Fifty First Dates

Chapter 12

Castiel felt completely sated, laying underneath Dean in the aftermath of their orgasms. He embraced Dean’s warm weight on top of him, the way Dean seemed to sink into his body as they lay there in the spare room, naked and sweaty and covered in each other. Castiel couldn’t remember what he had been so worried about even a few days before. Laying underneath Dean in this way was perfectly blissful, in a way Castiel couldn’t remember experiencing. He found himself humming softly, tracing his fingers lightly over Dean’s skin, noticing how the motion of their chests mimicked each others and how Dean shivered slightly in the cool of the room.

He could hear, though he doubted that Dean could, a conversation in the room below between Becky and Sam. Becky was asking questions, like Castiel had suggested, and Sam was answering patiently. Castiel smiled to himself, glad that it sounded as though Sam was making the effort to take Becky seriously.

And so was Dean, he seemed perfectly content to lay on Castiel, skin on skin, his head resting just underneath Castiel’s chin. Was it too much for the angel to hope that this was a sign of Dean’s feelings? He had the hunter’s commitment, he knew that, but it was still hard to believe that Dean might that strongly for him. He wanted to bring it up in conversation, but he didn’t want to ruin the moment when Dean inevitably reacted badly. Instead, he tried to broach a subject that the hunter might respond well to.

‘Dean?’ Castiel spoke quietly, but his voice seemed to fill the silence of the room uncomfortably.

‘Mmmm?’ Dean sounded perfectly content in comparison. Castiel had realised by now that Dean would make that noise when he was agreeing with something, or else because Castiel had tried to convey how he felt.

‘You didn’t do what you promised.’

Dean was still for a long moment, and then he stretched, reaching up and resting his hands behind Castiel’s neck, toying with the strands of hair there. Castiel closed his eyes momentarily, enjoying Dean’s touch.

‘Well, if we had some of that stuff you bought, I could make it up to you.’

‘Some of the stuff I bought?’ Castiel didn’t understand what Dean meant. He was referring to the oral sex that had been described in detail in the kitchen. He felt Dean raise his head to look at him, but he continued looking at the ceiling.

‘Mmm, your little Amsterdam trip? If I coulda remembered, I would’ve brought it with us.’

Castiel held his breath for a moment. Dean was suggesting- Dean wanted to- Castiel was flattered, and could already feel the excitement bubbling up, as well as a healthy dose of nerves. What was Dean thinking of when he mentioned those purchases? Which ones did he want to use?

‘I could go and retrieve it? I can just flash in and flash out, it won’t take me any time.’ Castiel tried to keep the excited anticipation out of his voice, but there was still a trace that was evident as he spoke.

‘Okay, you do that, and I’m going to go for a shower.’

And then Castiel could picture Dean in the shower, rubbing scented gel over his body, the water trickling over the contours of his body, and the angel knew he wanted to be there, touching Dean, feeling the way the water grazed over his body. He began running his finger in circles along Dean’s shoulder, lowering his chin to finally look at Dean. He pursed his lips, and noticed how the hunter’s eyes seemed fixed on his mouth, his brow furrowing slightly. Castiel released his lips to speak, and Dean’s eyes flickered up, making eye contact though his gaze was slightly glassy. Castiel was trying to be bold about what he wanted.

‘Can I join you in the shower? And then get the stuff from the bunker?’

‘For someone who didn’t want sex last night, you’re being pretty suggestive right now.’ Dean purred, his lips twisting into a smile that was endearing and dangerous, all at once.

‘I wasn’t thinking of sex, not in the shower. I don’t think that’s possible.’ Castiel stated, stopping short when Dean winked suggestively. Was Dean implying it could happen? That he had managed to have intercourse in the confining space of a shower cubicle that humans insisted on building? He found himself flustered from that one small muscle twitch in Dean’s cheek that created the wink. ‘Oh. But I wasn’t thinking-‘

Dean leaned up and kissed Castiel firmly, cutting the angel off before he could completely embarrass himself. Castiel wondered if he could explain without feeling an overwhelming embarrassment that he just wanted the opportunity to wash Dean himself, to caress every inch of skin, to get to know the hunter’s body on an entirely different level. As soon as Dean lifted his lips, Castiel began trying to backtrack.

‘Don’t you think it’s disrespectful to Becky?’

‘No. She saw us together, she knows we’re together. She’s an adult, she can do the math.’ Dean nuzzled against Castiel’s collarbone playfully. ’So, if you don’t wanna screw in the shower, what did you wanna do in there?’

