Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 72

Sunday dawns wet and miserable. She had intended to head back to her own place last night. Seriously. But somehow she had ended up having dinner with the family, watching a movie with them and then back in his bed. She isn't sure how it had happened, but right now she wasn't complaining.

The sound of rain beating against the windows as she lays snuggled up in this wonderful bed, his body seemingly wrapped around hers from behind, his breath tickling her ear and making her shiver in anticipation was much better than waking up alone in her own bed. However much she likes her independence, wet winter days are not made for being alone.

She feels him stir behind her and remains still, pretending to be asleep, wondering what he'll do. She doesn't have long to wait, nor is she disappointed, hiding her grin and trying to keep her breathing even about all she can do right now.

She feels his hand push her hair aside and the soft tickle of his lips as they track down each of her vertebrae, starting at the top of her neck and slowly inching his way down between her shoulder blades. She can barely keep her breathing even or lay still, especially once his fingers start trailing in circles around her hip.

There's a deep chuckle from behind her informing her that she wasn't fooling him at playing asleep, so with a huff she rolls over onto her stomach and allows a deep sigh of satisfaction to escape her as his lips travel further down her back, reaching the dip and climbing up to her left buttock. His morning bristle is tickling and scratching her skin and she's about to complain when his kisses turn to gentle nips and his fingers are now trailing up and down her thighs and all she can do is turn over onto her back and raise herself on her elbows to look down at him.

His head's down by her hip, eyes looking up at her with a wicked gleam as his fingers brush her mound, lips nipping gently at the flesh just above her hipbone, nip, kiss, nip, kiss … slowly working his way across her flat stomach as his hand slides down her inner thigh, settles behind her knee and gently raises her leg till its bent, fingers still playing like feathers on the soft skin behind her knee.

She can't help tilting her hips towards him, pushing up against his chin and shivering as his bristles come in contact with the delicate skin. His fingers have left the back of her knee and he's running their tips across the base of her buttock, up her inner thigh where her leg joins her body only now they aren't butterfly wings barely touching her skin, now they are gently drumming, like a pianist playing his keys and the rhythm he's setting is matching her speeding up pulse.

She tries spreading her other leg but it's trapped under his body where he's leaning over her and he's obviously not in the mood to be cooperative, so she grabs a handful of his spikey morning hair and pulls. She ignores his wince and he's quick to make his way back up the bed till they're level and then she's pushing him onto his back and she's twisted around till she's straddling him, aware that he's grinning at her but not yet ready to give in, no matter what her body is telling her.

She can feel him fully erect beneath her and adjusts herself till she's covering him, her damp folds half encompassing his manhood where it lays flat on his stomach. Slowly she begins to slide her hips forward then back, just a few inches at a time, aware that his breathing has changed now, it's no longer carefree, it's become more intense, slightly more laboured and his eyes are no longer smiling wickedly at her, they are pools of anticipation and she has to slap his hand away from her hip as he tries to take control.

Slowly she increases the length of her movement, sliding up him till she can just feel his tip and then down again to his base, slow, measured movements that are coating him in her fluids and though his hips are pushing up against her, intent on increasing the friction she's not ready yet, not allowing him to dictate the action, each time he makes a grab for her hips or her breasts she slaps his hands away, ignoring his pout and concentrating on the trip hammer pulse at the base of his neck.

Now she's sliding all the way up to his tip, encompassing it, she can feel him trying to enter her, but she's denying him, once again sliding down his length only now she's leaning forwards more, feeling the waves build up in her own core as her clit slides and bumps along his length.

This time, when his hands come up to take her breasts, she doesn't slap them away, content to let him cup them and run his thumb over her nipples, leaning even further forwards so he can raise his head and take one of them into his mouth, sucking hard before releasing it and then grabbing her nipple between his teeth, the exquisite pain making her gasp.

Then she's pushing his arms down, grabbing his wrists and holding them against the pillow above his head, her hands barely encompassing each one, aware that in spite of her strength he could easily loosen her grip.

She lowers her head, takes one of his own nipples in between her lips and begins to roll it, pulling on it before using her own teeth to nip him back. His groan and the first twitchings of his arms against her constraint bring a smile to her lips and now she's kissing his chest between his pectorals, slowly making her way up towards the beating pulse that has had her attention all the time.

She's almost flat on top of him, curving and stretching her back as she continues to slide back and forth on his erection, aware of what it's doing to him, the so close and so far. Her lips have found the pulse spot and she's sucking hard, hearing his groan and almost unable to retain her hold on his wrists, but she's not finished yet and he's going to have to go with her on this one.

He watches her raise her head from his neck and look at him with unconcealed wickedness; it almost makes him smile. It's taking all his restraint to allow her to hold him down, the back of his mind is demanding he release himself from her fierce grip, fling her onto her back and enter her … all his restraint.

Her eyes are deep pools staring straight at him, reading his mind as she slowly kisses her way up his chin, takes his lower lip between her own and pulls, tongue sliding back and forth along its length adding even more to his sensory overload.

Now she's slightly higher up his body, her folds encompassing his tip but still not allowing him entry, her body holding him down against his stomach, only now her hips are rocking ever so slightly, back and forth, then sideways; an ever so subtle building up of waves which he knows he can't resist long.

Her mouth is on his, her tongue swooping in and out, touching, caressing then pushing hard against his own, their gasps combining and stirring further sensations. He can't take it anymore and pulls his arms free, goes to grab her hips, but she pre-empts him, straightening quickly and clamping her body down tight against him, her hands pushing his away, her grin taunting him even further, her hips now taking on a circular motion, totally tantalising and totally unsatisfactory.

