Fifty First Dates

Chapter 13

Castiel was already bored with Charlie. The entire way to the most recent “demon” site, she talked non-stop with Dean, who seemed far too happy to chatter back about things that Castiel had never even heard of. Was “Moondor” a real thing?

He spent most of the car ride glaring out of the window, not even slightly mollified by Dean holding his hand across the upholstery. In the abandoned car park they’d found, Castiel stayed by the car as Sam and Dean looked around, and the girls stayed away from them slightly, but tried to emulate the brothers. Castiel focused on his hands, rather than any of the humans, considering his current position.

It was difficult. He knew that Vibeke wasn’t going to leave the matter to rest for too long, and he was weary of Meg’s words. He also knew whatever was going on with the Winchesters current investigation, it was in some way connected to Meg’s barely veiled threats. But everything had been going so well with Dean, despite Charlie showing up and dominating all his attention, and Castiel wasn’t ready to relinquish any of it, not even to save the world from whatever the angels or demons were planning. Dean was his priority, and had been since he received the command to retrieve him from Hell.

He knew though, that Sam and Dean would want to put the matter to rest, to know why they were suddenly following false signs of demonic activity. And wouldn’t it make his hunter happy if he got involved, and demanded answers from either Meg or Vibeke? Then he could solve the case for Dean.

‘Nothing?’ Sam called out in the distance. Castiel couldn’t hear Dean’s answer, but he could hear the hushed tones of the girls chattering close by. He chose to ignore them, dwelling instead on the last few days with Dean, remembering every touch, the taste of Dean’s tongue, the strong buzzing feeling in his chest, the heat that grew between them-

‘Hey, everything okay?’ Dean appeared, and pressed his legs between Castiel’s, leaning in close, making sure he grabbed Castiel’s attention.


‘Well, you’re right. No sulphur, no nothing.’ Dean took hold of Castiel’s chin and lifted it gently, stooping slightly to press his lips against the angel’s. ‘Wanna take a guess what we’re dealing with?’

Castiel didn’t know how to answer that, but it didn’t seem as though Dean truly wanted him to either, because he was covering Castiel in yet more kisses, his hands running up the lapels of Castiel’s trench coat. Could Dean sense the way Castiel was feeling? Was he reacting to that? Castiel didn’t know, but he was grateful for Dean’s attention.

‘Seriously, Dean, Cas, can you not put it away for ten minutes?’ Sam complained as he stood between Becky and Charlie. ‘We should go look for witnesses, see what’s going on.’

Dean turned away to face his brother, his hands still all over the angel.

‘Were there any witnesses?’

Castiel zoned out again as they argued between themselves, concentrating instead on the way Dean’s hand lay on his chest, warm and firm and making his heart rate spike. Dean could feel that, surely?

And then suddenly, everyone was moving, climbing back into the car. Dean pressed one more kiss against Castiel’s lips, and sighed heavily.

‘Sam and I won’t be long, okay? Take care of the girls for us.’

Had Castiel agreed to let Dean and Sam go without him? Or had everyone decided on his behalf?

‘Don’t leave me behind.’

‘I’ll make it up to you, promise. Sam and Becky are going out tonight, we’ll stay in and make our own fun.’

Castiel nodded, feeling a shiver along his spine at the promise Dean was making. That promise was enough for him to zap himself into the car, to hold on until that night, when the hunter would set his entire vessel on fire.

Dean drove back to Becky’s house, letting the car idle as Charlie and Becky shuffled out. Castiel gave Dean one long, lingering look through the rear view mirror, and Dean smouldered back, before the angel also climbed out of the car, following the giggling girls into the house.

Becky and Charlie settled in the living room, and Castiel followed them in hesitantly. He didn’t want to spend any time with them, but Dean had asked him to look after them, and of course he wanted to make Dean happy. This time around, however, he couldn’t filter out their excitable chatter.