‘I don’t want to say it. Forget it.’ Castiel felt suddenly embarrassed, but also a little intrigued. It sounded as though Dean wanted to have sex in the shower.

‘Well, okay. I’m still gonna go shower, but if you change your mind, zap in.’ Dean kissed his collarbone again, before standing up, leaving Castiel alone, naked and cold on the bed as he gathered all the things he would need in the shower, and wrapped a towel around his waist. He turned, and met Castiel’s eyes before sweeping his gaze slowly across the angel’s body. Castiel could almost feel his gaze as a physical touch, caressing his skin and warming him as he did so. He hoped this meant that Dean was rethinking the shower, wanting to climb back on the bed and continue with what he had promised.

‘Dean?’ He could hear his desire in his voice, the silent coaxing for Dean to move across the room, to touch him and kiss him and complete him. But instead, just saying his lover’s name seemed to snap the hunter out of his reverie. He shook his head, and smiled briefly.

‘Yeah, I won’t be long, okay?’

Dean slipped out the room, barely opening the door wide enough to squeeze through, and Castiel watched him go, feeling a hint of paranoia creeping in. Was he reading Dean wrong? Was he meant to be joining Dean in the shower, or was he supposed to be prepping for afterwards already? Did Dean mean it when he said to zap in? He hoped so.

He appeared in the tiny shower cubicle, Dean’s back towards him, his skin an eerie colour from the reflected green tiles, but still so muscular, so smooth and defined, all of it covered in the lightest freckles that Castiel had not noticed before. He moved forward, sliding his hands around Dean’s dampened skin, until he was standing so close that his chest pressed against the hunter’s back.

‘You changed your mind?’ Dean’s voice, though muted, carried a strange weight, as though he was trying to anticipate Castiel’s next move.


Castiel pressed a kiss between Dean’s shoulder blades, before letting go and reaching for the items he knew people used to clean themselves. He poured a small amount of a bottle he recognised as Dean’s onto a white poofy implement he assumed was Becky’s, and then began to massage Dean’s back slowly with the poofy implement. Dean stood stock still, allowing Castiel to work on every inch of skin on his back. He tried to work methodically, circling across Dean’s shoulders, and then the bottom of his rib cage, and his waist, going from one side to the other as far down as the slight colour change on Dean’s skin, just above his backside, where his torso had been exposed to more sunlight.

‘Turn around.’ He whispered into Dean’s ear, and Dean moved quickly, careful not to accidentally knock Castiel into the glass door or the vibrant tiling. Without another word, Castiel repeated the pattern, this time starting at the top of Dean’s chest, his gaze trained on Dean’s skin. He didn’t want to miss one bit, though he could feel the intensity of Dean’s gaze.

Dean started suddenly, as they heard Sam’s voice calling up from the floors below.


Dean groaned, and rubbed his face with one hand, before taking a deep breath, his chest flexing under Castiel’s fingers as he responded.

‘In the shower!’

There was a short pause.

‘Oh. Where’s Cas?’

Castiel felt his cheeks heat up, and he forced himself to concentrate on what he was doing. How was Dean going to answer? Sam had already made it explicit that he wasn’t happy with them being overly amorous in Becky’s house, and Castiel felt a stab of guilt. They weren’t respecting Sam and Becky at all. It was hard to do so, with Dean so close by, and so sexually charged.

‘Angel stuff!’ Dean hollered back. Castiel waited for the moment where Sam would question Dean further.

‘Okay. I’m going to the supermarket with Becky, okay? Want anything?’

Or maybe neither brother really thought to ask any more about Castiel’s seraphic duty. In any case, Castiel was grateful that Sam didn’t probe any further.

‘Beer. And pie!’

Castiel couldn’t help but smile at how typically Dean his response was. He made himself focus as he moved down to Dean’s stomach, pretending he didn’t hear Dean’s sharp intake of breath.

‘Fine. See you later!’ Sam called, making one last attempt to ruin the moment between them. Castiel heard Becky’s voice asking Sam something, and the front door opening and closing, and he lowered his hand further as Dean braced himself against the tiles. Castiel had meant it when he had said he didn’t want to be in the shower with Dean for sex, though the way Dean’s body was responding to his touch was tempting. Castiel forced himself to focus on the point of this, which was to have a deeply intimate moment with his partner, and continued down Dean’s legs, before standing up, looking into Dean’s bewildered eyes and smiling as though they were sharing a secret.

‘Do you need help washing your hair?’

