Fifty First Dates

Chapter 19

Castiel woke up slowly, blinking his eyes and trying to remember the dream he’d been having. It was closer to a nightmare, he knew that much. He gazed around at the stark white room, and it took him longer than it should have to remember where he was. In his house, the one he shared with Dean. In their bed, the gargantuan king sized bed that yielded easily to the force of their love-making. Completely naked underneath the covers, except for the cool of the ring he wore on the third finger of his left hand. He looked at his hand, and the ring caught the light of the sun streaming in through their bedroom window, highlighting the inscription in the ring. He spun the ring slowly, reading the words Dean had chosen for him for his wedding band.

Vanilla latte.

Castiel felt confused. Shouldn’t Dean have put some inscription that showed his love? And where was Dean? It had been disconcerting to wake up without Dean wrapped around him, still snuffling gently in his sleep.

And then the door was creeping open, and there was Dean, wearing only a pair of blue plaid pyjama pants and holding a tray loaded with plates and mugs. He hurried over to the bed and set the tray down, the “feet” of the tray on either side of Castiel’s torso.

‘How long’ve you been awake, baby?’ Dean bent down and kissed Castiel hello, his mouth as fresh as minty air. Castiel sighed. He loved the taste of Dean after he’d brushed his teeth.

‘Just woke up.’

‘Good. I wanted to wake up up with the food, but I guess you could smell it coming, huh?’

Dean laughed, and Castiel took a huge, appreciative sniff. There was the salty tang of bacon, and the unmistakeable smell of eggs, and something sweet. He removed the plate covers, and unveiled a plate of bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast and eggs, and another with blueberry pancakes and yet more bacon. There was also a black coffee, something white and frothy with brown dust on top, and a couple of glasses of orange juice. It all looked so delicious.


‘We’ll be careful, we won’t spill any on the bed. I just wanted to look after my man,’ Dean blinked, his huge eyelashes fluttering, and Castiel couldn’t argue with him, or criticise him at all. Not that he even wanted to.

‘I wasn’t going to say that. I was going to say, it looks delicious. You’re eating too, right?’

Dean smiled, and reached for another kiss, before picking up a strip of bacon and crunching down on it, biting back a groan.

‘Are you trying to give me a bacon fetish?’ Castiel teased, and picked up one of the forks to pass to Dean, grabbing his own one too. He cut into the pancake with the side of his fork, and lifted it slowly to his mouth, suppressing a groan of his own.

‘Every time I make you blueberry pancakes,’ Dean shook his head. ‘I could swear you love them more than me.’

‘It’s a close call,’ Castiel said happily around his mouthful. ‘Dean, what did I put on your wedding ring again?’

Dean paused in the middle of grabbing a slice of toast.

‘You’re kidding, right? You forgot?’

‘No. Of course not,’ Castiel lied quickly. ‘I just love hearing you talk about it.’

‘Americano.’ Dean shrugged, and picked up the black coffee, taking a large gulp of the liquid. Castiel felt none the wiser, but played along.

‘And you totally are.’

Dean laughed into his mug, and lowered it slightly, nudging the frothy drink along the tray slightly.

‘So does that make you a latte?’

They put their coffee orders on their wedding rings? Now Castiel got it. He picked up the cup, not sure what to expect. But the liquid was delicious, and filled his body with a pleasant kind of warmth, and he soon found the cup was empty. Dean was chuckling quietly to himself, and reached over to wipe away the foam moustache that had appeared as Castiel drank.

‘I swear, if you could live on that stuff, he shook his head, and reached over to swipe another piece of bacon. As he did so, Castiel caught sight of the time on his watch, and grabbed his wrist quickly. ‘Hey, Cas-‘

‘I’m late for work. I’m so late for work. I’ll get fired, Dean!’

‘Would you relax? I called in sick for both of us.’

‘You called for me?’ Castiel double-checked.

‘Called as you. Your work are still so off about us. Do they still think we’re roommates? Anyway, I told them we were celebrating your deal with some sushi and you - sorry, I - must have eaten a bad spicy tuna roll. They’re not happy, but hey, you can’t help it if you’re puking everywhere, right?’

Castiel sighed. It was so Dean.

‘And the garage?’

‘They were fine with it. Said they owed me some days. They wished you a quick recovery too.’

‘Dean,’ Castiel sighed again. Dean nuzzled against his shoulder playfully.