‘I can’t believe Sam said he’d go out with you, after all the wedding stuff.’ Charlie grinned, curling up in the armchair, her back against one arm rest and her shoeless feet crossed at the ankles, propped against the other. Castiel sat cautiously on the padded window seat, as Becky perched primly on the sofa, her infectious smile in place.

‘I know! I thought when they showed up at my door that they were going to kill me. I never thought I’d been talking to Sam all this time. And even though he lied about his name, and he yelled a little, I forgive him. I guess we’re just meant to be.’

She sighed happily, curling her fingers into her lap, and Castiel gave her a small smile as Charlie rolled her eyes.

‘Dude, come on, it’s one date. You’re not getting remarried. Like, I’m happy for you and all, but I don’t think Sam wants to rush anything.’

‘I know, I know, but it’s fated, you know? He came back. Like that poem. I set him free, he came back. He was always mine.’

‘I want you happy, you know that right? But you sound completely crazy right now. That’s all I’m saying.’

‘Love can make people crazy,’ Cas blurted out, accidentally joining in the girl talk. He hadn’t wanted to, but he felt like Charlie was being completely unfair to Becky. She didn’t sound at all happy for Becky and Sam, she sounded like poison. Was she doing the same to Dean? What was her problem with people being happy together, anyway? Becky gave Castiel an understanding look, but Charlie eyed him warily, before standing up and stretching.

‘Whatever, I need some snacks.’

‘Good idea, I have these cookies somewhere that are out of this world!’ Becky stood too, grabbing Charlie’s hand and pulling her along to the kitchen, both of them now babbling about their favourite cookies. Castiel sighed, and leaned back against the glass. How much longer would Dean be?


The day without Dean passed slowly and torturously. When the girls returned from the kitchen, they approached Castiel with the same wicked gleam in their eyes, and then Charlie had held him down as Becky poked and prodded at his face with soft brushes and tough bristles and strange pads, all smeared with colour. Castiel could easily have fought Charlie off, and he almost did, but Becky had laughed and promised him that they wouldn’t go too far, and somehow he’d found himself agreeing to this unusual torture.

After they had exhausted their enthusiasm for slathering his face in multicoloured powders, they had made him sit on the floor and toyed with his hair, clipping it and brushing it through. At one point, there were fingers running their way along his scalp, and he closed his eyes, immediately thinking of the way Dean scratched his head as they talked. Dean seemed to love doing it to him, and he enjoyed the sensation just as much normally, but there was something off-putting about the two girls doing it. They weren’t as firm, they didn’t apply enough pressure. He wanted Dean.

Eventually, they left him alone, and he instantly made the stuff on his face disappear as he tugged the clips out of his hair. The girls were exhausting. But now they were quiet and Castiel didn’t trust that either. He needed to find them so he could report back to Dean and Sam that he had kept an eye on both the women. And then Dean would reward him in the privacy of their bedroom by taking his breath away and making him scream in blind passion. Castiel couldn’t wait. What had he been so afraid of?

He wandered the house, looking for the girls, and found them in the bathroom with more lotions and products that Dean and Sam never used. They were working together in silence, so Castiel walked back into the room he’d been sharing with Dean, sitting on the bed in the spot that Dean had taken that morning during their tryst, and reliving every moment. The bed smelled of Dean and Castiel found himself clutching a pillow close, sniffing it and feeling a strong ache in his chest. How long was Dean going to be?

‘Don’t you think he’s weird?’ Charlie’s voice broke through Castiel’s thoughts.


‘Castiel. He’s nothing like I expected from the books.’

‘Really? I thought he’s a lot like that. I mean, he’s around a lot more than the books say, but then again, he’s dating Dean now.’

‘And that’s not weird to you?’

Castiel couldn’t shut out their conversation if he’d tried. They were too close. Did they even know he could hear them?

‘Come on Charlie, as soon as Sam and Dean told you it was all true, didn’t weird get a new perspective? Sam’s had the devil inside him, Dean dating an angel is all relative.’

