Moon In Scorpio

Chapter 89

She opens the door to his knock and is happy to feel his arms around her, pulling her up on her toes and feeling his lips gently kiss her own. With a sigh she drops back onto her heels, pushes the door closed behind him and leads him over to the couch.

"So, what happened?"

"Don't I get offered a drink or anything?" he pouts and is rewarded with a thump on the chest and a growl of frustration.

Pushing herself onto her feet she leans both hands on his shoulders and in a patently false, dulcet tone asks "What would his lordship like?"

He grabs her waist and pulls her down onto his lap, her squeal of surprise turning into a giggle as he finds her ticklish spot and then they're lying along the couch, trying to catch their breaths as her struggle to escape him leave them both gasping.

"If you want something you'll have to get it yourself, I'm in no fit state" she says, trying to catch her breath.

"It can wait. I think we set the cat amongst the pigeons …"


"The Westland angle … the Captain nearly turned white when he heard about it … told us to keep everything very under the radar until we got proof one way or the other. Ryan's having the holding companies looked into; got the Techs trying to trace them. They're going to have to go through the Department of Buildings to get the relevant information; I just hope no one on Westland's payroll hears about it"

"You think he could stop it?"

"I don't know about stopping it, but have the paperwork lost or mislaid … like he did with the Mob … its possible"

"Talking of paperwork, aren't we supposed to be meeting Marty tomorrow to sign the contract? …. only if I keep calling off work for one thing and another, I'm going to get the boot soon!"

"Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, I've postponed the meeting, with everything else going on …. It's been put back to next week, Paula's not too happy, but she'll have to live with it …"

She goes to sit upright and they both have to untangle themselves before managing it. Castle's about to say something when he notices she's biting her lip. It's something he's found she does whenever she's unsure of herself, so pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear he cups her chin, turns her face towards him and asks "What's up?"

"I …. My Dad knows about us …" it's almost a whisper.

"I had a feeling …. at the precinct today … ?"

She nods, lets a quick smile appear, before dropping her eyes again. "I don't think we were as cool as we thought we were"

"Well, as I asked before … is it a bad thing?"

She stares at him, as if not too sure about it. Then with a sigh she leans against him and in a small voice says, "He doesn't know anything about my activities, about what I've been doing all these years …. it … it seemed so easy …. so reasonable to keep it all to myself …. now you know all about it and suddenly I'm lying to my father, to your daughter, your mother …. I don't know if I can carry on … if I can continue to live the lie …"

Putting his arm around her he pulls her in close to him, drops a kiss on her head and starts hesitatingly "Kate, for all sorts of reasons, not just for your own sake, we're going to have to learn to live with your secret. Just the two of us …."

"And Lanie" comes a soft voice at his shoulder.

It surprises him so much that he stops and stares down at her. "Your friend Lanie?"

Kate nods against his chest and he ponders this new bit of information. "Does she know everything? Not just about you I mean …"

She interrupts him, "She knows about us … well, most of it …"

They're both silent; Rick trying to recall everything Kate's told him about Lanie, whilst Kate listens to his steady heartbeat. "When this is over …" he eventually says, "we'll put all this behind us, think of it as a period in our lives that has to be boxed up and stored away … I know it's easy for me, it's only a very short period of my life, for you it's a lot worse, but together we can do it, start on a clean page and write a whole new story, one that we can share with others … and just let the dust settle over this part of it"

She lifts her head and stares in awe at him, wonders at his confidence in them, at his conviction that they'll have a future together, at how easy he makes it all sound. At the back of her mind she knows it won't be like that, that somewhere along the line the train will derail … but just to hear his optimism, his conviction, helps her accept it for now, helps her kid herself that things will work out.

He leans forward and kisses her open mouth, feels her respond and then she's straddling his lap, putting her arms round his neck and pushing against him, moaning as his lips work their way down her neck and his fingers work to unbutton her blouse. She tries to help and only manages to get her arms entangled in the sleeves, has to stop awkwardly to unbutton the cuffs before the blessed thing will slide off. His fingers are at the back of the strap and she shakes her head, today she's wearing a bra with the catch at the front, but he's gone for a shortcut and simply pushed his hands up underneath, cupping her breasts and rolling her nipples with his thumbs. She was meaning to attack his shirt buttons next but releases the catch herself and shrugs the straps off her shoulders and then his mouth is joining his thumbs and she raises herself as she feels his lips teasing her nipple.

His shirt is the next item of clothing to land on the floor and she sucks her stomach muscles in as his fingers work to unbutton her jeans. The whole thing's awkward so she slides back till her feet hit the floor and pushes herself up until she's standing before him. Even before she can begin to wriggle out of them, his hands are at the waistband and he slips both jeans and panties down in one smooth move. Kate's only just freed her feet from the entanglement when his mouth finds her and she has to grab his hair, pulling him against her as his tongue sends shivers down her body. His hands slide up her thighs and she can't help her buttocks clenching as his mouth teases her, then he's pulling her down onto the carpet, mouth trailing kisses up her side, running along each rib until he's reached her breast, nipples now swollen and hyper-sensitive to his tongue, she can't help the whimper that escapes her throat before she's wrapping her legs round him, trying to fuse them as one.

Unhurriedly and gently, he kisses her neck and she arches it high for him, feeling his lips trail up and across her chin then down the other side and then he's giving her a fiercely focused one that will certainly leave a hickey later. His entire body descended lower and lower, hands along her sides and legs, tenderly kissing her clavicles and moving back towards her breasts, alternating fingers and mouth, slowly, softly, first the one then the other, with agonizing patience and she can hardly take it anymore, pushing herself up against him, writhing and trying to press herself against his body. Then he surprises her by leaving her breasts, and trailing his lips down her belly until finally circling his tongue endlessly around her navel.

"I love tasting you" he says against her skin and all she can do is moan, breathing shallowly and rapidly. Her whole body writhes and both hands grip his shoulders in an attempt to pull herself closer against him, biting down on his neck as the sensation becomes more and more intense. Her breath hitches, holds and then she's finally going limp, her mouth emitting a satisfied sigh.

Slowly he lifts off her, slides his hands underneath and picks her up off the floor, carrying her through to the bedroom and gently laying her down on the bed. Stripping off his pants, he lays down beside her, fingers running abstract patterns over her back until her breathing returns to normal, or as normal as it ever does when she's around him. Eventually she gives a throaty chuckle, places a hand on his shoulder and pushes him onto his back before raising herself and settling astride his hips. "My turn Mister Castle" she says, leaning forward and dropping a kiss to his chest.

She's progresses around the sitting room, turning lights on as she goes, whilst he sits on the couch, admiring the fluidity of movement. Eventually she re-joins him on the couch, tucks her feet under her and takes the proffered glass from him.

"As we won't be going to the meeting tomorrow and I'll probably be tied up at the precinct for most of the day, will you come to the loft on Wednesday?"

She hesitates a moment, "I've made arrangements …"

"With Lanie?"

She shakes her head, "No I'm meeting my Dad for lunch"

"How about after that? Bring a change of clothes and we can spend the afternoon there … then maybe go out for the evening? I don't know, do something different?"

There's a bit of pleading in his voice and she has no other plans, even though …. she nods in acquiescence, runs her fingers down his jaw, "Ok, but don't expect me before four or five"

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