‘Baby, we now have the entire day to ourselves. Sam and Becky will be over with the twins later, and before then we can just indulge in each other. It’s been how long?’

‘It hasn’t been that long Dean.’

‘We don’t always get the same days off, mr workaholic.’

‘Dean, my whole world is about you.’

‘Keep talking like that, and we’re going to have to leave the food.’

Castiel smirked.

‘Well, don’t get rid of the syrup.’

Dean looked at him with apprehension.

‘You’d do food play?’

‘What’s wrong with that?’

‘Sticky sheets.’

‘You made them plenty sticky last night, and I didn’t complain. I like the idea of licking it off your body.’

‘Hmmmm,’ Dean chewed on his slice of toast.


‘I don’t know. I just don’t see it.’

‘Why does it always end up being dirty talk with you?’

‘You love the dirty talk.’ Dean grinned boyishly around his toast. Castiel shook his head, and carried on eating the blueberry pancakes, as Dean munched his way through the other plate of food. As soon as the last bite was in Castiel’s mouth, Dean whisked the tray away, and bounced back on the bed, holding in the syrup, and one of the surplus condoms from the previous night. He lay flat out against the covers beside Castiel, and held out the syrup bottle.

‘Put your money where your mouth is.’

‘My mouth is going to be on you, so if you want to feel cheap …’

‘You wish you could afford my prices. Luckily for you, you get lovers discount.’

‘That better be free,’ Castiel growled. Dean laughed again.

‘We’ll see.’

Castiel took the syrup bottle and squirted a small amount onto Dean’s chest before bending down and licking slowly, his tongue tracing the contours of Dean’s body. And then he began to suck slowly, wrapped up in Dean’s body, not paying attention when Dean gently removed the syrup bottle from his hands and pushed it out of reach. Dean began to move underneath him, that rolling motion with his body that Castiel got a thrill out of. And then he realised what was happening, and sat up, wiping the syrup residue from the edge of his mouth.

‘Dean, stop rushing it. Enjoy it.’

‘I’m not rushing anything,’ Dean leered. Castiel sat up more fully, and slid a leg over Dean, pulling himself up so that he was straddling his husband around the waist.

‘Can I not just give you unparalleled attention?’

‘You always do,’ Dean smirked.

‘I mean it Dean, I want to do something for you.’

‘Baby, you gave me head last night, and then gave me mind-blowing sex. You’re a real giver.’

Castiel kneaded the heels of his hands up Dean’s body, watching his face as it contorted with a pain that was just the right side of pleasurable. He could feel Dean standing to attention underneath him, his penis pressed against the cleft in Castiel’s backside.

‘You’re always so eager,’ Castiel mused. Dean groaned.

‘So’re you.’

Castiel trailed his fingers back along Dean’s torso, digging his fingernails in slightly, scratching along the firm muscles, watching as the skin turned white from the pressure, then red as his fingers moved on. Dean moaned, thrusting up underneath him.

‘Dean,’ Castiel warned, adding more pressure. ‘What did I say about rushing?’

‘You turn me on so much, baby.’ Dean closed his eyes, sliding his hands onto Castiel’s legs, and tracing them up until he was holding onto Castiel’s hips. Castiel watched his face closely, trying to anticipate what Dean was up to, scratching along Dean’s chest and stomach all the while. As he made his way slowly down Dean’s sides, Dean gave his loudest groan yet, and squeezed Castiel’s hips hard. And then Castiel found himself being lifted up, Dean wriggling slightly underneath him, and he knew what was coming.

‘Who said we’re switching?’ He whispered. Dean didn’t even crack an eye open.

‘Baby, I need this right now. Please? You have no idea what you’re doing to me.’

‘I know what I’m doing to you. It’s why I’m doing it.’ Castiel scratched lower than before, his hands almost touching his own body, and Dean moaned again.

‘Baby, baby, please? Take off my pants, please.’

There was something about Dean begging for him that got to Castiel. He reached back and tugged the pyjama pants away then sank onto Dean slowly, feeling fulfilled as Dean thrust up into him. They made love slowly, watching each other, each slap of skin as their bodies collided marked with a moan, a name, a grunt. And then, after what felt like hours of slow love-making, of savouring the feel of their bodies working together, Dean began to speed up. Castiel quickly matched him, practically bouncing on his lap, knowing that Dean was close to the edge, feeling that he couldn’t hold back much longer himself.