‘You’re far too perky for your own good, you know that Becky?’

‘He’s nice. Castiel stood up for me. That might be the only reason that Sam gave me a chance, you know. Give him some time.’

‘You sound like Dean.’

‘I’ll take that as a compliment, coming from you.’

‘I get the feeling he hates me.’

‘Who, Castiel?’


Castiel pulled the pillow away from his face, surprised that Charlie had been so astute. One of the girls began to whimper, biting back a scream, and Castiel wondered whether he should check in on them again.

‘Okay, painless hair removal my ass. Think we can ask Dean’s favourite celestial boy toy for some help? You know, so long as he doesn’t rip my leg off.’

Castiel had no desire to join in with the girls. But he heard their footsteps moving, and knew they were coming to look for him. He saw the things he’d grabbed from the bunker still lying on the desk and realised Dean wouldn’t want them to see any of it. He quickly sent it all back to Dean’s room in the bunker, and put the pillow back hastily as the door swung open, and the girls walked in, their legs an unusual white colour.

’So, we tried waxing. We failed. You couldn’t like, angel magic the way you do in the books and get this stuff off our legs? Along with all the hair?’ Charlie flicked her red hair back behind her shoulders as she looked down at Castiel. He watched Becky instead, who had slid behind Charlie slightly, looking pensive. As though Castiel would rage at her the way that Sam or Dean would.

‘Why would you want to remove hair from your body?’

‘It’s a girl thing.’

Castiel sighed. This was another thing in his lover’s favour, as far as he could see, that he didn’t spend an unnecessary amount of time preening and messing about with his glorious body. He did as they asked as the door opened and closed downstairs, and they heard Dean call, his voice low and urgent and hitting Castiel straight in the groin. The hunter definitely needed to use that voice the next time they were having sex.

‘Charlie? Becky? Cas!’

They heard Sam’s quieter voice speaking to his brother, though Castiel could make out the words that the girls could not.

‘I should probably get ready. That’s probably what Becky’s doing, anyway.’


Castiel smiled as Dean followed this up with a grunt, followed by the sound of pounding feet on the staircase, and then the sounds of the girls yelping as he nipped their sides gently with his hands, making them move out of the way. The angel watched as his gaze swept across the room, looking for all evidence of their previous love-making, and then fixated on the bed. On him.

‘Hey, you okay?’ Dean purred. Castiel nodded, his chest burning with need, as Charlie turned to Dean.

‘So hey, Sam’s taking Becky out tonight, we need a major catch up session. Wanna watch some movies, eat some junk food, and just hang out?’

‘Sure, maybe we could braid each other’s hair.’ Dean smirked back, winking in Castiel’s direction.

‘I mean it, Dean. You can kick back, not worry about hunting, and we can chat, watch bad movies, eat pizza and chips and rate the women on screen.’

‘That does sound good,’ Dean admitted, looking away from Castiel to smile at the redhead. The angel felt trampled by the puny human girl. Was she purposefully trying to get between them? And she wondered why he seemed resentful of her. No one came between him and Dean.


Later that evening, after Becky had disappeared to get ready and Charlie managed to rope Dean and Castiel into going on a supply run, Sam finally declared it time. He offered a newly made-up Becky his arm and they were gone before Dean could call out anything to embarrass his brother. As the door closed behind the new couple, Charlie grabbed Dean’s arm.

‘Come on, first one in the TV room gets to pick the movie. I will make you watch something fluffy just to annoy you.’

She dragged him along behind her, leaving Castiel to follow them slowly. He still didn’t trust Charlie, especially around Dean. When he reached the room, Charlie was putting a disc into the Blu-Ray player, and Dean was laying across one sofa, his arms held out for Castiel. He willingly fell into them, curling up into Dean’s chest, their legs threading together as they watched the commercials play at the start of the disc. Castiel could barely concentrate on whatever movie Dean and Charlie had decided on while he was laying on Dean, feeling his chest rise and fall beneath him, and the hunter’s fingers curling through his hair absent-mindedly. The warmth of Dean’s torso through their clothes, and how their bodies fit together, Castiel’s narrow chest curving around his boyfriend’s solid one, his hips pressing in slightly to Dean’s abs, their legs slotting together in such a way that it made Castiel know he was there for the long haul.

