Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Sixteen

I stare at the end of the White Oak stake.

"You're a monster! The world will be better off without you!"

"Is that so?" I ask the man in front of me. I can see his body betraying his courageous facade. The stake is shaking slightly as he tries to point it firmly at me. I can feel myself smirk as I see a cold sweat forming on his brow.

"You're nervous, aren't you, mate? I'm the first, maybe second, vampire you've even gotten this close to in your pathetic life, aren't I?" He doesn't respond as I feel my smirk grow bigger. "You're just some small town yahoo trying to play vigilante."

I see his arm quickly snap back as he readies himself to spring the stake forward. Before he can, I snap his wrist like a twig.

His shrill scream of agony echoes throughout the cabin. I can suddenly hear swift footsteps as someone approaches the basement door. I bring my finger up to my lips.

"Bill? What's going on? I just got here, and Caroline said you were down in the basement. Are you okay? Why are you in the dark?"

I see Bill's eyes dart up into the darkness that the moonlit basement can't illuminate, then look back to me.

"Uh, yeah. Just trying to take care of a pest problem. Wouldn't want the light scaring them off, now would we? I hit my foot on the table leg. I'm fine. Go tell Care Bear I'll be right up to watch that movie with her before she leaves."

There's a short moment of silence that seems far too long.

"You sure you're okay?"

I let the beast take over as I see Bill's mouth open. Fear strikes through his countenance.

"Yes, Liz. I'm fine! I'll be right up."



"What, Bill?"

Bill stares at me with tears threatening to over-flow from his cloudy, blue eyes.

"I love you." He states.

His statement is met with the sound of fleeting footsteps. He closes his eyes, and I can see him mouthing the Lord's Prayer.

"Now, where were we?" I ask.

"You're going to die alone, you know. Alone with nothing!" He says through his sobs.

I slowly walk forward and remove the stake from his hand. I turn the stake backward so that the point is angled toward him. I smile.

"I can't wait." I say as I flick my wrist with too much power. The stake moves fluidly forward, and the sobs stop. I welcome the silence as I hear the beating of his heart slow. Finally, it stops.

"Bill, Care is about to drive me crazy if you don't get your--"

The lights flicker on, and a scream fills the room.

A bright light seems to burst from behind my closed eyelids.

"Good morning, Nik!" I can hear the seething anger in my sister's voice as she throws open my bedroom's curtains. Her salty-sweet tone does nothing to disguise it. I run my hands over my face before finally opening my eyes and staring up at the ceiling.

"To what do I owe this wonderful wake up call, Rebekah?" I feel the bed sink down under her weight.

"Oh, nothing. I just wanted to make sure you didn't agonizingly kill over in your sleep last night."

I abruptly sit up at her tone of voice.

"Is there something you'd like to say to me, dear sister?"

"I'm leaving, Niklaus."


"You heard me. I'm leaving. I thought that after all these years even someone like you could change. That just maybe someone like you could better themselves. I was wrong. You prove that more to me each day that I try to deny it."

"Someone like me? What exactly does that mean?"

"It means that you're a monster, Nik. That's all you'll ever be, and I am so sorry we've wasted centuries trying to prove that fact wrong. For some reason I thought moving to a quiet little town and going back to innocent high school would help, but as it turns out, you ruined this quiet little town even before I knew it existed. For one second, one second, I thought that Caroline Forbes was the answer to all of this. All of these years of hatred and death, I thought that maybe the one person I've ever seen you show a benevolent interest in was the ending to it all. As it turns out, I was wrong again."

Rebekah gets up and slowly walks toward the window; looking out into the forest.

"I was wrong when I thought that you ripping Mother's heart out was sufficable after she forced us into this life, and I was wrong when you turned all of our siblings into ash."

I can hear her voice slightly tremble as she chokes on her words.

"I was wrong--I was wrong when I thought you were worth saving."

"I've done a lot of dumb things in my lifetime, but I think you have me beat."

I glance over at Damon as we silently peer through the shrubbery surrounding Caroline Forbes' home. I can see her slowly pushing the swing she's on with the tips of her feet as her hair continuously falls into her face.

"Isn't she just beautiful?"

"I guess she's okay. Until she stakes the hell out of us for being here."

I pointedly turn to Damon. "Care to tell me why you chose to join me tonight, Damon?"

Damon leans against a bush and crosses his arms over his chest. He doesn't respond.

"Ah, I see. Still avoiding the whole 'I need to kill my best friend but I won't' bit, are we?"

"BonBon says he's going crazy." He says hurriedly.

"The ring?" I inquire.