Dean nodded, unable to verbalise the answer, and Castiel found the correct bottle as he threw the white puffy thing aside, pouring the lotion into his hand and reaching up to Dean’s hair, working his fingers gently into Dean’s scalp. Dean closed his eyes, his lips slightly parted, catching the occasional water droplet that bounced off Castiel’s skin.

Castiel focused on Dean’s parted lips, which seemed to tremble, until he was happy with his work. He urged Dean back under the spray, and worked the suds out of the hunter’s hair before his resolve crumbled, and he caught Dean’s mouth gently with his own, briefly, before stepping back, against the glass. Dean’s eyes opened, the expression in them unreadable.

‘I should go and get everything,’ Castiel muttered, his own voice caught up with lust. ‘I won’t be long.’

‘Okay. Don’t bring the whips.’ Dean was barely audible over the pattering of water drops.

‘I know.’ Castiel stole one more kiss, and then zapped out into the bunker, where he moved quickly, aware that he was naked. His suit was back at Becky’s house, but he knew that Dean had a few nice suits he used for posing as a federal agent. He put one on quickly, sniffing deeply as Dean’s scent surrounded him, and made a beeline for his room, going through the bags for the items that Dean had already vetoed, leaving the whips and perspex box on an old filing cabinet, and zapping back over to Becky’s house.

The room they were using was empty, Dean was obviously still in the bathroom, and Castiel went through the bags, laying everything out precisely on the desk, trying to anticipate what Dean was planning on doing. He had just emptied half of one bag, and was reaching in again when a hand was placed on his arm, and he turned to see his lover shaking his head.

’This is fine Cas. This is enough.’ Dean reached over and picked up a DVD, turning it over in his hand. ‘You wanna watch this while we screw?’

There was a note of humour in his voice, and Castiel felt affronted, both by the tone and Dean’s wording. Calling it “screwing” made him feel cheap. At least when Dean described it as “fucking” there was a trace of urgency in the word, like he was desperate to be with Castiel. Screwing felt like Dean considered him expendable, and he didn’t want that.

‘Please don’t call it that.’

Dean shrugged, as though it wasn’t a big deal.

‘Sorry,’ he wrapped his arms around Castiel’s midriff, resting his chin against the angel’s shoulder, and then started untucking his shirt, his fingers running across Castiel’s stomach gently, leaving a burning sensation across his skin. Dean dropped his voice low, sounding sultry. ‘You’ve got too many clothes on.’

Castiel couldn’t help but laugh before he looked his lover in the eye.

‘Is this really going to happen?’ He asked. The last time they had tried, Dean had climaxed before anything had really started, and Castiel definitely wanted to experience sex as it was supposed to be. The way Dean could make it. He wanted them joined together in a way that left no room for doubt.

‘Don’t you want it to?’

Was Dean trying to talk him out of it? Why? He wanted their second time to be memorable, to last longer than the time it took for Dean to penetrate him. He needed to say something to make the hunter understand what it was he wanted.

‘I do. Please, just go easy on me, Dean.’

Dean nodded, and began kissing him gently, working the shirt off his body, breaking the kiss to lift it over Castiel’s head. Castiel took Dean’s face gently, stroking his cheeks with two soft thumbs, and their eyes were locked as Dean squatted slightly, working the slacks off Castiel’s legs. The angel let go of Dean’s face to remove the towel from his hips, and Dean leaned closer, grabbing something off the desk and pushing against Castiel with his body, walking him back to the bed.

Castiel watched as Dean leaned back on the bed, tugging him along with one hand. Castiel went willingly, straddling Dean as he leaned against the headboard and contemplating Dean seriously, as Dean gave him a faint smile. Then Dean surprised him as he cleared his throat.

‘It’s okay, Cas. It’s you and me, right?’

Castiel nodded, moving his leg slightly to get more comfortable. Dean pulled his knees up, pressing Castiel in the space between his legs and his chest, and Castiel wrapped his arms around him kissing him tenderly, squeezing Dean’s torso.

Dean reached up, his fingers curling into Castiel’s hair as their kisses became more urgent, and then he was stroking a hand down Castiel’s back, his fingers becoming firmer, making Castiel arch his back and press into Dean’s chest. And then Dean’s fingers were slipping past the waistband of the underwear Castiel had found, skimming over his backside, and Castiel continued to shift on Dean’s lap, the sensation overwhelming him as Dean ran a finger down the cleft of his butt. And then Dean’s finger found it’s mark, and he pushed into the angel’s hole, firmly but without being rough. Yet Castiel couldn’t help but jerk back, away from Dean’s mouth, his eyes widening as he took a sharp breath in.


