Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Thirteen

"Contrary to popular belief, the first people who established Mystic Falls in 1721 were not actually the first people to reside here. There were a group of wanderers who decided to build their lives here. Those wanderers were werewolves. They settled here many, many years ago because of the open, vast land, which meant they were free to roam where ever and when ever they chose. Well, until my family showed up.

"We came here from Europe to escape disease."


I smirk down at Caroline as she excitedly interrupts me. It's then that I realize that she is not thinking about how this story must end. She is only thinking of it as a story.

"Not exactly, Caroline. You know, this telling of tales would go by much faster if you didn't interrupt me."

I see her bring her hand up to her mouth in a zipper fashion. Her eyes read pure sarcasm.

"My family and I migrated to North America to escape the Plague. The Plague I am mentioning occurred almost four hundred years before the Plague you are taught about in your high school History class, and it was much, much worse. The events of that Plague aren't as successfully recorded because, well, not many people lived to tell about it."

I can hear Caroline suck in a low breath. I'm sure she's trying to add up the years in her head.

"Once we arrived, we found refuge in what is now your Mystic Falls. My mother, Esther, had brought along her friend, Ayana, to the New World. During my years growing up, something was always a little off when it came to Ayana, but I thought it was just myself being an ignorant, little kid.

"All that soon changed when one night, my siblings and I heard it; the howling of a wolf. It sounded different, though. Almost human in a way. Rebekah and my youngest brother, Kol, were still very small children, so along with my older brothers, Elijah, Finn, and Henrik, I decided to investigate.

"That night was a pretty windy one, and the fire in the village had been blown out hours before. It was complete darkness. None of us could see anything. That didn't make us turn around, though. We trekked on into the darkness; into the direction where the howl came from."

I could see it in my head just like it were yesterday.

"We were a little ways out from the village; just passed the big White Oak tree. That's when it happened. All I remember seeing were giant, oval-shaped yellow eyes on this gargantuan figure. They were racing toward us. We all screamed, but Henrik's scream became low and gargled. Before I knew what was happening, my mother and father's voices came yelling in our direction, and I was being swept off of my feet.

"Everyone made me stay inside until morning. Elijah and Finn were ordered to stay in their room, too. It was almost like as soon as daylight broke through the night, all Hell broke loose. Elijah was the first one to sneak outside that morning, and not five minutes later he came back; sobbing. Henrik was dead. Whatever we had seen that night had killed him.

"A few years later, everything was as normal as it could have been. In the years that had passed, we learned of the existence of the werewolves and that they were the ones that had killed my brother. It was decided that no one was at fault because, in a way, both groups of people were in the wrong. The werewolves left peacefully, and my family was finally all right. Or so I thought.

"I had started hearing odd conversations between mother and Ayana, but thought nothing of them. Soon, I became an adult and more, uneventful years passed. Finally, a few months after I had turned twenty-six, my mother and father called all of their children together for a dinner. Rebekah had just turned eighteen a few weeks prior and we had not yet gathered together for that celebration.

"My siblings and I all drank wine from a chalice and wished my sister a happy birthday. When the drink was passed to my mother and father, it was empty. Father looked disappointed while mother had this odd look of satisfaction on her face. Shortly after, Ayana entered into the room, and gave a short nod to my mother. Before I could blink, I saw my mother pick up the small cutting knife from the table and slice open my father's neck. My siblings and I didn't make a sound as he fell forward. He was dead.

"My mother walked toward us. We were frozen in fear as she started to speak softly to us. "My beautiful children, you all will live forever. Never to be afraid of anything, or anyone. You will have eternal life," she said. She slit our throats one by one. I heard her apologize twice before it was my turn. I barely felt a thing..."

My mind wanders off to the exact moment that my mother approached me with her knife. I could feel my heart thumping in my ears. I felt so hopeless. I was so scared. A part of me hopes that is how she felt when I tore my fingers into her chest cavity.

"I awoke to the light of day, but I couldn't feel the sunlight on my skin. I quickly sat up. It was a quicker motion than I remember. I started to remember everything in that moment. From Henrik, to the werewolves, to my mother. Killing my father then killing us. As I thought about it more, I realized the fact at hand. She had killed us. So how was I alive?

"For a short moment I thought I was dreaming, but then the smiling, bloodied faces of my siblings inhabited my eyesight. These people weren't my siblings. They were black-eyed demons.

"I calmed down after a while, and Elijah explained to me what had happened; that mother just wanted to protect us from what happened to Henrik. Although none of us could understand why it took so much longer for me to awake from my death, I went ahead and had my first feeding to complete the transition.

"As soon as the human I had chosen to feed from fell to the ground limp with death, my body started to spasm painfully. My fangs extended out farther than my siblings, and this burning sensation in my eyes became unbearable. By killing someone, I had triggered the werewolf gene. And by drinking the blood of my murder, I had accepted vampirism. Later, my mother revealed to me that I was the result of an affair gone wrong. It turns out that my father was not my father, and my siblings were only my half-siblings. You can probably deduce that my siblings and I went on to change other humans into vampires and those vampires changed others, and so on."

