Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Nineteen

The repugnant smell of death, cobwebs, and rat feces fills my nostrils immediately as we take a step into the crypt. Most of the bodies in here have been long gone for over a century, but the beast's sense of smell isn't one I can control. Spilled blood also fills my senses, but I choose to ignore it; for Caroline's sake.

I hear Stefan and Elena's soft voices from outside as they have volunteered to keep Matt and Jeremy with them, and try to explain the mess of a life we actually live.

Damon, Caroline and I don't have to look around long before my sister, hunched over against the far wall, and two humans with sheets thrown over them come into view. I use my vampire speed to get over to her, while Caroline and Damon go over to the humans.

"Rebekah, are you all right?"

Her head lulls over to the side as she looks up at me. I could never be more relieved to see my sister's face again.

"He injected me with a lot of vervain, but I can feel it wearing off. Nik, the Sheriff--"

Caroline's shriek interrupts Rebekah as I hear both sheets being whisked off of the bodies.

"You're not my mom!" I turn my head and see a barely alive groundskeeper silently begging for help.

"Neither is this guy." Damon appears behind Caroline; holding the other groundskeeper up by his collar.

"What's going on?" Caroline is almost shaking as she stands up and appears in front of Rebekah and I. I notice Damon silently ushering the disoriented men out of the crypt.

"That History teacher is crazy and vengeful. Those aren't great combinations."

"Vengeful? What does that have to do with my mom?" Caroline scrunches her face up in confusion. "Or you for that matter?"

Rebekah lazily shrugs before she slowly stands. "According to him, we're just the diversions. I wish I knew what was going on, Caroline. He hurriedly threw me in here with Dumb and Dumber, and stalked off toward some cellar apparently owned by the Lockwood's." She dusts off her clothes and turns to look me in the eyes.

There's something deep hidden in Rebekah's eyes. For some reason, I know that this will be the last time I see my sister; if not for forever, then for so long a time that it may as well be.

Before I can respond, Rebekah's arms are around me; squeezing me tightly. I can hear her softly sob as she slowly lets go and steps away.

As soon as I look to where she should be standing, she's gone.

I feel Caroline's hand on my shoulder. "I'm sure she'll be back, Klaus."

"No. She won't. Like I said at the pond, she is done pretending not to see what I truly am."

My tone effectively tells Caroline to drop the subject, but as I try to turn away from her, she takes both of my hands into her own.

"Klaus?" I look into her blue eyes as they become unreadable seas of emotion.

I feel my face soften at her stare, and I quickly see moisture begin to build up in her eyes."What is it, Caroline?"

My hand slips out of her grip, only to move up to cradle her jaw.

"I know--" Her breath stutters as she tries to fight back a sob. "I know my mom's a vampire hunter."


"She hates me!" My heart stutters as Caroline gently rests her fingers on my hand that's cradling her face, and looks down so that her eyelashes graze her cheek. "Or at least, not yet. But when she finds out what I am, I may as well be dead to her."

"Look at me, Caroline." She lets her eyes flick up at the sound of my voice. The thought of her being dead brings out a rage in me that I haven't felt before. "She's your mother, but if she thinks that ill of you, then she doesn't deserve to be able to call you her daughter; vampire or not."

I can feel the burn in my eyes start to smolder as more tears make their way down Caroline's face.

"I promise you that no matter what, even if you feel as though you have no one," Caroline bites her lip and quickly releases it as I run my thumb over her cheek. "You'll have me. Always."

I hold my breath as I notice her head starting to incline toward mine. It's when I feel her breath wash over my face that I realize I'm holding my own. Her beautiful lips are mere moments away from grazing mine.

"So, the two knuckleheads' memories are wiped, Donovan and Little Gilbert are now in the know, and--" Damon's voice comes to an abrupt halt as he realizes what he has just walked in on. "And I have really horrible timing. Wow. I'll just be go--"

"That's quite all right, Damon. We were just about to join you." My voice is cool as I let my hand drop from Caroline's jaw, and use it to hold her hand in mine instead. Damon's eyes quickly dart down at our connection, but they move back up just as fast.

"Okay. I'll—I'll be outside."