"Yep. Apparently resurrection has its drawbacks. The more Ric dies, the less sane he becomes. Which would be worrying, except for the fact that we've finally realized that he's insane enough. If that makes sense."

"I'm sorry, Damon. I really am." I hope Damon can hear the sincerity in my voice as he just nods the affirmative.

"Yeah well, if he hadn't had that ring, he'd have probably died long before he met me anyway. Or at least that's what Stefan likes to tell me. So, are you ready to go?"

I look back at Caroline. She's on the phone.

"No, go ahead. I'll drop by later. Send Elena my love." I smirk.

"Will do." I hear Damon disappear at vampire speed, and my attention is immediately back on Caroline as she speaks into the phone. I can hear Sheriff Forbes' worried responses.

"I'm fine, Mom. I've just been spending some time at Dad's cabin."

"Caroline, you know I don't like you hanging out at that cabin alone. You're coming to Tyler's funeral, right?"

I see Caroline's blue eyes become moist as she looks down.

"I don't think that'd be the best idea, Mom. I just can't."

"Carol will be so disappointed, but we both understand. Listen, the station is paging me, so I have to get going. Come home soon, okay? That's an order, young lady."

I can hear the smile in Sheriff Forbes' voice.

"All right." There's a short pause. "Mom?"

"Yes, Care?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, Sweetie. See you soon."

"Right." Caroline responds and quickly hangs up the phone.

I hear her sigh as she leans against the side of the swing; staring into the window of her house.

"You know, stalking me would be much more successful if you stopped rustling the shrubbery."

My eyes meet Caroline's semi-playful ones as she directs her attention to me.

"Caroline. I--"

"Nope. Whatever it is you're going to say, don't. And would you mind actually facing me instead of looking at me through the landscaping? I promise I'm pulling out a truce card."

Her voice sounds genuine enough. I quickly meet her by the swing at vampire speed.

"Why?" I ask.

"Honestly? It's occurred to me that my dad had stepped out of my life way before you killed him. Not, you know, justifying you killing him, but it's apparent he left my mom and I on his own."

"I'm sorry, Caro--"

"Please, Klaus. The last thing I need is sympathy. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I have, well, forever. And forever is more than enough time to be sympathetic. I have forever to live with the fact that my best friend is in some type of odd love triangle with two vampire brothers. I have forever to see my other best friend become Houdini." I can hear the tremble start in her voice. "I get to watch my mom grow older while I remain eighteen forever. Having to be invited into almost every house is something to look forward to, also. Oh, and the fact I never get to experience the pains of child birth. That's amazing."


"But that's all fine because," I start to see the tears moisten her cheeks as they spill over from their icy depths. "That's all fine because I have forever."

Caroline's body starts to shake with sobs. I allow myself to get close enough to her to slowly place my hand on her back and run soothing circles between her shoulder blades. She abruptly fists my shirt between her delicate hands as she brings her self forward and cries into my lower chest.

"I don't want to have forever, Klaus!" Her shrill cries are agonizing. I try to calm her down by patting her back softly.

"Your emotions are out of control right now, Caroline. Just take a few deep breaths for me." I hear her take a few slow, haggard breaths. "That's it, love. Nice and easy."

After a few long moments, I feel Caroline start to steady herself. I almost feel empty as she slowly lets go of my shirt and tries to recapture her perfect composure.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what that was about. It's like my emotions have been going haywire, and at times it's like I can't even figure out how to blink properly."

"You're a vampire now, Caroline. Your emotions are going to be out of control until you will them not to be. You have to let yourself remember that you're still you."

"I'm still me." Her words sound weak as she says them, but I decide not to push her.

Silence fills the space between Caroline and I, but it's not awkward.

"I haven't been home in a week." I raise my eyebrows as a sign for Caroline to continue. "I tried to go in through the door, then all the windows. It felt like I was trying to walk through a brick wall. Finally on the third day, I decided to Google why. I've been sulking on this swing ever since. I feel like a creeper watching my Mom, but I don't want to be around her just yet. I mean, I'm sure I can get her to tell me to come in, but I don't want to put her in danger."

"That's very smart of you." I respond.

"Yeah." Her eyes are focused downward, and I can see how exhausted she looks.

"Caroline, why don't you come over to my home for a little while? Just for tonight if that's what you want? There's a lot of fresh blood, and many rooms to choose from to sleep in. You need to rest." As I speak, I can see Caroline's doubt already wavering at the idea.

"I would like a warm bed to sleep in.” She sheepishly looks into my eyes. “But just for tonight."

"Just for tonight." I state.

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