Dean’s eyes were trained on the television screen, and when Castiel realised that Dean just wanted closeness, he didn’t want to make out, he curled up under the hunter’s chin and just enjoyed the intimacy. He even tried to watch the movie that Charlie had picked, because that was what Dean seemed to want to do, though he wasn’t sure what to make of a bunch of men running around in spandex amidst a lot of explosions. Admittedly, he was finding it hard to concentrate on the movie while Dean was playing with his hair, and while they were pressed together so tightly.

This was what he had been wanting, a closeness to the hunter that went beyond words, that transcended the physical. And it was there, it was all his, and with the person he most wanted. He couldn’t savour Dean’s touch enough, couldn’t stop time the way he wanted to make it last. He felt as though he were clinging on to something sacred with his fingertips.

Dean flexed his thick biceps, squeezing Castiel closer to his chest, and the angel kissed his collarbone gently, trying to convey without words how he was feeling. The hunter’s response was to knead his fingers slightly harder into his scalp, and Castiel hoped that meant the message was received.

‘Hey Dean?’ Charlie’s voice cut through Castiel’s bliss. He’d forgotten than she was curled up on another seat. ‘Want a beer?’

‘Yeah, sure Charlie.’ Dean’s voice rumbled through Castiel’s entire being, and he snuggled even closer into the hunter

‘Good, me too. They’re in the kitchen. Grab me one?’

‘Eat me, Charlie.’

‘Hmmm, think I’ll leave that to your boyfriend. In the meantime, get me a beer, bitch.’

‘God, you’re annoying sometimes,’ Dean breathed, but then he wriggled slightly, and Castiel understood that he was giving in to Charlie. The angel felt the urge to curl up against Dean, to make it difficult for the hunter to move from his position because it was so comfortable laying with him, but he knew he couldn’t get away with that. So he sat up and let Dean go.

The hunter stood up, and launched himself at Charlie, who began giggling, and screeching as Dean picked her up. She grabbed hold of his neck tightly, kicking her legs as she squealed, and Castiel felt a pull in his stomach as he watched how free and easy they were together. He would love for Dean to pick him up like that.

He felt only slightly mollified when Dean dropped Charlie unceremoniously onto the other couch, and then sat on her stomach, ignoring her pounding fists and continuing screeches.

‘Dammit, Dean, get me a fucking beer.’

‘Make me.’

Castiel watched as Charlie pushed Dean off of her, and towards the kitchen, both of them laughing breathlessly. He let her force him along for a short while, before twisting around and cuffing her around the neck.

‘Dean, you’re such a dick!’

‘Whatever, loser.’

She jabbed a finger into his side as they disappeared from Castiel’s view, though he could hear them giggling and panting and arguing as clearly as if they were still in the room with him.

‘Stop it!’

‘You stop it!’

‘You’re such a fucking child.’

‘And you’re - okay, this is why I tell Sam you’re like the sister I never wanted.’

‘Fuck you.’

Castiel felt his heart sink as he heard them slowly progress to the kitchen. Part of his heartache came from how easily Dean seemed to relate to Charlie, how light and playful he was around her, but another part came from the words he’d just said. Dean considered Charlie family? Castiel knew how big a deal that was to his lover, and yet he’d said it so casually, as if anyone could possibly be counted. Did that mean Castiel wasn’t as important as he’d believed? He couldn’t drown out the sounds of Dean and Charlie, even if he’d wanted to.

‘So, you and Castiel, what’s going on there?’ Charlie slowly stopped giggling.

‘We’re going out?’ Dean sounded sarcastic.

