Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 65

She can see he's almost jumping in his seat for glee, "I knew it!" he says, "You're a fan! I bet you got in here to pinch some memento, not my mother's jewellery!"

She gives an eye roll and buries her head in her hands, oh shitsticks! What has she done?! Now he's going to be impossible. "Ok, Castle, enough now, if you're in the precinct from Monday, I take it you won't be turning up for coffees in the morning?"

"You going to miss me Beckett?"

"Me? No! It'll be nice to relax with my coffee .." then seeing his pout, she relents "… ok, maybe a little bit …" and now he's giving her the puppy eyes treatment so she gives in with a sigh, "… ok, I will miss you not being there … happy now?"

He leans over to give her a kiss and she can't help her lips curling upwards as she responds, oh well, at least that's got his mind off my being a fan … for the moment she thinks.

When they break apart she's quick to change the subject "You said you wanted me to check out a building for you? Was that just a ploy or were you serious?"

He looks at her in mock disappointment, "Think you can change the subject that easily Beckett?" but he drops the banter and adds, "I was … am serious, Nikki Heat has to get into a building to find some supposedly missing processors. I've based the building on one in town and I was wondering how you'd go about getting in"

"Is it private or public? … as obviously you're not going to tell me which building it is"

"It's an office building" he tells her.

"Ok, so first we scout it out to see what sort of security it has, then we go to whichever one it is of the three Department of Buildings that handles that area of New York and get hold of copies of architectural drawings and blue prints along with any violation and complaint information, actions and inspections, a bit difficult and tedious, but can be done. Then you plan the break-in …" she watches him, hoping that he'll have found the whole thing tiresome and pointless. She should have known better. He's as excited as a kid at Christmas, beaming at her and about ready to tear out of the loft right this minute to begin the research.

Kate has to shake her head in a mix of appreciation and despair, "Before you say anything, the Department of Buildings won't be open till Monday, so all we can do is look the place over tomorrow morning, assuming they are open?"

Rick's grinning at her, nodding and she's beginning to look for whatever trap she's stepped into, "So, how about you spend the night here, then we have a leisurely breakfast in the morning before heading off to visit the place?"

So! That is what he's been aiming for is it … should have known. In actual fact she's not too averse to the idea, round one had been pretty awesome, round two should be just as good. The only problem … "What am I supposed to do about clothes Castle? Walk around in the same old things again tomorrow?"

He sits back in satisfaction, "Well, we can either go round to your place now and pick up whatever you think you need and then come back and settle in for the evening, or else we call in to your place in the morning on the way to the building!"

"Got it all planned out have you Mister Castle?"

He doesn't answer her, just takes hold of her hand and pulls her over, giving her no choice but to get up and slide over the arms of the seats until she's sitting in his lap. She looks at him coolly, or at least tries to, though she's feeling a bit short of breath and those fingers trying to get under the edge of her shirt are causing butterfly ripples on her abdomen and she needs to get her feet up over the armrests or she's going to end up with a slipped disk, and if his lips don't stop tracking down her neck that's not the only thing that's going to slip. "Castle! …" and shit, that came out way huskier than it was supposed to so she pushes away from him, feeling somewhat ridiculous as she's still sitting in his lap and can feel his arousal underneath her, but she also needs to get things prioritised or else "… Castle, we need to get my things now … I don't want to have to go out later just 'cos you can't keep your hands to yourself!"

Her voice might have sounded three tones deeper than normal, and her eyes might be deep pools of desire, and his hand is obviously incapable of laying still on her stomach and he really needs to get them into the room next door, but her words make sense once he's managed to let them filter past the overriding thought in his mind.

With a sigh, he desists and she drops her forehead to rest against his. "Also, I'd rather not be embarrassed again in front of your mother. I'm not used to parading my love-life through page six, even if you are!"

Rick raises his hand and runs his fingers through her slightly mussed up hair, tucking a few strands behind her ear and letting his thumb rest on her cheek, slowly brushing it back and forth as he looks into her eyes. "Kate, I don't parade my love life … at all. What you read on page six, or anywhere else is just window dressing, a charade to keep me and my books in the headlines. I wish it wasn't so, but I allowed Paula to lead me down that route many years ago and once you start it's difficult to jump off the horse. It's possible the press may find some bit of relevant news about me or Alexis or my mother, but we have an agreement with most of the papers, they come to me … well Paula … and if we want to keep it off the pages I'll give them an exclusive interview or some other, less personal news item. It may not always work and it doesn't include all the online media or the sensationalist press, but so far it's worked pretty well"

"Why are you telling me this Rick?" she asks quietly, though she's been nodding as he spoke.

"Because I don't want you to confuse the real me with the public character I present out there" he says, waving towards the windows. "I would never willingly put you in that spot or have you paraded as … as whatever!"

She stares into his eyes for several moments, then nods and gives him a gentle kiss on the lips, "Ok, lover boy, but we still need to go pick up my stuff … so get him down …" as she wiggles her bum slightly, making matters worse, "… and yourself up" whereupon she slides off his lap and stands up, laughing at the look of frustration on his face.

Reluctantly he pushes himself out of the armchair and heads into the bathroom to run a comb through his hair and straighten his shirt out. Kate's followed him in and is leaning against the doorframe watching him, eyes crinkled in laughter as she shakes her head. "Where would you be without a mirror Castle?"

"All over you" he says, shutting her up with a kiss as he walks past, taking her hand and pulling her after him, her startled laugh trailing behind.

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