Rise of the Titans

By TheWritersGuild96

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 2

Jack Frost's Point of View

Once in the dining room, everybody started digging into the food, except for me, I don't eat. After that we went back into the library where Santa started telling us funny stories, some of it I didn't hear because I would zone out.

"Pretty thing ain't she?" Bunny asks stirring me from my reverie.

"Who?" I asked confused.

"Come on you've been staring at Raina for the past hour." Bunny chuckled, thank goodness nobody heard this, well they probably couldn't since Santa likes to tell his stories in loud tones.

"I was not staring!" I said defending myself.

"Uh huh sure." Bunny said not buying it.

"Go dig yourself in a bucket of carrots will you." I say.

I moved somewhere else and noticed Raina leaving the room.

Raina's Point of View

I walked out of my home and into my garden. Hearing Santa's stories made me laugh, but then I started thinking of my past which isn't something I can get over. I'm not talking about my past of when I first met Jack and remembered who I was, I'm talking about my distant past before any of this ever happened. In the beginning I was happy, but then grief and heartache started taking place. I remember Jack and the others asking me why I let Pitch go instead of just defeating him when I had the chance, I will only say that I have my reasons.

I walked over to my scrying bowl, yes they are still used, and started looking at a past memory. I was so sucked into my memory that I didn't hear anyone coming up behind me. I felt a hand on my shoulder and jerked away from the scrying bowl and found Jack standing by me.

"Jack don't do that." I say after I caught my breath.

"Sorry, I just came to see if you were ok when I saw you using that-" Jack said before I cut him off.

"Scrying bowl." I told him.

"Right, and while you were using your bowl, I noticed you were shaking." Jack replies.

"I was looking at a memory I had." I told him, if I had to choose who I trusted the most, scary thought, I would have chosen Jack, after all he hasn't given me any reason not to.

"Do you want to tell me what it was?" He asked, but I just shook my head.

"Come on Raina, whatever that memory was seems to be bothering you, and it helps if you tell someone." Jack replies, but I still held my ground.

"Sorry, but I think I'm good." I say and head right back into my home and walked to where no one could find me.

Jack Frost's Point of View

"I don't understand why she doesn't want to talk about it." I say to my fellow Guardian's after I told them what happened outside.

"She's had a difficult past, give her a break." Santa replies.

"Yeah but her past is killing her inside." I say.

"Jack what happened then must have been very painful for her, after all this is Raina we're talking about, the girl who lost her memories because of Pitch. Give her time." Bunny replies.

"I guess your right, I just wish there was something I could do to help her." I reply.

"We all wish there is way to help her, but she just needs time to sort out all of her thoughts." Tooth replies and we all agree to that.

We all leave to continue our daily lives the next day, but we didn't know what will soon follow.

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