‘No, really?’ Charlie bit back. ‘You know what I mean. You’re different with him.’

‘If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were jealous.’

‘You’re making out with an angel, I’m a little bit jealous. But come on, I mean, he seems really possessive over you, and back in there … it was like you weren’t Dean anymore.’

‘So what’re you trying to say?’ Now, Dean sounded exasperated.

‘I don’t know, Dean. It’s like he’s doing something to you. And then Sam and Becky were saying earlier that you’ve been having memory problems and I don’t know. Maybe he’s done something.’

‘Done something like what?’

Now Dean sounded annoyed, and Castiel felt his stomach drop. This was why he disliked Charlie, she was about to ruin everything.

‘Like I don’t know, Dean. Taking away any memories that stop you from being a total sap around him? Making you act like you’re whipped? Could he do anything like that?’

There was a terrifying pause before Dean answered, where Castiel thought that all was lost.

‘Cas wouldn’t. He’s not like the other angels, Charlie. He’s not going to dick me over for his own goals. Believe whatever you wanna believe, but me and Cas, it’s … it’s a good thing.’



The conversation ended there, though Castiel was still listening for all he was worth, and he almost didn’t notice Dean coming back into the room.

‘Did you hear all that?’ he asked. Castiel managed to nod, and he winced. ‘Yeah, well, it’s …’

‘It’s okay, Dean.’ Castiel shrugged. ‘I know it must baffle other people that you’re with another man.’

Dean crossed the room and knelt down in front of the angel, looking up at him with serious eyes, his brow wrinkled and an air of urgency around him that Castiel couldn’t understand the source of.

‘Cas, I’m working around your vessel, okay? I know the difference between you and it.’ He looked over his shoulder at the doorway, which remained empty, and then turned back with a wicked gleam in his eye. ‘Hey, I promised you some private time. Want it now? We can go upstairs and leave Charlie to deal for a few hours on her own.’

‘We’d still have to be quiet.’ Castiel pointed out.

‘So zap us somewhere.’ Dean grinned, and Castiel smiled back. There was something exciting about the idea of having sex with Dean without the worry of Sam overhearing or interrupting. ‘Maybe the same place you zapped the toys earlier?’

Castiel nodded, and held Dean’s shoulder gently, before transporting them back to Dean’s room in the bunker. The hunter looked around and laughed, before scooping up the pink fluffy handcuffs.

‘Where should I cuff you?’

Castiel sucked in a deep breath before forcing himself to answer, to flirt back.

‘Nowhere. I’m cuffing you.’

‘Yeah, good luck with that.’ Dean grinned. Castiel saw the opportunity to play around the way Dean had been playing with Charlie, but at the same time, he was dominated by the idea of touching the hunter’s skin, seeing him naked again, revelling in the time they had to be together. Besides, Dean wasn’t going to be able to compete with his angelic powers. In the next moment, Castiel had him cuffed to the bed, and was crouching over him, looking down at his glorious face.

‘You were saying, Dean?’

‘Okay, new rule. No angel powers in the bedroom.’

‘What if we sleep together anywhere else?’

‘No angel powers when we’re having sex.’

Castiel smirked, bending down to press his lips against Dean’s, his smile growing when he felt the hunter’s sigh breathing against his tongue.

‘I could use my powers so we could keep going,’ he said into Dean’s mouth, not wanting to break their kiss.

‘Like angel tantra?’ Dean moaned softly. Castiel felt it ricochet along his vessel and into his penis, which stiffened quickly.

‘I think I’m going to need it.’

Dean laughed into his mouth, gyrating his hips against Castiel’s, his jeans rubbing heat into the angel’s slacks. They definitely needed help to restrain themselves somehow, because Castiel already felt ready to burst. He lowered himself onto the hunter’s writhing body, moving with him so that they were simulating sex through their clothes. He could already feel himself losing his mind to Dean’s touch, but it wasn’t enough. He wanted Dean’s hands on him, strong and firm, teasing yet tender. He released the hunter, who immediately wrapped his arms around the angel, rolling him over and thrusting into him. Castiel found him moaning his lover’s name over and over, the word beginning to make no sense.