With a grunt he grabs her, twists his hips and she can't help letting out a squeal as she finds herself landing on her back, Rick now above her, his own grin promising revenge.

She lets out a breathy laugh, pushing her hips up against him as he pulls back and then his finger has found her clit and she's no longer sure it's such a good idea as she feels him stroke her in such a way that has her clenching her buttocks and trying to climb up his finger as his thumb now comes into play, stroking hard against her mound, setting up a rhythm between thumb and fingers which is rapidly taking control away from her.

It's his turn to grin as he leans down over her, peppering kisses along her ribcage as unbidden, her body twists towards him and his fingers and she's groaning and gasping, hating and loving that he can do this to her.

Suddenly he releases her and before she's aware of what he's doing, he's flipped her onto her stomach. Startled she turns her head only to find him settling over her, his hands gently spreading her legs as she feels his erection pushing against her lips, her own hips twisting up to accommodate him and then he's pushing gently, short movements which brush her clit and move away, each stroke slightly deeper, more and more friction each time, his body pressing down against her buttocks, gently brushing up and down and adding further waves of pleasure to her already heightened senses.

His hands are either side of her shoulder as he holds himself up, slowly deepening each thrust and her own hips are now rocking to the same rhythm, pleasure pulsing from her very core to every extremity … she pushes her torso up off the bed, twisting her neck, trying to find his mouth and then it's there, his lips crushing hers, tongue flickering in and out and then she's dropping her head back to the pillow, her moans no longer distinguishable from his as they both build towards their climax, her hands grab his wrists giving her a sense of purchase as she tries to roll her hips even higher, her breath now exploding in gasps, then there's the sudden release, the almost electrical discharge which runs through her body, pulsing again and again, muscles twitching in response, lungs unable to breathe … then a first gasp .. a second one … a slightly longer intake of breath this time and then the incredible relaxation of limbs … that sense of bonelessness … then the awareness of his weight on her, his own laboured breathing which is cooling the skin of her shoulder where his mouth rests … his weight which is crushing her against the mattress in a totally satisfying way.

She can't help the weak gasp of laughter escaping her, senses him stir and then he's rolling off her onto his side, his fingers running up and down her back, gentle swirls which sooth her still tingling nerve ends.

She raises her hand, runs her fingers along his jawline, across his mouth and pauses as he grabs them with his lips, then he's kissing their tips and she holds her hand still, smiling at him and unwilling, maybe unable even to stir, quite happy to just lay there and recover.

It's about another hour before she wakes and she almost has to laugh again, but keeps it down to a smile. They're back to spooning, so she must have found the energy to move after all. His arm's a dead weight across her hip, strangely reassuring, though the muffled snoring from behind her must be what woke her.

With utmost care and not some difficulty, she manages to twist round within his incarcerating hold till she`s able to get a look at him. A grin splits her face at the close-up of her boyfriend's … uh … wow, yeah … boyfriend's face mashed into the pillow, hair looking like a stand-in for Mr Porcupine.

Twisting her head to the other side she tries to see the time … duh! … of course, not her place, no clock on the nightstand. She squints at the windows, the dull glow and still audible rain means little has changed in that department. She takes another glance at Rick … no change there either she laughs to herself.

She lays there for a further ten minutes or so, alternately glancing between Rick, the windows and the pictures on the wall, her thoughts running over the last few days and everything that has led to her being here, in this bed on a Sunday morning. She should be panicking, should be trying to come up with excuses and reasons to make a discreet exit. She should … but she doesn't want to, and that realization almost does cause her to panic.

Rick, stirring in his sleep pulls her attention back to him and then it's the need to visit the bathroom than has her gently try to slip out from under his arm, easier said than done, before getting out of bed and quietly closing the bathroom door behind her.

The shower and shampoo make her feel better, they might not have been her gel or hair products, but they were strangely satisfying to use. Towelling her hair dry as best she could … now she remembers why she'd gone for short hairdos … Kate slips back into the bedroom in search of something to wear.

She hesitates as she enters the bedroom, smiling at the picture of Rick flat on his back in the middle of the bed, like a kid with not a care in the world. It makes her pause, the smile slipping off her face. She wonders if she will ever be capable of that again. Then with a shake of her head, determined to banish the negative thoughts for today at least, she heads for his closet with the intention of raiding it in search of a shirt to wear. Her own clothes are beginning to pile up in here; those she'd worn on Friday, and though the pants suit from yesterday morning was at her place where she'd changed into her jeans and roll neck on Rick's insistence about casual wear, now she also has those hanging in here. Picking out a cream coloured button-up shirt from his vast array of garments and pulling her jeans from the hanger he'd lent her, Kate's thankful to have added an extra set of underwear to the holdall she'd prepared, not that she'd been intending to stay here two nights in a row, no way! But a girl should always be prepared!

A check of her phone tells her it's gone ten o'clock and though she hasn't heard any noise from outside the bedroom, she could really do with a coffee … or even a book, something to do until his lordship decides to wake up. With a final glance at the writer, she opens the door and makes her way out as quietly as she can into the office, closing the door behind her.

Entering the sitting room from the office, she sees Alexis sitting at the kitchen counter and hesitates. What is the girl really going to think of her creeping out of her Dad's bedroom at this time in the morning, maybe she could just sneak back into the offi….

Whether she's made a noise or otherwise alerted the teen, Kate's intention to retreat is cut short by Alexis turning, seeing her and offering a smile and a quiet "Hi"

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