I bring myself back to the present, and see that Caroline staring at me. Her stare isn't filled with pity nor sadness, but it's filled with curiosity.

She opens her mouth to speak, but I bring my finger to her lips.

"We have all of tomorrow for questions. Sleep well, Caroline"

"So, I Googled vampires this morning, and it said you have super-incredible hearing. Is that for real?"

I stare up at the wooden beams in the ceiling as Caroline's whispered words echo through my ears. The sofa I am currently laying on smells like her. I wish she would finally come into the living room. She has been awake for hours tapping away on her phone screen.

"Yes, Caroline. That is 'for real'. I've heard you tapping away on your phone for hours."

I hear her feet swing over onto the wooden floor, and she soon appears in the doorway.

"Seriously? Did I wake you?"

"No. We can block out whatever sounds we choose to."

Caroline walks into the kitchen, and opens the fridge. I hear her sigh as she slams it shut.

"I forgot. No food."

I smirk to myself. For once, I'm thankful that Caroline has a lack of necessities.

"Why don't we go to the Grill? Rebekah has informed me that is where the rest of your friends will be."

Caroline makes her way to the side of the sofa.

"Sure, but do we have a little bit of time to talk about last night?"

"We will always have time. I swear it."

Caroline's smile is a little awkward as she sits down and crosses her legs under her. It's then I realize that I've probably said something past the imaginary boundaries. I clear my throat.

"So, what do you want to know?"

"You mentioned triggering the werewolf gene when you killed someone, since Tyler is theoretically a werewolf--"

"Tyler is a werewolf."

"Since Tyler is theoretically a werewolf, does that mean he killed someone, too?"

Her voice almost makes me want to lie about Tyler Lockwood's endeavors, but then I look at her face and see the still swollen bruise around her eye.

"Yes." I bluntly answer.

I hear her breath shorten.

"I have to talk to him."

"You can't."

"Why not?" Her eyebrows knit together in confusion.

"Caroline, you have to understand something. Tyler isn't the Tyler you once knew."

"Why isn't he? Because he's a werewolf? Aren't you one, too?"

I sigh.

"Tyler isn't like me. Every time there's a full moon, he's slaughtering people."

"You don't have any proof of that." The anger is evident in her voice.

"We have proof enough, Caroline. Just look at your face!" As soon as the words leave my mouth, I feel horrible.

She abruptly stands up.

"I'm going to go take a shower. I've had enough of these Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales for one day. Please, see yourself out."

I lean over the fireplace and watch as the embers dance carelessly through the air. It was wrong of me to think an incompetent human, especially one that has been stuck in Mystic Falls, could ever begin to blend into the world I did not choose to become a part of. A part of me should be happy she isn't an Elena Gilbert, but I'm not.

I can't help but wish she were. I can't help but wish she could open her mind to the good, albeit bad, things that are a reality. I can no longer hide what is no longer hidden. Me included.

"Hello, Damon. Nice of you knock."

I peer at him from the fireplace as Damon Salvatore smirks up at me from his casual pose on the sofa.

"Wouldn't be as fun if I were to knock, now would it? Anyway. A little birdie by the name of Rebekah told me someone spent the night in a cabin with a spunky, little blonde last night."

"I stayed with her to make sure she was okay-"

Damon cuts me off with harsh laughter.

"Oh, I'm calling bullcrap. Unless she drowned in mud, or choked on her own hair extensions, I'm pretty sure Blondie was fine."

"You do have a way with words, don't you Damon?

"Yes. Now back to the situation at hand. Since you aren't still at the cabin with Caroline, I'd say things ended badly. Now come on, reveal all your problems to the Love Guru."

I scoff at Damon before walking into the kitchen. He follows me.

"Aw, come on, Klaus! When's the last time you romanced a woman? 1512?"

I laugh as I grab two glasses out of the cabinet.

"I'll have you know I've had many romantic escapades in my lifetime."

Damon rolls his eyes as he takes a glass out of my hand, then makes his way over to the liquor cabinet.

"Anyone who refers to hot sex as 'romantic escapades' has never had hot sex."

"Do you generally think that's all I care about, Damon?"

He takes a long sip from his glass; until it's empty.

"No. I don't. But I do think you want to indulge in some hot love with Caroline Forbes." He smirks.

"What? I'm her teacher!"

Damon raises his eyebrow.

"Out of all the excuses you could have used as to why you can't love Caroline, you choose that one?"

I look away as I take a drink from my glass. Damon chuckles at my silence.

"I honestly don't think you're afraid of loving her, Klaus."

"And why don't you think that?"

Damon pours himself another glass, then clinks his glass with mine.

"Because, you're more afraid of her loving you."

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