‘I know baby, I know.’ Dean purred as he pulled his arms away to slide his hands underneath Castiel’s shirt, and Castiel sucked in a breath as the hunter’s roughened fingers caressed over his soft stomach.

‘I love you, Dean.’

‘Mmmm, I know.’

Castiel couldn’t pretend he wasn’t disappointed that Dean still hadn’t said those words back, but at least he was still there, pressing his body firmly into the angel’s, kissing him like his grace was a life force the hunter needed to continue to exist. He reminded himself once again that Dean found words difficult, and he spoke with his body. Castiel just had to listen.

He lost track of time, kissing Dean, feeling their bodies pressed tightly together. He knew they were peeling off layers of clothes, their hands caressing and rubbing and stroking every inch of each other’s bodies. He could feel Dean shifting position, rolling him over, until somehow they were off the bed and on the floor, neither of them caring much that the floor was hard, and the fall was sure to leave bruises.

‘I don’t think I can wait to fuck you,’ Dean breathed.

‘I thought we were going to try and last out? Or use some of the things from Amsterdam?’ Castiel gasped back, his eyes rolling as Dean dragged his blunt nails down his torso.

‘I don’t think you can last that long either.’ Dean chuckled, and started working down Castiel’s neck, sucking hard, nibbling along the skin, the angel’s stubble scratching at his lips.

‘Please just try.’

‘Mmmm, would you suck my dick?’

Castiel closed his eyes for a moment. He couldn’t decide it Dean’s request was phrased in a way that turned him on or made him feel cheap.

‘You’re going to suck mine.’ He decided. Dean laughed again.

‘Make me.’

Castiel opened his eyes again, and made himself move, trying to overpower Dean.

‘No angel powers,’ Dean breathed, and they paused with their wrestling.

‘You’re inconsistent with your rules about whether I can use my powers or not.’

‘When it benefits me, you can,’ Dean grinned. Castiel smiled back, and suddenly Dean was naked except for the leather-string outfit, and the cock ring.

‘Does this benefit you?’ Castiel asked innocently. Dean looked down at himself, and then back up to his lover, before resuming their tryst, the angel grabbing hold of the leather thongs around Dean’s hips and using that as leverage. Somehow, they ended up turning around, and Castiel found his head in the hunter’s crotch as he wrapped his legs around Dean’s head.

‘There’s no winners here, are there?’ Dean’s voice was muffled, but there was a playful tone to it as well.

‘I think we’re both going to win,’ Castiel said happily, turning on the cock ring and embracing the renewed sound of Dean moaning.

‘You play dirty.’

‘You love dirty.’

Castiel felt Dean’s tongue run along his phallus, and knew that was Dean’s response. He went further, and reached over to lick along the hunter’s testicles, and up towards his anus.

‘Shit, Cas!’ Dean squirmed away. ‘Don’t make me blow before I’m even in your mouth.’

‘Did you like it?’ Castiel asked. He wasn’t sure about the taste of Dean’s body at the point he’d licked, but he’d enjoyed the way it made Dean twitch.

‘Way too much.’ Dean groaned. ‘Dude, we should get the lube. I bet you’ll taste like pie with that on your junk.’

He used his angelic power to make the lube appear in Dean’s hand, listening as the hunter squeezed the tube, and then feeling the wet sticky sensation of the lube on his penis, before Dean began licking and sucking and groaning again. He could have sworn he heard his lover breathe the word pie before he began returning Dean’s attentions, working his own way along Dean’s shaft, bracing himself against the cold floor as he did so.