Dean’s expression was torn between lust and cringing over Castiel’s reaction. He kept his finger in Castiel, but stopped moving.

‘Babe, it’s okay. It’s part of it, okay?’

Castiel knew that, he’d used the butt plug the last time they’d attempted this. But Dean’s finger felt different to the metal plug, and it was the difference that made it more shocking. He bobbed his head to answer Dean, and the hunter seemed to interpret his silence as fear.

‘Okay, Cas? I want you to think of a word. Any word, so long as it’s nothing to do with this, okay? Let me know what it is, and any time you want to stop, you say it. And I’ll stop straight away, even if I’m already inside you. Deal?’

Castiel cocked his head, trying to think through the practicalities of Dean’s suggestion. He didn’t want to stop, and he very much doubted that in the throes of passion, Dean would be able to stop. He felt he had to point that out.

‘That sounds impractical.’

Dean smiled like Castiel was trying to be cute.

‘It’s meant to catch me off guard. If you shout liquorice when we’re in the moment, it’ll take me out of it and remind me you want to stop. They call it a safeword. But think of something you’d remember, okay? You’re the one who’s going to be calling it.’

Castiel could think of a few things he liked that would be good to say to Dean if the moment went too far. He pressed his forehead against Dean’s, feeling the finger slip in further as he whispered.

‘Guinea pig.’

‘Guinea pig it is. Only when you want to stop, okay?’

Castiel nodded, and pressed his lips once more to Dean’s, their tongues colliding together again more desperately and urgently than before, and the hunter dug his finger even deeper into Castiel, who reeled into Dean’s chest without noticing, too engrossed in the sensations that Dean’s fingers were invoking. He didn’t hear himself groan in pleasure, though he knew he must be, if Dean was making him feel like he was coming apart in this way.

Dean pushed another finger into Castiel, and the angel rocked his hips hard into his lover, beginning to grab at the hunter’s back, trying and failing to get some purchase, someway of clinging to his boyfriend through the intense sensations rocking through his body. Dean’s fingers moved the way the rest of his body did around sex, they were steady and confident and seemed to instinctively know what Castiel wanted. He stopped kissing the hunter, unable to concentrate on Dean’s lips while his body was reacting so strongly to his lover’s touch.

Dean began kissing his face over and over, his breath hot against Castiel’s cheek, and he inserted a third finger into Castiel’s backside. A loud moan ripped through Castiel’s body, and he could feel the bed shaking. Dean was panting heavily, but he managed to force a laugh through his audible breaths.

‘You like that?’ His voice was low, oozing sex appeal, and Castiel closed his eyes, trying to savour every detail of this moment. Then Dean’s tone altered, became loaded with concern. ‘Cas-‘

‘Keep going.’ Castiel managed to whisper, pulling closer to the hunter, burying his face in Dean’s warm, sweaty shoulder. Dean did so, his fingers moving faster than before, curling and probing inside the angel’s vessel, and then he was inserting a fourth finger, and Castiel was sure he was going to explode. An inhuman sound filled the room, but Castiel couldn’t help it. How did Dean manage it?


‘Dean!’ Castiel wasn’t sure if he was shouting the name in a bout of passion, or trying to stop Dean from ending the sex session, or because he too had heard at that moment a small thud from the floor below and was concerned about demons attacking them in their distracted state. Castiel didn’t care about any of that, he wanted Dean filling him completely, and he wanted it as soon as possible.

‘You remember the safe word?’ Dean whispered. Castiel nodded wildly, pressing his body further into Dean’s, his own erection sticking slightly into Dean’s belly button.

‘You wanna keep going?’

Castiel nodded wordlessly, and Dean’s fingers twitched in response, making the angel moan loudly again, and Dean started working him harder than before. Castiel heard a ripping sound, and the hunter started whispering in his ear, breath so hot against his ear that it felt like fire.

‘Cas? Help me get this on.’

Castiel turned his head, and saw the rubber in the hand that wasn’t halfway inside him, and the look of desire in Dean’s eyes. And then the hunter parted his fingers, making him jolt forward and grab the condom. He started to ease it onto Dean, watching as his eyed closed slowly. Castiel worried that his gentle touch was sending his lover to sleep.


Dean’s eyes opened slowly, his eyelids still hooded, and he smiled back blissfully.