They came together, yelling in unison, and Castiel fell forward, bracing himself against the bed with his hands as he covered Dean’s body, aware that he was spurting over the pristine sheets as well. Dean continued to hold him in place, riding out his orgasm inside his husband. His grip on Castiel faltered, and Castiel pulled himself off Dean’s penis finally, sinking further down into his husband, who instantly wrapped his arms around him.

‘That was amazing,’ Castiel’s voice was barely audible. He was nuzzling into Dean’s chest again.

‘Always is,’ Dean’s voice was equally soft. ‘I thought marriage was meant to kill your sex life?’

Castiel smirked.

‘I guess it’s because I got lucky and married you.’

‘I’m the lucky one.’

Castiel ran his fingers along Dean’s smooth skin again, tracing over one pectoral, along his firm, bulging bicep, and down his forearm until he was tracing Dean’s palm, and sliding their fingers together. They both watched his progress, and Dean flexed his fingers as they wove around each other, before he began to caress Castiel’s hand too. They laid together, watching as they stroked each other’s palms and wrists and fingers and knuckles, while Dean still held Castiel close.

‘You know what, Dean? This is pretty close to perfect,’ Castiel sighed.

‘Only close to? What do I have to do to make it perfect?’

Castiel smiled to himself, snuggling closer to the man he loved.

‘Make it last.’

Dean laughed to himself, his entire body vibrating as he did, lifting Castiel with the motion.

‘Baby, I would, but Sam and Becky are over later, remember? Seeing the twins, hearing about their day in pre-school, trying to convince Sam to cut his hair.’

Castiel laughed this time. It was strange that Dean was constantly berating Sam for the length of his hair, but he would plead with Castiel to grow his out, just a little.

They sank back into a quiet peacefulness again, still stroking each other’s hands, lacing their fingers together, with Dean occasionally reaching across to kiss Castiel softly on the forehead. They needed more “sick days” like this, where they could lay together and relish what they had. Eventually Dean sighed.

‘Baby, it’s getting late. As much as I want to do this all day, I really don’t want Sam and Becky to walk in on us. We should get ready. Make sure the girls won’t trash the house.’

Castiel closed his eyes dramatically, Dean’s words bringing to mind the moment at the last visit where Jessie, who had been running tirelessly through the house, managed to knock over a vase. A priceless Ming, tiny but rare, and Castiel had been so excited to find it in a garage sale. The owner didn’t know what they had. Sam had apologised over and over, but Mary had defended her sister by pronouncing the vase as ‘ugly, anyway.’ Castiel loved his nieces as much as Dean did, but that was hard to bear.

‘Baby, we’ll hide it all. And if not, we’ll let them at your Disney collection.’

Castiel opened his eyes and grimaced. There was nothing worse than Mary and Jessie caterwauling to the Frozen soundtrack. They were fast killing his love of all things Disney.

‘You’re really not reassuring me.’ Castiel informed his husband. Dean chuckled.

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then they’ll call you UncaCas and hug the life out of you and it’ll all be fine.’

Castiel had to grudgingly admit, it was a saving grace that their nieces were so good at hugs.

‘Fine, we’ll get out of bed.’ He sighed loudly, and Dean chuckled.

‘See? You’re a sucker for those girls too. I’m going to hit the shower first, okay?’

Castiel snuggled closer into Dean’s chest.

‘Or …’ he said as suggestively as he could.

‘Or?’ Dean flirted back.

‘Or we could have a bath together. With bubbles and candles and music in the background.’

‘Baby,’ Dean moaned. ‘What are you trying to do to me?’

‘That’s a yes?’

Dean let go of Castiel’s hands to rub his face.

‘Can we do that when they’ve gone? When we don’t have to rush it, when we’re exhausted from chasing Jessie everywhere and just want to chill out? And then we can take some wine in there, and totally indulge.’

Castiel groaned, but slipped off of Dean.

‘Fine. I’m going to change the sheets and do the laundry while you’re in there. Then it’s my turn.’

‘Thanks, Cas,’ Dean gave him one final kiss to the temple, before sliding his pyjama pants back up, and heading for their bathroom. Castiel rolled over to watch Dean go, appreciating the breadth of his shoulders, the way even his back seemed to be made of muscle. And when his husband was finally out of sight, and he could hear the shower running, he climbed out of bed and began to strip the sheets, which were sticky from their love making that morning, and the night before. It was the one rare time when mess didn’t bother Castiel, because it was some kind of a sign of how much they cared for one another, but he did have his limits, and wouldn’t be able to sleep on those sheets again until they’d been cleaned.