It was difficult to focus. Almost all of his attention was on what was happening to his vessel, but he knew he had to make himself perform just as well. He wondered if it was just as difficult for Dean to maintain his rhythm, but he didn’t want to ask, and potentially ruin the moment. And despite the extra exertion it required, Castiel was enjoying himself. It felt good, he knew it felt good to Dean, and they were doing what they wanted with reckless abandon. He needed to zap Dean away from everyone else for their lovemaking more often. Or just away from everyone else generally.

Dean spurted down Castiel’s throat, groaning loudly as he did so, and the angel swallowed hard, feeling his own body emptying into Dean. And then they were both laying on the floor, breathing heavily, their sides pressed against each other, revelling in the aftermath of what they’d done together.

‘You’re real good at that,’ Dean eventually said, and crawled across the floor so that he was laying on Castiel instead. The angel looked up into Dean’s face, smiling dreamily, and noticed how dark Dean’s eyes looked. He could barely see the green irises around the enlarged pupils. He found himself tracing a finger around the hunter’s eye sockets. ‘You okay Cas?’

‘Of course, I’m with you.’

Dean chuckled quietly, before leaning closer and pressing his lips gently against Castiel’s forehead.

‘Hey Cas?’ he whispered, and continued speaking as though he’d been acknowledged. ‘I’m real happy right now.’

‘Me too.’ Castiel whispered back. ‘I don’t want to go back to Becky’s house yet.’

‘We don’t have to. We’ll stay here for a while longer. I still want to be in you.’

Dean started to stroke along the angel’s torso, and Castiel tangled his fingers into the hunter’s short, spiky hair.

‘Dean?’ Castiel broke the silence that they were beginning to sink into. Dean kissed his lower lip as a response. ‘I’m confused about something.’

‘What, why I’m still wearing this stupid leather thing? It’s sticking in places I didn’t think I had.’

Castiel removed the leather outfit, but didn’t let Dean distract him from ploughing on. He knew that the hunter would probably get upset when he brought it up, but he didn’t want yet another issue hanging over them.

‘No, when you were talking to Charlie, you said she was like a sister.’

‘Yeah.’ Dean nodded, as though it wasn’t a big deal, though Castiel knew it was important.

‘But you’ve said we’re like family before-‘

Dean burst out laughing, and Castiel was momentarily distracted by the slap of their stomachs against each other.

‘Babe, it’s not the same thing. Promise. Is that why she thinks you hate her?’

‘I don’t hate her.’

‘I know.’ Dean’s hands settled on his stomach. ‘Trust me, there’s no chance of anything between Charlie and me.’

Castiel didn’t respond, and Dean pressed more kisses along his face.

‘Babe, I want you, you know that. And I’m not Charlie’s type.’

‘Perfect isn’t Charlie’s type?’ Castiel wondered aloud. Dean’s smirk faded.

‘I’m not perfect Cas, you know that. And Charlie’s into girls.’

‘So were you,’ Castiel reminded him. Dean groaned, and straddled Castiel, letting his weight sink onto every inch of the angel’s body.

‘It’s different. Stop being so insecure, okay?’


‘Don’t be sorry, just,’ Dean kissed him again, making the collision of their lips and their tongues be the end of his sentence. Castiel could feel his body responding to the hunter’s touch, kissing him back with enthusiasm, and suddenly things were picking up again, Dean’s hands grazing down his body until they hooked under his knees. Then he pulled Castiel’s legs up and apart, settling in between them, their groins pressed together, still sticky from the earlier tryst.

Dean had taken charge again, as he resumed kissing, licking and biting the angel’s neck, timing it with the way he rocked his hips so they rubbed against each other.

‘Sex with you is my type,’ Dean whispered as he nibbled Castiel’s clavicle.

‘You’re my type.’ Castiel promised back, and then let out a loud groan as Dean began trailing his fingers along the angel’s inner thighs. He reached around wildly, and found the tube of lube, now squished badly and nearly empty, already, though there was enough for them to use at that moment. Castiel squirted some onto his hands, and then massaged the cool gel onto his own phallus, his eyes rolling back as he did so. Dean noticed what he was doing.


