Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Three

"Rebekah! Come in here, please."

I see my sister casually stroll out of the kitchen with a wine glass full of blood in her hand.

"Yes, brother? What on earth has you all riled up? Didn't have a good time at the grill with--" Rebekah realizes that I am not alone. Her eyes instantly zero in onto Alaric. She attempts to hide the glass full of blood behind her back.

"Nik! You didn't tell me we were going to be having company tonight. Hello, gentleman."

As I walk by Rebekah, I snag the glass out of her hand and take a long meaningful sip of the vomit-inducing blood. I can't find the will-power to care about how disgustingly empty feeling it is. I need a drink.

After I swallow the blood, I calmly wipe my mouth, then introduce Rebekah.

"Rebekah, meet Damon Salvatore. He is a vampire of my bloodline. Which you've probably deduced all ready. And this is the History teacher. Whom you already know. He knows about vampires. Any other questions?"

Damon raises his finger in the air.

"Uh, yeah. Does me being a part of your bloodline have anything to do with the fact that I knew who you were without knowing who you were? If that makes sense."

I sigh at the complete ignorance of this, compared to myself, amateur vampire.

"Yes, Damon. As you gather, my sister and I are Originals. We turned others, who turned others, who turned others, and so on. So, at the end of your vampire chain, Damon, it's me. I'm the blood that now runs through your cold, dark veins, regardless of who turned you. You are a part of me. That's why you felt your feeling of recognition even before I had introduced myself."

Damon's mouth goes ajar as Alaric smirks at him, then brings his attention back to me.

"Damon and I have had many arguments about the origin of his kind. Cocky ass always says humans are the only inferior species that has to have an origin. I guess us humans aren't that much lower in the universe than he thought,” Alaric smiles. “But hey, thanks for inviting us into your home, Klaus." I see Alaric's eyes jump toward the bookshelf that houses books that I've read time and time again. Some of them are over one hundred years old.

"Alaric, if you want to take a look at the books, please, be my guest."

As Alaric heads over to the bookshelf without any extra push needed, I spy my unusually silent sister relaxed against the back wall. Her lips play out the words "Have fun" as she waves and breezes out of the front door. I do not fail to notice that Alaric isn't startled in the least at my sister's abrupt movements. I also notice Damon intensely texting on his phone.

I go to the kitchen and bring out a bottle of Scotch and three glasses. I sit the glasses and bottle on the coffee table and begin to fill each of the glasses. Alaric walks over as he is rifling through an old, leather book. I hand him the glass of Scotch, and it takes me a while to figure out that he wants Damon and I to clink our glasses with his.

It seems like the clink of the glasses doesn't even linger in the air before my doorbell is being rung. I sit my glass down and walk toward the door; confused as to who it could be.

I slowly open the door and as I do, a smile creeps onto my face.

"Lovely craftsmanship."

The young vampire, who I have known for about a week now, meets my eye as he sits the young girl's head back onto her shoulders. He has positioned our midnight snacks so that they are sitting side by side on the sofa. He makes quick work of cleaning up any extra blood, and soon we are walking the streets of Chicago again. We walk in a steady silence before I begin to speak what is on my mind.

"Do you ever wonder what makes us what we are?"

He signals for me to add more to the question.

"The way we can sit and watch someone as they die by us draining the life force out of their veins, or how we can decapitate someone with our bare hands? It's beautifully amazing, yet a tragedy at the same time."

My companion nods his head.

"I agree with you, Klaus. One day, though, I won't be this way. I'll stop trying to destroy humanity and begin trying to live in it again."

I pause in my walk as something inside of me begins to flare in anger.

"Why on earth would you do that?"

"Some feeling deep within me is telling me that maybe this isn't all that we can amount to being in this life. There's this feeling that maybe one day I can actually be good, and be good for someone else, too."

I sigh deeply as I sink down onto the raised sidewalk.

"Take a seat, mate."

I calmly smile as I pat the spot next to me. The vampire debates as to what he should do for far longer than necessary. In the end, of course, he sits.

"In a world like this, being good does not pay. We are predators. Being anything other than good is always better when it comes to us. Do you want to know why thas is?" I can see his brow furrow slightly as he becomes confused. He nods in the affirmative.

"We should always choose to be anything other than good because, you see, we will never be good enough. When people look at us, they will always see what we have done. They will always see what we have become. These things we have become...we are things that people often use in stories and myths to scare others. So, what good could come out of knowing that, what was once fabricated in some simpleton's bedtime story, is now a part of reality?"

My companion stands up suddenly, and I do not fail to rise also. He begins to speak.

"You are mistaken. There will always be a 'maybe' in the equation. It's not certain that we will never be able to be good, so why are you so sure about all of this? That we are destined to just sit around and utilize things for ourselves and ourselves only? One day I will make sure to find you, and reveal to you my successes in attempting to live a life away from being a vampire. You will see."

He begins to walk away from me at vampire speed before I tell him to wait. He looks back at me as I say my last words to him.

"I think you have forgotten one important thing, my dear friend."

"And what's that?"

"We are far from human. We're dead."

"Stefan. Come in."

Stefan fails to meet my eyes as he enters the house and goes to stand in the living room. I slowly close the door behind me and walk to the couch. Damon is all ready sitting by Alaric, so I lean against the mantle on the fireplace. Alaric speaks first.

"How do you and Stefan know each other, Klaus?"

I see a frown make its way onto Damon's face as he looks toward his brother; who is now sitting in the oversized armchair that is placed to the right of the fireplace. Stefan avoids Damon's gaze as he looks down, and I feel the small smile that has inhabited my face start to slowly disappear. Stefan must be different now. So who am I to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets to their innocent human friend? I attempt to nonchalantly answer Alaric's question.

"Oh, I sort of knew Stefan in the forties."

Alaric smiles. "So, you two hung out?"

I smirk. "It was more of an admiration type thing. I admired him for a lot of things. I believe we had, what, one drink together, Stefan?"

Stefan brings his head up.


Damon abruptly chugs back his Scotch and sits his glass down. "Hey, Ric. Let's head back to the boarding house. You said you wanted to take a look at some book I had found, right?"

I can see Alaric become visibly interested as Damon mentions the book. My mind slowly starts to wonder what it is about. He quickly answers Damon.

"Right. See you later, Stefan. Thanks again for having us over, Klaus. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

I nod once in acknowledgment as I lead Damon and Alaric out of the living room, then open the door for them. As soon as they are gone, I turn my attention back to Stefan. He is now standing in front of the fireplace watching the embers disappear into the air surrounding them. I am about to get his attention, but he begins to talk before I can.

"Klaus, I did it. Well, I am doing it."

He turns around to face me as I question him.

"Doing what?"

"Living a life."

I sigh as I take a seat in the oversized armchair.

"Stefan. I don't know how many times I must point out the-"

"The fact that we're dead? I get it, Klaus. It's just that living here has brought some life to my death."

For the first time since our reunion, Stefan smiles.

"For years I thought that what you said was the truth; that our kind could never truly live. But then something told me to come back to my family's boarding house. The next day, Damon returned, too. We played nice with the townspeople, and well, what you see is the outcome."

"Yes. It seems like you and Damon have adjusted fairly well to the human lifestyle."

"Yes we have, Klaus."

Stefan makes sure to keep eye contact with me as he says his next statement.

"Which is why you and your sister have to leave."

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