Lois and Clark: the journey

By KAS1260

Romance / Action

Moms Approval

I opened the front door quietly not sure what I was going to come home to. I heard Clark laughing. "Lois what are you doing that's not how you do it." He says laughing again.

"Well then you do it." Lois tells him.

"Fine; see it's not that hard."

"Whatever. Smallville."

I walk farther into the house and peek around the corner and I smile as I see Clark trying to show Lois how to cook something. "Lois, that's too much cheese."

"No it's not." Lois put her hands on her hips and turned around. Her eyes find mine and she abruptly asks, "Mom, what do you think. Is it too much cheese?"

I smile and walk over to them. The pile of cheese she had on her pizza was ridiculous, but it could just be her cravings. "I think if you're craving it then you can have as much cheese as you want." I smile at her and she smiles at me and turns back to Clark.

"See told you it wasn't too much." She said knowingly.
"Fine." Clark says waving his hand for her to continue. He smiles at me and shakes his head. "What would you like on your pizza?" he asks me.

"Oh I'll have cheese and sausage." I smile at him. He smiles and prepares the pizza and then puts them in the oven.

"Mrs. K, Mom, how was your day?" Lois asks smiling. Pregnant really did look good on her. Her smile was brighter and she just looked happy.

"My day was good; I went and saw Oliver and Chloe and had lunch with them." I smile back at her.

"Oh that's nice." She looks at Clark as he moves to sit down next to her.

"Yeah, did you two leave at all?" I ask not really sure if I wanted to know.

"Yeah, we went to the talon for lunch and we walked around the farm." Clark informed me.

"That sounds like you two had a lovely day." I smile at them as they turn to look at each other and smile before turning back to me and nodding.

"It was nice to have a whole day to ourselves and to just be able to relax. Work has been kind of stressful and as much as I never thought I would ever say this I really needed a break." Lois says with a small smile.

"Good, I hope you aren't going to be over working much now with the baby?" I ask her giving a stern look.

"No mom I promise I will take it easier, but I can't promise I can stay out of complete danger." She smiles almost teasingly.

"Well I sure hope not or else you wouldn't be Lois Lane now would you?" I smile at her and place my hand over hers.

"No I guess I wouldn't be." She laughs and so does Clark.


I watch as my mom and my soon-to-be-wife talk about the baby.

"Mrs. K I wanted to ask you something?" I hear Lois whisper as I got up to check on the pizzas.

"You ask me anything you want to, Lois." My mom whispers back.

"Do you think that I am right for Clark? Do you really think I'll be a good mom? I just… if my mom was here I'd ask her, but she isn't and you're the only thing I have close to a mom and I just…" I watch my mom put her hand over Lois's that is moving around the counter.

"Oh honey, I think you are exactly what Clark needs and I think you are exactly what he needs. As for being a mom; Lois, it'll be hard, very hard and at times you may wonder if you're doing everything wrong, but honey you and Clark or wonderful people and you'll be just fine. Come here Lois." She says as she stands. She pulls Lois into a hug and I see Lois return it tightly. "I love you as if you were my daughter and…" I hear my mom get choked up and a small sob come from Lois. "I'm just over the moon about all of this." She pulls away from Lois and touches her stomach. "You as a daughter, you and Clark getting married, the baby; Lois, this is more than any of us ever thought could happen, but it is and it's marvelous." She smiles at Lois who had the same smile on her face.

I couldn't help one to form on my face either. "I love you too mom." Lois says and hugs my mom yet again before pulling herself back together.

"The pizzas are done." I call and they walk over to me.

"I love you, Smallville." Lois says kissing me.

"I love you too, Lo." I say wrapping my arms around her and pulling her close and kissing her head. I pull back and point to the pizzas. "Eat up."

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