He slipped on a pair of Dean’s underpants from the floor, knowing they had probably been recently used, but trying not to care, and hauled the sheets along to the laundry room.


‘UncaCas, lookit!’ Mary was clasping her pudgy hands together, proffering them for Castiel, who was already wincing. He could see some kind of mush leaking out from between her fingers, and couldn’t even being to imagine what was inside her grasp. But Becky was nodding encouragingly at him, and Castiel knew he had to at least pretend, for his niece.

‘What is it?’ Castiel asked, squatting down to her level, as Jessie came in the room, dragging Dean behind her. The house fell apart when Jessie and Mary were visiting, but normally Castiel didn’t mind. Much. Mary opened her hands, and Castiel tried to work out what she was showing him. It was pink and yellow, and blobby, and just looked like mulch. He forced a smile for Mary.

‘That’s … that’s nice, sweetie.’

‘Gottit fwom John. John was nomming.’

Castiel’s smile froze, and he looked over at the little puppy that Sam and Becky had recently adopted. It sneezed, and scratched its ear, then followed Jessie as she went skipping past. And then Castiel looked to Sam, who smiled weakly back at him.

‘I have no idea what he’s chewed up either. Sorry, Cas.’ Sam knelt down in front of Mary as well. ‘Okay, sweetheart, lets go throw that in the trash.’

‘Nonono. Not twash. Barbie.’

Sam groaned.

‘Great, Jessie’s going to flip. She only just got that Barbie. Mary, come on, put it in the trash.’

‘No. No, it’s Jessie’s. Give it to Jessie. JESSIE!’

Sam and Castiel watched on in horror as Jessie returned to the room, this time riding Dean like a horse.


‘Jessie, it’s Barbie. John gave her kisses.’

Mary held out the chewed up head, and Jessie wrinkled her nose.

‘Not Barbie. Is yuck. UncaDee horsey. You get horsey, Mary!’

Sam scooped Mary up, and took her into the kitchen, where Becky had been hiding out, trying to get five minutes peace. As he went, Castiel could hear him telling Mary that she had to get rid of the Barbie head, but don’t worry, they’d get a new one for Jessie. As the door closed, Dean flopped onto the floor, and Castiel leaned back on the sofa, watching as Jessie bounced on his back, digging her tiny heels into his side.

‘UncaDee! UncaDee! Be horsey!’

‘Yup,’ Dean muttered, and Castiel couldn’t watch him be tormented by their niece any more. He picked her off his husband, and threw her in the air a few times, loving the way she gave a deep belly laugh as she flew through the air.

‘More, UncaCas! More!’

‘Thanks, baby,’ Dean groaned from the floor.

‘There’s always plan D.’ Castiel reminded him, as Jessie curled up close against him, finally bored of being thrown in the air.

‘Jessie?’ Becky stuck her head around the door. ‘Sweetie, come here and get your coat, we’re going now. You can walk John all by yourself if you get it on.’

Jessie perked up in Castiel’s arms, wriggling to indicate that she wanted to get down. Castiel set her down gently, and she ran over to the kitchen to get ready. Dean made himself stand up, and wound his arms around Castiel’s waist, leaning his head on Castiel’s shoulder.

‘If I ever tell you we should have kids, please just push me towards babysitting them for a few hours. I don’t know how Sam and Becky do it.’

‘You’re great with kids, Dean.’

‘So are you,’ Dean nuzzled his head into Castiel’s shoulder. ‘We should go say goodbye, then maybe have that bath? I definitely need it now. I think Jessie’s left bruises.’

Castiel nodded, and walked with Dean into the kitchen, where both girls were in their matching red coats, their wispy brown hair spilling down the back, and John was on his leash, barking excitedly, jumping up at all of them, eager for the walk. Sam had successfully gotten rid of the Barbie head without a meltdown from either girl while Becky checked they had everything they needed. And then everyone was kissing each other goodbye, and Dean and Castiel were promising their nieces that they would see them soon. Dean went to the front door to say a final goodbye to Sam, and Castiel grabbed a bottle of wine from the refrigerator, and two glasses, before running up the stairs and preparing for the most romantic bath of Dean’s life.

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