As soon as Damon is gone, I feel Caroline squeeze my hand lightly. I look at her immediately.

"I don't care if she'll hate me afterward. We have to save her. I have to save her." With a determined look, Caroline gives a small smile in my direction as she releases my hand, then uses her vampire speed to get over to the entry way before stopping.

"Klaus?" Her voice is soft; even more lovely than usual.

"Yes, Caroline?"

"Thank you." I feel myself smile at her words.

"You're welcome. Now, I believe we have a Sheriff to save."

I feel Caroline lean into me as her, Damon, Stefan, and I make our way to the Lockwood cellar. Against her wishes, Stefan and Damon had both ordered Elena to go to Bonnie's house with Matt and Jeremy, and after realizing she wouldn't be much of a help anyway, she reluctantly agreed.

"According to the coordinates Bonnie sent, the cellar should be--" Stefan stops talking as a desperate voice rings out from below ground.

"Please! Just let me go. I can't change what--"A sob followed by a hard slap interrupts Elizabeth Forbes.

"We have to get in there." Damon lurches for the stairs of the cellar, but Stefan take a firm grasp of his shoulder.


Damon jerks out of his grip. "I know Alaric isn't coming out of there alive. You don't have to rub it in my face, Stefan."

He disappears down the old, stone stairs, and Stefan quickly follows; leaving Caroline and I alone. I chance a look at her, and what I see mystifies me. The soft face I've fell in love with seeing is now a stark serious countenance as she takes deep breaths in and out.

I've decided in this moment that I will love every expression of Caroline Forbes'.

She weaves her hand into mine.

"Once I go into that cellar, Klaus, I could either be the thing that stops my mom from hating us, or the thing that causes her to hate us even more. If it's the latter, I hope what you said about me always having you is true." Caroline eases her face a little closer to mine as she brings her other hand up to stroke my jaw.

"It's true, Caroline."

"Do you promise?" Her eyes are burning into mine like steel blue sapphires.

"I promise it with my life." I can almost feel my heart stutter lovingly at my truthful words. Caroline has me. Whether she wants me for a week, a month, or a century, it was all up to her, but even if she told me to leave, I'd still be there for her. No matter what.

"Good." She mumbles that single word quickly before I feel her hand put pressure onto my jaw, and then guide my face forward. Her lips hungrily meet mine, and for a moment, I swear I've been staked as I taste her sweet tongue entering my mouth.

Nothing in my life should feel this blissful. Nothing in this dark sea of abyss should feel this beautiful.

This full of light.

As Caroline pulls away, I can barely think enough to close my mouth. She's so perfect.

"I'm—I'm so sorry. If you didn't want me to--"

My thoughts return, and I realize she is trying to apologize for doing the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can't let that happen.

My mouth quickly covers hers again as I silence her. Her soft hand feels amazing on my jawline as we tilt our heads so perfectly that our lips seem to intricately mesh together. I love it.

I love her.

I pull away once more, and I know that I have a big smile on my face that I probably haven't had on it since I was human.

She bashfully looks down, and I immediately tilt her head up with my fingers under her chin.

"Caroline, that was perfect. It was more than perfect. It was--"

"Caroline's here? Why is my baby girl here? Especially with you two vampires?" Sheriff Forbes' tone is acidic as she screams her questions at Damon and Stefan. I feel Caroline let go of my hand.

"You ready?"

I silently answer her, and we run at vampire speed into the cellar. We quickly come to a stop as we see Liz in chains against the wall, and Alaric sitting on a stool on the other side of the room. Damon and Stefan are on each side of the stool, and Alaric is slumped back against the stone wall behind him. It becomes obvious that Damon has hit Alaric's head against the wall hard enough to render him unconscious.

"Oh my God, Caroline! I don't know what you're doing here but please! Please help me get these chains off. I don't want those monsters near me!" Liz pointedly looks at Damon and Stefan, and in my peripheral vision, I know what Caroline is about to do even before she does it.

In a quick burst, Caroline ghosts across the room and stops right in front of the Sheriff.

Liz's breath comes out in one, fearful gasp, and her eyes never leave Caroline's.

"Caroline?" She breathlessly asks.

"Hi, mom."

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