Rise of the Titans

By TheWritersGuild96

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 3

Raina's Point of View

Once everyone left, I went straight to sleep. However, I wasn't left with peaceful dreams.

I saw a cave that went down far into the earth, where a prison was held. I saw prisoner's, that I never thought I'd see again, shouting out in anger. Then a shadow appeared next to it which turned into Pitch Black.

"Well what do we have here." Pitch said and the prisoner's shouted at him.

"You left us for dead!" One of the prisoner's shouted.

"Now now, I had to wait until the time was right." Pitch replied.

Pitch moved around the prison, that was a hole in the ground and turned back to the prisoner's.

"My friends you have been casted down into this hole and I banished, and for what? We were the most feared beings of this world and it all ended because of who?" Pitch asked.

"The Guardian's!" The prisoner's shouted their answer.

"And should we let them continue bringing hope to the world or shall we have our revenge?" Pitch asked.

"Revenge!" The prisoner's shouted their answer again.

"Then lets go have a little fun! Now that we're all together again, nothing can stand in our way. Isn't that right Raina?" Pitch asked as he turned to look at me with a grin, and that's when I woke up.

After that vision, I ran to the library, took my staff and placed it in the hole and twisted it to where a beacon of light could be seen passing towards the homes of my fellow Guardian's.

Jack's Point of View

I was in Burgess, when I saw it, a beacon of light and I knew who was sending it. Flying to Raina's home, I found the others already there. Santa was giving Raina what I guessed to be hot chocolate while she was sitting in a chair, I could see her shaking from what I assumed to be fear.

"Ah Jack your here." Santa said as he noticed me.

"I came as soon as I saw the light, is everything ok?" I asked.

"We're not sure, Raina wanted to wait until everyone got here." Tooth answered and I went over to Raina, who was still shaking, despite it not being cold.

"Raina?" I questioned and I took her hand to comfort her and Sandy did the same to her other hand, and she started to calm down a little.

We waited a few minutes. The way Raina looked was of fear, but she also looked as if she was collecting her thoughts.

"I saw Pitch." She finally said and we all were staring at her in shock.

"Where?" I ask.

"In a dream." She said.

"Well thanks for inviting us for a meeting about some dream." Bunny said a little too rudely and I sent him a glare.

"Bunny this might not be no ordinary dream, after all Raina has the gift of foresight and if it is important then we should listen to her." Santa said and Bunny looked as if he forgot about that part.

"Go on Raina." I say for her to continue.

"Actually your right Santa it wasn't a dream, I saw what Pitch was doing at that very second." Raina replied.

"Which was?" Santa asked.

"He went down to a place I never wished to see again. He went down to the three Titan's prison." Raina answered and the others gasped at that.

"Wait who are these three Titan's?" I ask, I definitely never heard of them until.

"The three Titan's are some of the most feared beings ever known, but I thought they were just a myth." Tooth answers.

"No they are real, the Titan's were a group that came together before I was chosen as a Guardian. They were once a group just like the Guardian's until power and greed took over their minds, making them evil. As a group they were known as the Titan's, but as individuals they were known as Barren, Fury, Prism and Pitch Black and they are the worst beings ever to exist." Raina replies a shudder going down her spine each time she said those names.

"Then we must find a way to stop them." I say confidence in my voice.

"Jack the last time I tried to stop them was the day Pitch took my memories." Raina replies, leaving a solemn note.

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