed him the cup when he'd gone in on Saturday which read You'll need to work harder for a living telling him he'd been rumbled.

Monday's child poem

Monday's child is fair of face,

Tuesday's child is full of grace,

Wednesday's child is full of woe,

Thursday's child has far to go,

Friday's child is loving and giving,

Saturday's child works hard for his living,

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

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