‘Mmmm.’ This time, the noise sounded almost seemed like a growl, and Dean was suddenly more alert. He reached across the bed and grabbed the tube of lube, withdrawing his hand from Castiel as he did so. The angel moaned softly in his disappointment, but Dean was moving quickly, unscrewing the cap, squirting the cool gel onto his fingers, and bringing them around again, easing back into Castiel’s butt and circling his fingers, massaging the tender skin.

Castiel started moaning loudly again, clinging to Dean tightly, lost in the sensations the hunter was creating once again. Before he knew it, he was being held by the hips, and Dean was thrusting into him, controlling the motion of his hips, and Castiel felt like he was going to lose his mind as his body reacted to Dean’s. He felt the hunter dig his fingertips into his hips, and started moving with him, thrusting back against him and he yelled incoherently into Dean’s shoulder.

Dean was groaning almost as loudly, his breathing shallow and heavy; the bed frame was squeaking underneath them, and suddenly Dean was shouting in his ear, his body becoming rigid. Castiel’s body felt floppy, and heavy, and he laughed from pure joy as he searched for Dean’s mouth, kissing him sloppily and then tucking himself under the hunter’s chin, his body still wrapped around his lover’s penis. He felt he had to say something to Dean, to try to communicate just how happy he was.

’So that’s sex?’

It had definitely been more enjoyable than their first attempt, and far more physical than anything else they’d tried. Dean wrapped his arms around the angel protectively.


‘We can definitely do that again.’ Castiel purred, and began tracing the contours of Dean’s chest.

‘Good. Because we still need to use that stuff.’

Castiel couldn’t see Dean pointing, but he knew the hunter meant the items still on the desk, and the things Castiel hadn’t unpacked yet. He felt a thrill run through him at the idea of using any of them, and of the idea that Dean was enthusiastic to do so. But he knew that their time was limited, at least for the morning.

‘Another time, maybe,’ he sighed and kissed Dean’s firm chest. ’Sam and Becky will be back soon, we need to clean up.’

He forced himself to stand, taking his time so he could enjoy the feeling of Dean inside him for a few more moments. And then he leaned over and kissed his lover quickly, before he tidied the room, cleaned them both up and got them both dressed by using his angelic powers. Dean scooted off the bed as well, and they walked wordlessly out of the room, Dean slipping his hand into the back pocket of Castiel’s slacks and kissing him at the bottom of the stairs, before tugging him gently into the sitting room, where Sam and Becky were side by side, glaring at the doorway. Castiel could tell by their expressions that they’d been there for a while, and could hear everything that happened between himself and Dean. He felt ashamed, and wanted to zap out but he couldn’t leave Dean to face the two of them alone.

‘Hey, thought you guys were at the store?’ Dean asked with a nervous chuckle.

‘It’s half a block away, Dean. But I guess you wouldn’t have heard us come back?’

Castiel heard the point Sam was making in his subtext, and he wanted more than ever to hide. He’d loved the way Dean had made him feel, been unashamed by the way he’d reacted, but with Sam and Becky staring at them, disgust written across Sam’s face and repulsion on Becky’s, Castiel felt as though he’d committed a huge sin.

And then Sam was changing the subject, holding out a newspaper to Dean.

‘More demonic signs, not that far away from us. We should check it out.’

Dean took the proffered newspaper, and Castiel grabbed hold of one side, making it easier for Dean to read, and so that they could remain close together. The angel was put off by Sam’s attitude, and the way he’d avoided reprimanding them over their sex life. Dean seemed to understand his brother better, and took his cue from the taller hunter.

‘Seems legit. When did you want to go?’

‘If we go now, we’ll be back before Charlie gets here.’ Becky finally spoke up, and Castiel felt terrible when he heard the shake in her voice. He could see what Sam meant the night before, about how their relationship was adversely affecting his own. She wouldn’t meet his eyes. But what had really been so awful about Dean and Castiel having sex? Wasn’t it a perfectly natural thing for a human to do?

Dean squeezed Castiel’s backside with the hand still in his back pocket, and Castiel was happy to focus on anything but Becky. Especially if it involved the man standing so close beside him that their sides touched.

‘Are you coming?’ Dean’s voice seemed intentionally seductive, and Castiel wondered if he felt any of the same guilt. He tried to focus on the real subject, though he hadn’t read the article. He doubted it was really demons, the weather changes and livestock genocides seemed choreographed, somehow.

‘Yes, I want to see if its like the last place.’

