Dissipating Darkness

Chapter Four

"And those are the basis are parallelism. Any questions? I certainly hope not." I sigh a little as I take a seat behind my desk. The worksheet I have passed out should keep the class busy until it's time for them to leave. My mind seems to roam back to last week as I felt my hand wrap its way around Stefan Salvatore's neck.

"My sister Rebekah and I will reside wherever we like. If you think I'm a ruthless monster now, imagine me when I'm actually angry."

Stefan attempts to talk, but I am blocking his windpipe.

"If people like you can change, what makes you think I can't? What gives you the right to even utter those words to me? I would like to see you try to last several more decades without having to turn your humanity off for one reason or another. You will not be--"

"Nik! What are you doing?!"

Stefan takes advantage of my sister's distraction as he whips out of my grip and dashes for the door. I move to the sofa, poor a glass of Scotch and drink it hungrily.

"I thought you were making friends, Nik!"

I glare up at my sister.

"Ever heard of a change of plans, dear sister?"

"Mr. Mikaelson?" The iffy voice of Caroline Forbes quickly brings me back down to reality.


"Well, the bell rang about three minutes ago, and I don't even think you blinked. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Ms. Forbes. Thank you for informing me of the bell, though. I must have been lost in my own thoughts."

Caroline giggles a little, and it seems like gravity escapes me for a second or two.

"Don't we all? I actually wanted to ask you something. Are you and Rebekah Mikaelson related?"

I purse my lips together.

"Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, she just asked me to come with her to the grill later on today with my friends, and I noticed the last names." Caroline quickly checks her thin, gold watch.

"Oh, wow! I need to go. See you later, Mr. Mikaelson."

"Goodbye, Ms. Forbes." I wait until she has closed the door behind her before I utter the next word.


"From here on out you will deliver five bags of blood to my address at noon every Sunday until I tell you otherwise. You will not question why and you will not let anyone know what it is that you are up to. Understand?"

I can feel my mouth turn up into a half smile as the human nods to my every command. There was never any doubt he would. I turn away and begin walking down the hospital corridor. As I round the corner, I can feel someone slowly trekking behind me. I turn around without caring what is waiting. It's not likely that they can defend themselves from me even if they tried.

"Need something, Sheriff Forbes?"

Her face visibly relaxes as she smiles. Her smile is almost the same as her daughter's. Except it seems to be missing something.

"Oh! Sorry. You must be the new AP Lit teacher everyone is talking about. I'm sorry. It's just a new face at the hospital is an unusual occurrence."

I think to myself as to why she would say this. Then it clicks. She is not using the word she wants to actually use. If a wandering vampire comes into town, he would head straight for the giant blood supply at the hospital. It would be a more of an unfortunate occurrence rather than an unusual one.

"Yes. Well, I had stopped by to see if a friend was currently taking up residence here. He isn't. So, I must be on my way."

"Oh? Did you need any help locating him? With the badge comes some extra perks."

"No, Sheriff. That won't be necessary. I was just--"

"Ah. Liz. Klaus." I can feel my eyes practically roll out of their sockets in annoyance as I hear the overly condescending voice of Damon Salvatore. I turn around with a smug smile on my face.

"Damon." I nod in acknowledgment as the Sheriff addresses Damon. I see him smirk.

"Hello, Liz. Any news?" I see the Sheriff's eyes dart to me before looking at Damon with a silencing look. I feel Damon's hand clasp onto my shoulder.

"Aw, Liz. Don't be so snooty. Not everyone you meet is as innocent as the townspeople here in Mystic Falls are. Isn't that right, Klaus?"

I stare daggers at Damon as he continues to smirk. Sheriff Forbes leans in as she makes eye contact with me.

"Klaus, you know about..."

Damon sighs as Sheriff Forbes trails off. "Vampires, Liz. Yes. Klaus knows about vampires."

In that moment I realize that Damon is somehow helping me. He is diverting the town's amateur Vampire Hunter's curiosity away from me.

"You know about Vampires?

I do not even have a chance to blink before I answer her.

"Yes, Sheriff Forbes. My family. They were killed by vampires. All except my sister Rebekah and I."

I did not need to mention that it was I who did the killing. I can still hear the screams of my immortal siblings as the fire enveloped their bodies. For some reason, I merely staked my dear sister Rebekah and traveled with her body in a casket never far behind. She says she has forgiven me for that deed, but I often find myself thinking if that is truly the case.

"I'm so sorry to hear that, Klaus. Call me Liz, by the way. Vampires killed my husband. Well, ex-husband. They can never be trusted."

Before I can respond, Damon is politely bidding his goodbyes to Liz and steering me out of the hospital. I calmly get out of Damon's hold and walk toward my car.

"You know, a thank you would be great."

I turn around and raise an eyebrow.

"For what, exactly, am I thanking you for?"

"The Sheriff was on to you. Heck, I'd be, too. Here's a heads up. Next time, just compel a civilian to get the blood instead of someone who works there. It's less thought of by Liz's mad mind. She'd never suspect that little eleven-year-old Jessica who lives over on Adams Avenue delivers my blood, and town newspaper, right to my doorstep."

I can feel the confusion on my face. "Does she really?"

"Who? Jessica? Of course."

Words escape me as I blink a few times.

"So, are you just going to stand there, or do you want to follow me back to the grill in that toy car of yours? I believe it's Happy Hour and a Gin & Tonic is calling my name!"

Even before I can fully enter the doors of the grill, I can hear Rebekah's voice echoing through the air. She sounds so happy. So full of life.

It absolutely sickens me.

