Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Twenty

I hold my breath as I stand outside of the guest room that I have let Caroline's mother occupy. Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes' words almost sting me as she vehemently spits them out.

"I want to go home! Now. I will not stay in this monster's house!"

"Mom--" Caroline's voice is soft and sweet.

"You are not my daughter. She's dead."

Caroline doesn't seem phased by her mother's cruel words.

"Mom, on the way over, you stated that you refuse to let 'disgusting, undead beings' into your home. So, we're not in your home." Caroline's voice stays sweet as she lets out a sigh. "But don't worry, as soon as you're able to be compelled, we'll get rid of this little hiccup."

Caroline didn't know it, but Liz had been drinking a little vervain in her coffee every morning. Now, we have to wait at least a week before we can wipe her memory of her own daughter being the thing that she hates the most.

The beast in me wants nothing more than to go into the spare bedroom, and muffle Liz's hatred with the thickest pillow I can find, but another part of me almost wonders what it's like to hate something instead of hating yourself, and for a moment, I find myself envying Liz. To be able to hate something because you see so much more bad in that thing than in yourself, that has to be a kind of paradise.

"I'll cook your favorite dinner, then we can eat together. How does that sound?"

I listen as Caroline's question is met with dead silence.

"Mom?" Caroline sighs as I hear her rise from the foot of her mom's bed. In my head, I can imagine Caroline reaching out to hold her mother's hand in a parting gesture, only to be met with a recoil.

"I'll be back soon." I finally hear the smile in Caroline's cheerful voice falter as she is now walking toward the door.

Her eyes meet mine as she closes the door behind her, and I see moisture immediately begin to fill the seas of blue. Before I know what's happening, Caroline's arms are wrapped around my body as her tears soak through the chest of my sweater. I softly pat her on the back as she shudders with sobs.

"It'll be alright, love. The sooner we can compel her to forget--"

Caroline's head lifts up immediately, and I brush my thumbs over her cheeks as she rests her hands on my chest.

"I don't want to have to compel her, Klaus. I want her to accept what I am on her own."

I take one look into her eyes and know that this is what she desperately wants. Unfortunately, she needs to hear the truth.

"Caroline, you know that my mother made me into what I am. So, what do you think she thought of her creation?" I let my hands fall from her face, only to grasp her hands into mine and rest them at our sides. I never want to go a moment without touching her.

"She accepted you and your siblings, right? I mean, she was the one to create you. All of you."

"My mother hated us her whole life. Her hatred was front and center even in her death. I never want you to experience anyone looking at you the way she looked at us; the way she looked at me. I don't know if it was because of me also having the werewolf gene, but it was like in her mind, she had all ready dug my grave and carved the stake that would put me in it." I don't dare tell Caroline I had never given my mother the chance.

"So is that why she isn't here now? She didn't want to be a vampire and live forever?"

Caroline's concern as to why my mother isn't alive makes my heart stutter with both love and fear. Love because she is concerned as to why my mother didn't choose to cheat death, and fear because she is treading too close as to why my mother died in the first place.

"Her death was rather abrupt. A heart attack. Although I believe, given the choice, she would not have chosen this life." I quickly answer her impending question; choosing to not stretch the truth too much. Her heart had given out during a heart attack. I was merely withholding the fact that I was the attack.

"I'm so sorry." I abruptly let go of her hands as soon as I hear her apology.

"Don't be. Because of her, I hate what I am, and I hate what I've become." I watch as Caroline looks as if I have slapped her. "I'm a monster."

I tenderly wrap my arms around her waist, and force myself to relax.

"But that doesn't mean you're one, Caroline. You are the sun. You have a chance that I never did. Just because my mother was Hell-bent on hating me, doesn't mean yours is. I was simply saying that maybe she'll need a push in the right direction."

I feel her breath on my neck as she takes a deep breath and exhales it.

"Thank you." She mumbles the two words so softly that if I were human, I wouldn't have heard them.

"You're welcome." I respond just as softly.

The past few days have been maddening, but in a good way. I'm not sure when I stopped denying it, but I am completely in love with Caroline Forbes, and that fact is probably the only thing that has frightened me in the many centuries that I have been...alive.


What a word to use. I don't remember ever using that word when describing myself, but Caroline makes me feel it. She makes me feel like all the bad that I have done can be erased from history just with her touch.

If only it were that easy.

The night Sheriff Forbes moved in on her extended, forced stay, I had a nightmare. I have grown used to the occasional night terror, and have actually grown to accept the fact that they are just a part of my existence, but there was something odd about this one. For some reason, I knew that this nightmare wasn't just a nightmare.

I can visit this place a thousand times and the only things that will change are the architectural updates of buildings and houses. Of course, that's understandable. I doubt humans of this current century want to live in an intricate system of tents or hut houses.

As the woman with light brown hair ducks into my car and out of the rain, my assumption of Mystic Falls being static is concreted further. The humans here will always be naïve. They will never expect that it's darkness that knocks onto the door of their souls. Instead, they'll thrust open the door with an excited vigor like it's a neighbor coming over for afternoon tea. Which, in a way, I guess it is; except that I wouldn't be a very social neighbor, and they would be the only 'tea' consumed that day.

"It's pouring down out there! Thank you so much for stopping."

I don't bother making eye contact as the young woman raises her hands to the air vents and attempts to dry off a little.

"I've seen you walking over here before. Did you not know it was going to rain today?" I smile to make her believe that I am handsomely joking. It works as I see her smile from the corner of my eye.

"I saw on the news that it was supposed to, but usually, the weather is ass backwards in this town. One hundred percent chance of rain is usually about five percent. I'm guessing this is one of the few times the weather prediction held true. I should've known when I saw the dark clouds earlier."

I quickly turn my head to catch her stare, then turn back to the road.

"Yes, well, I would advise you start paying more attention to the signs around you. They may just save your life one day." I smirk at her as she directs me to park in front of a brick apartment building.

"This is my boyfriend's place. Thanks again for the lift..." She trails off; inquiring for my name.


"Klaus." She repeats my name as she opens the door and swiftly gets out of the car. She tucks her head back into the door's frame. "I'm Jenna. Jenna Sommers. I'll see you around."

It was a reality.

"Here you go!" A plate full of eggs, bacon, and sausage lands in front of me. It is arranged into the shape of a smiley face. I look up at Caroline and smile.

"Thank you, Caroline. Has your mom--"

"No." She abruptly cuts me off. Liz's refusal to eat anything made by a monster's hands has rattled Caroline in a way I have never seen before. I had all ready planned out Caroline's hunting trip with Stefan. Today, I was going to face my demons once and for all; starting with the one person who saw those demons first-hand:

Elizabeth Forbes.

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