‘Sure, we can-‘

‘Hey!’ Sam interrupted Dean, and snapped his fingers in the air in front of him. Castiel looked up apprehensively, and saw Sam wearing what Dean often dubbed The Ultimate Bitchface. ‘Dean, can we talk a minute?’

Dean withdrew his hand from Castiel finally, and followed Sam out into the backyard. Castiel chanced a look at Becky.

‘I’m sorry, Becky.’

‘I get it. You’re crazy about him. Dean’s usually really angry when I’m around but he seems happy with you. It’s just … it sounded like he was hurting you.’

‘Dean could never hurt me.’ Castiel gave a small smile. ‘But I am sorry. I told Dean last night that I was worried we’d upset you-‘

‘Oh. Oh! No, Castiel, don’t feel bad. If Sam looked at me the way Dean looks at you, I wouldn’t think about it either. I’d be lost in his eyes.’

‘Is everything okay with you and Sam?’ Castiel asked as sincerely as he could. Becky smiled, her innocent joy evident in her expression.

‘More than okay! He said we could go out tonight, on an actual date, and he’d see how it went. He’s never been like this before, I’m so excited.’

She grabbed Castiel’s hand, and squeezed it tightly, and Castiel smiled warmly at her, opening his arms awkwardly for an embrace. She gladly hugged him as Sam walked into the room, looking angry, and they dropped their arms in unison, both of them looking incredibly guilty. Sam raised his eyebrows as Becky stepped away, and then he surprised them both by wrapping an arm around Becky’s shoulders.

‘I told Dean,’ Sam muttered. Castiel felt like he was invading a private moment between them.

‘I told Castiel. That’s why he was hugging me.’ Becky smiled up to Sam, and Castiel made to move away, but he was stopped by Dean, walking in the room and wrapping his arms around the angel without a word. Castiel held him back without hesitation, knowing that Becky at the very least was fine with it. Sam groaned, and Castiel made himself not care about Sam’s irritation, which was easier when he heard Becky’s whisper.

‘Oh Sam, leave them alone. They’re in love.’

Castiel wanted to squeeze Dean harder, because of course he was in love with the human, but he knew that Dean could probably hear it too, and he waited for Dean’s inevitable snide comment in reply. None came. Did that mean … was it too much to hope … did Dean love him back? Yes, they were a couple; yes, they had just had some very loud, and very good sex; but love? Was it too much for the angel to hope that Dean’s silence was confirmation of his feelings?

Sam and Becky began to discuss the article they’d found, making plans to visit it in the next few minutes, and Dean raised his head from Castiel’s shoulder, looking at him steadily as he grinned back enthusiastically. Dean’s expression was serious, but Castiel could see the tenderness in his eyes. He felt his hope soar.

In the distance, Castiel was aware of the doorbell ringing, but he could only focus on Dean, on leaning forward and tasting those perfect lips once again. They stood in the front room, kissing softly, until a loud girl’s voice permeated their little bubble.


Dean pulled away instantly, wrapping his arms around the short redhead who stood beside them, laughing as he did so. Castiel felt a strong stab of jealousy - Dean never greeted him like that. He took an instant dislike to this cheery, ginger-haired girl.

‘Charlie! I knew you were coming, but that was fast!’

‘Yeah, well, I always planned to come visit Becky, there was a convention about half an hour away from here. I’m giving up meeting Stan Lee for the fourth time for you. Respect, bitch!’ She let go of Dean and looked at Castiel. ‘Hey, so this is your angel?’

‘Mmm, yep, this is my Cas.’ Dean smiled at Castiel, who looked back blankly. How could Dean be so casual about this girl?

‘Nice to meet you.’ Charlie grinned, holding out her hand. Castiel looked down on it with barely-concealed distain.

‘Nice to meet you, too.’ He finally said, after too long a pause. Dean changed the subject quickly.

‘Well, we’re going to check out these demon signs Becky keeps spotting, are you in? And you can tell me just how in the hell you and Becky even met.’

They started moving back through the house, leaving Castiel alone, and he slumped on the sofa as he heard Charlie explain how few people are even into the books, and they were just about the only girls in the fandom, they had to team up. Castiel didn’t care, he didn’t want to know. He only wanted to know how on earth Charlie had such an affect on his Dean, how Dean could be so enthusiastic about hugging her when it had taken so long for Dean to even kiss him in front of Sam. He knew the jealousy made no sense, that Dean was his, that he as good as said he loved Castiel, but he couldn’t help it. He wanted Dean that relaxed around him too.

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