Damon and I continue on to a table in the back that is near the bar. I don't ignore the fact that, from this table, he and I have a clear view of my sister and Caroline.

Damon calls out some drink orders to the bartender just before he begins talking.

"She's a ray of sunshine, isn't she?" He nods his head over to where my sister is still vivaciously talking to Caroline.

"My sister? Yes. She's optimistic to say the least."

"No. Not your sister. Caroline."

I can feel my brow furrow.

"What about her?"

"There's something weird about how she's always doing everything."

"What's so weird about that, Damon? She's your classic overachiever."

"What is so weird, Mr. Never-Sees-the-Big-Picture, is that she is doing everything except hunting vampires."

I shrug my shoulders a little. "What's your point?"

"Klaus, her mom's Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How someone as intuitive as Caroline Forbes hasn't figured that out yet is beyond me. Liz is a shifty character; even when she isn't trying to be."

"Let me rephrase my last question; Is there even a point to this at all?"

"Hey. I'm just saying maybe there's something about Caroline Forbes that we're missing. That's all. But head's up, there's always a point. So it'd be best for your sister, and for you, to watch your little vamp hineys."

I risk a glance at the girls' table, and sure enough, Caroline's light blue eyes meet mine.

And for just a second, I think my mind is playing tricks on me as I see a pain within those eyes that physically hurts me to look at.

I look up at my ceiling as my thoughts seem to invade my entire being, I think about the two vampire brothers who seem to have their lives already in place here at Mystic Falls. My face transforms into the monster that I really am. I can feel my veins harden as my teeth protrude from my gums. As I move my fingers up to run them over my fangs, I can see them. Just like it were yesterday.

As the clock begins to strike, signaling midnight, I stop walking just as I am about to cut the corner of the hallway. I can hear my brothers whispering; attempting to be silent, but their urgent tones are crystal clear in my ears.

"Oh? And why is that? Because he's some special demon that mother conjured up?"

"Elijah, mother did not conjure up anything. She merely did not want what happened to Henrik to happen to us."

"Finn, you and I both know that Niklaus is different. What he is, it's not what we are."

"So, just because he is not like us, you wish to damn him into an eternity of solitude?"

"Brother, no. That is not it. I want Niklaus to find out what it's like not to have power. Having power is nothing. Power does nothing except drive the mind mad. And I am afraid that our dear little brother is suffering from his own form of madness."

I can hear Elijah's voice trailing off in my head. The night I left my family for several centuries tends to always find a place into my mind when I have no other way to pass such lucrative time; except by wasting it.

I feel my face as it retracts back into its normal self. Suffering from his own form of madness. Is that what this is called? This feeling of desolation?

It is almost as though it were not me who left my siblings, but my siblings who left me. That is a complete lie, and even I know it. I was the one who packed up and left Kol, Finn, Elijah, and Rebekah alone. For some reason, I cannot bring myself to actually care; even now when I'm trying. I try so hard.

But it only ends in failure. I don't care. I don't think I will ever find it in me to actually ca--

My door swings open and Rebekah walks in as she sighs a dreamy sigh. She plops down onto the side of my bed.

"Hello, Nik! Lovely day. Was it not?"

I sarcastically smile.

"Yes. It was just perfect. Especially when Damon Salvatore had to swing in and make the day even more charming."

"Oh yes, brother. I saw you on your little friend date this evening."

"Rebekah. Do not ever say 'friend date' when you are referring to one of my acquaintances and myself on an outing. It's different when it is you and your little human toys."

"Nik, they are not toys! Well, the ones I know aren't. Caroline is perfect! If I were human, I would say she's my best friend forever. I think that term is still relevant amongst humans, don't you think?"

I sigh as I stand up and walk toward my large, mahogany trimmed windows that are facing the forest. "I don't know if that term is still relevant and I can honestly say I don't care."

Rebekah clicks her tongue as she walks over to stand beside me.

"Nik, Nik, Nik. Why can't you let yourself see that you are actually enjoying this little town?"

"Rebekah, I've reunited with a Ripper who doesn't even rip anymore, met a History teacher who knows far too much and whose best friend could kill him within seconds, and became the charity case of a cocky vampire whose life revolves around being the Big Bad Wolf in a town with about five hundred inhabitants. You tell me, what is there to enjoy?"

"Oh, I'm sure you're over-exaggerating. Stefan is okay. A little brooding at times according to Elena. Alaric is--"

"You've spoken to Elena Gilbert?"

"Yes. Now, Alar--"

"Does she know of vampires, also? I mean surely she does."

"You're right. She does." Something clicks in my mind right then and there.

"But Elena sits beside Caroline in my class and they seem to be the best of friends."

"Oh. They are."

"That doesn't make any sense! Caroline's mom killed Elena's parents in a crossfire with vampires."

Rebekah gives out a hollowed chuckled. "Surely, Nik, even you should know a story isn't a story without some intricate details and plot twists."

I turn to face her; a charming smile on my face.

"Then why don't you tell me the story, dear little sister."

To my surprise, Rebekah begins to walk out of the room. Before completely exiting, she pauses in the door frame. She turns around and looks at me with serious eyes.

"I'm sure you know more than most, Nik, that sometimes a story isn't made to be told by just anyone." She turns back around, but before disappearing from my sight, she angles her head to look back at me.

"Oh and brother?"


"Make sure you sleep very well tonight."

"Why is that, sister?"

"Well, tomorrow is Football Friday. In this town, that means something. Good night, Nik."

She departs with a glowing smile, and then I hear her heels click away from my door.

"Night, Rebekah."

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