Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 58

Their breathing has returned to normal, the sweat on both their bodies dried in the warmth of the bedroom. The second bout had been much more controlled and this time she had been the one to make him suffer, holding him on the cusp and driving him to distraction. Now they lie there, satiated and relaxed, until suddenly he stiffens and sits up abruptly. She follows suit, wondering what's up with him.

Turning to her he says, "Christ! I've only just realised we didn't use protection!"

She stares at him, eyes wide as she watches him panicking. She's not exactly sure which scenario is causing the panic and she's somewhat disconcerted to say the least at the fact that neither of them had thought of it, too wrapped up in the moment, but at least she can remove one of the outcomes.

"Castle …. it might not be the only problem … but I'm on the pill" she says watching him closely, the worry in her voice. The panic begins to recede from his eyes and then the other thought clicks in, making them widen once more. Before he can say anything, she says "I'm … I'm clear, what about you?"

She thinks he doesn't hear her, but just as she's about to repeat herself, he lets out a sigh of relief and flops back onto the bed. Turning his head, he looks at her and offering a somewhat apologetic smile says "I'm clear as well … had a medical three months ago and as this is the first time since …"

Kate sits there looking down at him, not sure whether to be surprised or not that until today he hadn't had any fun for three months. Mind you, it had been even longer for her, her nocturnal activities and single-mindedness making relationships a bit difficult to say the least. And now she's faced with an even bigger conundrum. Where will this take us? she wonders, unsure of the effect this is going to have on them.

The closing of the front door and Martha's "Hello everyone, I'm hooome!" suddenly has them panicking a second time.

"Bathroom, quick!" He says as he scrambles to his feet and starts pulling his clothes on. Kate quickly gets off the bed and grabs her clothes, madly looking around for her panties and finding them over by the closet door where he'd unceremoniously thrown them earlier on.

Rick walks out into the sitting room, hoping he doesn't look as dazed as he feels, shirt lose over his jeans, bare feet in the pair of loafers he keeps by the bed, fingers run through his hair in an attempt to remove the I've just had sex look. There's no sign of Alexis and Martha's already halfway up the stairs with some sort of cape or costume over her arm so she waves to him and says "I'll just leave this in my room". He lets out a sigh of relief, splashes some water from the kitchen sink on his face and tucks his shirt in, hoping for the best. He makes a beeline for the bedroom again and as he enters he can hear the shower running. Backing out he closes the door and returns to the kitchen just as his daughter and mother come down the stairs.

"So kiddo, Alexis tells me Kate's here?"

He nods as nonchalantly as he can, adding, "She's just freshening up, we had a pretty emotional talk and I think she just needs a few minutes to herself …" he crosses his fingers behind his back and hopes they'll fall for it.

Alexis nods, and looking apologetically at him says "I was coming down earlier and couldn't help overhearing her … it must be so hard for her … I'm sorry Dad, didn't mean to eavesdrop … it was just so …" and she peters out as Martha slips an arm round her shoulder.

He leans his hands on the counter, nodding to her, "That's ok Pumpkin, she's had some bad stuff happen and no one to talk to about it …" he glances towards the office wondering how long she's going to be and if he can intercept her in time to let her know the 'lie of the land'. "I was thinking maybe we could order in for tonight?"

They decide on Vietnamese and Martha suggests she and Alexis go down to the 'Simply Pho You' restaurant round the corner rather than call in the order. Rick asks them to get two of his usual order whilst he gets things ready in the loft, letting out a big sigh of relief as soon as the door closes behind them.

He's about to rush back to the bedroom when he spots Kate's bag still hanging from the kitchen stool. Lifting it off he takes it into the study and places it or the arm of the chair she was using earlier on, next to the folder. He's about to head for the bedroom when his hand catches the strap and pulls the bag down onto the floor. As the items inside cascade across the rug, he quickly crouches and begins to replace keys, makeup, phone … wallet … he pauses, throws a wary look at the bedroom door which is still closed and flips it open.

His eyes go to the transparent window where her driving licence shows through … Katherine Haughton Beckett … his eyes skim over the ID and address, not really taking them in but settle on the DOB: 11-17-79 … so her birthday is on the seventeenth, just a couple of weeks away! … a noise from the bedroom has him guiltily snapping the wallet closed and slipping it back into the purse and then he's straightening up and replacing it, carefully this time, back on the arm.

Stepping to the bedroom door he knocks and walks in, finding Kate sitting on the end of the bed, pulling her boots on. They both stare at each other for a second …

"I just thought I'd better shower …"

"They've gone to pick up …"

Both begin at the same time and then they're laughing, the embarrassment of the moment fading as he moves over and drops down onto the bed next to her. She's still sitting, one booted foot on her knee, fingers holding but not moving the zipper. He reaches out slowly, takes her hand in his right and uses his left to push the zip all the way up, her eyes never leaving his.

Still cradling her hand, he leans forward and places a gentle kiss on her lips. Then, pulling away slightly, he says, "Alexis and my mother have gone down to pick up some Vietnamese food, I hope you like it?"

She looks at him for a moment and asks "What makes you think I'm staying for dinner Castle?"

The look of disappointment on his face almost makes her laugh, and though she really needs some time on her own to get her mind round the several unexpected turns the afternoon has taken, she`s also reluctant to call it quits just yet.

Relenting, but deciding she want a bit of fun, she pulls her hand from his and snaps her fingers at him, brusquely ordering him "Up!"

Reluctantly, like a boy walking away from the best toy in the shop, disappointed sigh included, he stands up, only to raise his eyebrows in surprise as she straightens her other leg out and points to her boot.

Wordlessly he moves till he's supporting her heel in his hand, his mind inevitably wandering to the practicalities and hotness of four inch stompers while his fingers grip the zip and push it all the way up. He's almost scared to let go and decides to lower her foot slowly to the floor, eyes once more on hers.

Still wordlessly, she stretches out both hands towards him, waits for him to pull her up onto her feet, pauses a moment with only inches separating them and then allows herself to fall forwards into him. Instinctively, his arms come round to catch her and she slips her own up round his neck, staring up into his eyes, unable to hide her grin any longer. His relief is almost palpable and as he looks down at her he shakes his head, adding "Katherine Beckett, you are a cruel woman!"

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