‘I know what you said, Dean, but please, can we swap it around?’

Dean pulled himself back up Castiel’s torso, looking at the angel with to-dark eyes.

‘Do you mean you wanna claim my ass?’

Castiel felt his cheeks flame with heat, and there was a tense pause as Dean processed the request.

‘I don’t know, Cas.’

‘Let me try.’

Dean sighed, but didn’t resist as Castiel’s hands slid slowly down his muscular body, and onto his firm rear. He tried to remember everything that the hunter had done to him only that morning, as he felt his way down the cleft of his buttocks. It was a different experience, trying to pleasure Dean, especially as they were staring into each other’s eyes as his hands continued to make progress.

He finally found his target, and began trying to wiggle a finger inside, pausing as Dean winced.

‘Did I hurt you?’ Castiel asked in a low voice. Dean shook his head, eyes closed. ‘Should I carry on?’

There was an awkward paused, before Dean nodded hastily, eyes still pressed together. He managed to slip a finger inside, noticing how hot and tight then hunter’s body was around him.

‘Guinea pig,’ Dean moaned quietly, and Castiel froze.


‘I can’t do it, Cas.’

Castiel removed himself from Dean completely, and lay still underneath him. That’s what he was meant to do if Dean said that phrase, wasn’t it?

‘Cas? I still want to … I just can’t … sorry.’

‘It’s okay Dean.’

They lay together quietly for a long while, before Dean began stroking along Castiel’s thighs again.

‘Can we just do it how we did last time? Is that okay?’

Castiel nodded, and let Dean ease the lube out of his hands, forcing what was left out. He curled his legs around Dean’s as the hunter’s fingers began probing him, and he made sure to look into Dean’s eyes again. He could feel himself falling apart under Dean’s touch, even as he pushed both of their legs further apart, giving his lover more leverage to delve inside him. The air seemed to crackle with electricity as they moved together, slotting together in a way that just seemed to make sense. He got lost in the hunter’s eyes, in the rhythm of their bodies rocking together, and the slap of skin on skin as he moaned loudly, feeling full of Dean.

It seemed to last forever, looking into Dean’s eyes and being fucked senseless by him, but Castiel was okay with that. He didn’t ever want it to stop, because this more than anything else felt like Dean was saying it back, was feeling the same way. But eventually Dean stopped, flopping down heavily onto him, and they lay silently together, panting. Time seemed to pause as they lay still, pressed against each other, Dean still inside him, their bodies slick with sweat and semen, and Castiel had no desire to be anywhere else. It seemed wrong to speak, to break the unspoken silence between them, as though it would undo some spell they’d fallen under.

After a few minutes - or hours, or days, Castiel was losing track - there was an odd vibrating sound near the bed.

‘Is that the cock ring?’ Dean asked lazily.

‘No, you’re still wearing that.’ Castiel thought his voice sounded loud in the stillness of the bunker. Dean’s hand slid down, and he laughed softly after a moment.

‘Oh yeah. Must be my cell.’

He pulled out of Castiel slowly, and the angel wanted to beg him to stay. He bestowed a quick kiss on his lover, before shuffling back over to the bed, and grabbing the phone.

‘Sam’s back from his date, wants to know where we are. Guess the party’s over.’

He flipped the phone back onto the bed, and looked back at his naked lover as Castiel watched his every moment.

‘Come on, we’ll clean up quickly, then go see what he wants.’

Castiel sighed, but nodded, straightening the bunker, removing all the things they’d used from sight, and zapping their clothes back on. Dean pulled him close for another kiss before allowing Castiel to return them to Becky’s house. They arrived back in the spare room, and Dean led the way down the stairs and into the main room, where Becky, Sam and Charlie all stood with two other females. Castiel felt his heart sink as he looked over Dean’s shoulder and recognised them both.

‘Meg?’ Dean spluttered out, as the other woman stared hard at Castiel. He swallowed around a now dry throat.

‘Hello Vibeke.’

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