Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Fifteen

"Bonnie's going to find a way to stop it, Elena. I promise."

Stefan's love-filled eyes stare into Elena Gilbert's eyes as he grips her shoulders. The annoyance floating off of Damon is tangible.

"Don't fill her head with that empty 'promise' bullshit, Stefan!"

"Damon!" Elena cries out.

"No. No, Elena. I'm not going to sit here and apologize for telling the truth. Promises mean nothing in our world. I can't believe you don't know that by now! Even if Bonnie wasn't new to this, there's nothing that can stop Caroline from transitioning. Nothing except death. Unless you want Caroline to die, then I suggest you two just suck it the Hell up and realize we have a new vampire on the block."

Elena's sobs rack throughout her body harder as Damon exits the room at vampire speed. Stefan makes eye contact with me; silently pleading with me. I nod once solemnly as I run the path Damon has just been on. I can see Damon standing by an old tree with his shoulders hunched over in defeat.

"He's your best friend." I state.

Damon's face is etched with confusion.

"Well, he's my brother."

"Damon, you know I'm not speaking of Stefan."

Damon sighs.

"I know. I wish you were." He looks down. "You ever wonder why?"

"Why what?" I ask.

"Why they put up with us? Well, with me. I'm sure you just feel the warm, fuzzy feelings everyone gets when I'm around." He smirks as he thumps his hand against the tree trunk.

"Well, I'm not quite sure if you've figured it out yet or not, but you're not the only one here with a troubling past." I respond.

"I get it, Klaus. Believe me I do. We're all big, bad vampires here. Stefan was The Ripper for God's sake. It just seems like I'm the only one who can't escape their past. I'm actually convinced that my past is why my present is so messed up at the moment."

Damon takes my silence as a command to continue.

"I finally found a friend that isn't my brother. A best friend, actually. Who would've thought Damon Salvatore would have a best friend? That's a normal human? Oh, that's right! No one. Because the fact that I'm debating in my head whether or not when he wakes up to remove the ring that keeps him alive and break his neck once and for all speaks volumes." Damon looks away from me. "But hey. I got the girl. Or I had the girl. I think it's becoming more obvious to her that she made the wrong choice, and I can't fault her for that."

The silence between Damon and I is comfortable, but finally Damon breaks it with a subject I do not care to even think about.

"So, Blondie's a vampire."

"Not yet." I coldly respond.

"Don't tell me you're celebrating this ridiculous notion along with my brother that maybe Sabrina the Teenage Witch in there can stop this? I'm not sure how your transition went, but for me, I didn't want blood at first. Believe it or not, Stefan was the one who convinced me to take that first drink. But that soon changed. I could hear pulses. Almost see heartbeats. I could taste the blood on my tongue--"

"She doesn't deserve this, Damon!"

"Well guess what, Klaus? Neither did we."

I can't help but think Damon is right. I didn't deserve this.

Did I?

My mind slowly drifts back to the way my mother's chest cavity felt around my wrist, and I know that I do. I deserve any Hell that is willing to be thrown at me. I will take it with a smile on my face.

This thought also makes me realize just how much more Caroline doesn't deserve this.

I can feel my heart aching for this beautiful being as I look over at her laying in fetal position on one of the Salvatore's boarding room beds. A foreign emotion invades my body as it becomes obvious I can no longer feel the steady warmth radiating from her body. That emotion becomes so strong it's almost unbearable as I focus on the fact that I can no longer hear her heartbeat.

"I can hear your breathing." A meek voice mumbles.

I clear my throat as I pull a chair up beside of her bed.

"You're up." I simply state.

She doesn't even bother sitting up as she just turns her body toward me. I can tell she does not have long left.

"I don't want to hear your breathing." She says. "Or to hear Elena's low sniffling downstairs. It's not natural."

I cautiously move my hand toward Caroline. She glances at it, then looks me in the eyes. Her expression is so innocent. So angelic. I allow myself to move a piece of her curly, soft hair behind her right ear. I let my hand linger there.

"It's not meant to be natural, love. Nothing about this life is."

Her eyes drop from my face, and my hand loses contact with her skin as I bring it back to my side.

"Do you think I'm making the wrong choice by not feeding?" She asks.

In this moment, only one thought goes through my mind. A single thought that shows how selfish I really am. But also in this moment, I realize that I refuse to live in a world without Caroline Forbes. I answer her simply.


I can see the tears prickling in her eyes as she looks up at me; astounded by my blunt answer.

"Caroline, you choosing not to feed, is choosing a death sentence. Bonnie's magic is no where near as strong as it could be yet. Even as an Original, things like reversing vampirism just don't happen." The tears begin to over-flow from their seas of blue. "But you know what? That's quite all right because Caroline, waiting out there, just for you, is a world you would never be able to see if you choose not to feed. There's new people to meet, monuments to see, holidays to celebrate.

"You could have a life others only dream of. You could have riches, happiness...love."

Caroline quickly blinks and looks down.

"There's a whole world out there waiting for you. You just need to merely get passed this small obstacle to capture it in your hands."

Silence encases the room as I take my index finger and wipe a tear off of Caroline's downward cast eyes. She looks up at me.

"I'll do it." She states.

"You sure you're ready, Caroline?" Stefan asks as he gently places her on the sofa in the living room, and slips the small daylight ring Bonnie has made her onto her finger.

"What other choice do I have?" She asks as she looks at the ring.

I see Elena and Bonnie look down as Rebekah brings in a glass with a small amount of blood and hands it to Stefan.

"Will that be enough?" Confusion crosses Caroline's features.

"Yes it will be. The least amount of human blood you taste, the easier it will be for you to convert to the vegetarian diet like you want." Stefan bends down so that he is eye level with Caroline, and talks softly. "There's no going back after this. Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Oh just give her the blood, Stefan!" Damon shouts form the other side of the room.

I can see Stefan's eyes roll in annoyance, but Caroline slowly nods her head in the affirmative. Stefan brings the glass up to her lips, and the dark red substance enters her body.

I watch in silent awe and horror as the veins in Caroline's face darken. Her eyes become a burning red, and fangs slowly extend from her gums. I see her hand reach up to tilt the glass back even further; even though it is empty. I look down at the carpet and have to hold in a smile.

And in this moment, I doubt I could love her more.

It is mere seconds before I am looking into the terrifying eyes of Caroline Forbes as she pins me up against the fireplace by my neck. I hear everyone in the room shout out in surprise as Caroline tightens her grip.

"It's your fault he's dead. Your fault he's gone!"

"Hey!" Stefan speaks up. "Caroline, calm down. Your emotions are out of whack right now. Let's just talk about this calmly--"

Caroline ignores Stefan's protest as she looks at me with cold, dead eyes.

"You rot in Hell." Caroline harshly lets go of me and runs at vampire speed out of the door.

In this moment, she has no idea how much I wish I could.

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