Lois and Clark: the journey

By KAS1260

Romance / Action

I Love You, You Know

The sun wakes me as it reaches my eyes and I turn to find the body that should be next to me. I reach over and find no one. "Clark?" I ask into the empty room. I feel a gust of wind and turn back to the door. "Clark!" I say as I get up.

"Hey, I was making breakfast. Are you hungry?" he asks smiling.

"Starving." I smile back.

"Good come on." He says practically dragging me down the stairs.

"Wow." Is all I can get out as I look at all the food. There are pancakes, cinnamon rolls, toast, bacon, fruit, French toast, cereal, and waffles. "What time did you get up?" I asked still shocked to see all the food.

"umm 5, but I did chores too." He said blushing a bit.

I smile. He's still my sweet shy farm boy. I kiss him. "Not that I don't like all of this, but why do it.

He blushes again and I couldn't help but run my hand over the red that's covering his cheeks. "Well you agreed to marry me and you are carrying our baby and I just wanted you to know how much I love you."

I can feel tears pool into my eyes and I curse the hormones. "You don't have to do anything for me to know you love me. I feel it in every kiss and every touch, but thank you this is great. I hope you know that I love you." I ask nervous. Does he know I love him do I show him that I love him enough.

"Of course I know you love me." He says in a matter of fact way. "It's all in your eyes." He whispers in my ear and I lose myself in his voice rough as he trails a hand over my stomach to my lower back and pulls me to his boy. I hear myself hum as he kisses me again. "You are so beautiful." his voice almost breathless. At least he still has a breath. Lois, pull yourself together. He brushes hair from my face and I lean in to kiss him this time.

"You know you two are sickly cute." I hear and I jump away from Clark. "Good morning." Mrs. K says.

"Good morning." I say back and I can feel the blush already creeping up on me.

"No need to be embarrassed Lois. You two can make out and tease each other all you want around me I personally think it's fun to watch you two together.

"Mom!" Clark says.

"What it's true besides I'm not stupid I know were babies come from." She smiles.

I laugh and I hear Clark laugh as well. "Mrs. K."

"Don't even think about apologizing sweaty." She hugs me and I hug her back. "I'm so happy, you two are the best thing that has ever happened to me, so let's eat and I'll leave you two alone for a day to yourselves. The house is yours after breakfast until 10 tonight, so what do we have for breakfast?" She asks moving to the kitchen.

"Everything except eggs, I make some for Lois yesterday and she about threw-up from the smell." Clark told her as he walked into the kitchen again. I fallowed.

"That's fine we can live without eggs for awhile." She smiles at me and I smile back.


As soon as I closed the door behind my mom Lois had me against the door and her lips on mine. "Lois?" I questioned as I pushed her away a bit.

She frowned and dropped her arms from around my neck. "Do you not want me anymore?" she asks shyly. Since when does my Lois question herself?

"What no. Lois…" I take her head in my hands to make sure she's looking at me. "I love I have always and will always want you. I do want you; I just was surprised that you practically jumped me." I smile at her.

She giggles and she kisses me. This kiss is less passionate, but holds so much love. "I love you Smallville, please make love to me." She asks looking me straight in the eyes with such desire and love that I could never deny her.

I kiss her with more passion. She sighs and I invade her mouth with my tongue I feel her legs give out on her and I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me. "God Lois."

"Clark." She says breathless and I swear it is the best sound I have ever heard. "Please."

That was all I could take I turned from the door and pushed her against it instead. She gasps as I push her further into the door. "You're so beautiful." I kiss her neck and lift my shirt off of her.

"Clark." She says quietly as she brushes hair from my face. "I love you so much. I never thought I'd find someone who would put up with me let alone keep up with me, but you my perfect other half."

"and you are mine, Lois." I kiss her, but she pulls away slowly.

"And if you tell anyone what I just said your Elmer Fudd nightlight will make a very public appearance." She threatens.

"How many times are you going to threaten me with that?" I ask kissing her neck yet again.

"Until I can't anymore." She smiles. "Now please stop talking and finish what I started." She tightens her hold around my neck and hips.

I lean in to her but pass her lips and let them brush her ear as I whisper. "Don't I always." Before, I carry her to our room.

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