Lois and Clark: the journey

By KAS1260

Romance / Action

Happier Than Ever Before

The door opens and I pull away from Mrs. K and turn to see Chloe standing at the door looking a bit confused. "Hey, what's going on?"

"I have some news to share." I smile at her. I couldn't have been any happier than I am right now.

"I know, Clark and you are engaged." She says smiling walking over to me and hugging me.

"Yeah, but I have one more surprise to tell you about." I smiled again and she looks at me confused again.

"What is it?" she looks at me then Mrs. Kent and then Clark. She looks back to me.

"I'm pregnant." I tell her; it sounds funny and I haven't fully processed it yet, but it feels good to say it. I'm having Clark's baby; this is all my dreams coming true.

"What?" Chloe, about screams in my ear. She smiles and hugs me and then she walks over to Clark and hugs him. "I am so happy for you guys." Chloe lets out another small squeal. "I can't wait." Chloe moves to my side and goes to touch my stomach.

I back away from her. "What are you doing?" I asked her as I look at her like try it once and see what happens.

"Sorry, forgot I was dealing with you here, Lois." Chloe said rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, go ahead try it and see how it turns out for you." I tell her and the next thing I feel are Clark's hands on my stomach rubbing small, calming circles. I know what I just said, but he has such a calming effect on me that I can't help but to lean into his chest.

"Oh yeah, Lois, so scary." Chloe says sarcastically.

"Hey, he can, because it's his baby too." I told her as I placed my hands on Clark's.

"Yeah, yeah keep saying that. How far along did the doctor say you are?" Chloe asked.

"I didn't go to the doctors. Clark heard the heart beat." I tell her and I see Chloe's eyes widen a bit and she turns her attention to Clark.

"You heard the heart beat?" she asked quietly.

"Yeah." I feel his kiss against my head and I feel him smile.

"Wow, this will take some time to process." Chloe says looking between me and Clark.

"You can't say you didn't see this all coming?" Mrs. K asks Chloe.

"Oh, please everyone but these two saw it coming." Chloe smiles at us and then looks at her phone. "I'm sorry guys, I have to go. I'll see you at watchtower tomorrow Clark."

"Right, petrol at nine." He smiles at her and she smiles and hugs us again.

"I'm so happy for you guys. Love you, see you later."

"Bye Chloe." I say as she waves and shuts the door.


"Lois, you should call your dad and sister. They'll be happy for you." I tell her and look at Clark. He was smiling and holding Lois tightly to him. I can see Lois stiffen at my words.

"I can't, not now; no, I'll tell him later. I promise."

"Alright." I walk over to them. Lois's head was resting on Clark's chest. I reach towards her and brush hair from her forehead. "I didn't mean to make you worry."

Her eyes shift to mine. Her head stays on Clark's chest as she smiles. "I know you didn't, mom. I just I really don't want to tell him or Lucy. After last time, I want to enjoy it before he makes me feel badly about it."

"Lois, he's your dad he wouldn't…" I try to calm her.

"You don't know him. He'll just bring me down and I want to stay happy as long as I can. I am happy, I've never been close to being this happy and I just want to stay this happy." She turns her head into Clark's chest and I hear her sobs and see her body shake with tears.

"Sh. It's okay. Hey, I'm right here." Clark calms her down.

She calms down. "Sorry, I don't know why I did that." She wipes at her eyes.

I smile as she turns back to me and steps out of Clark's arms. He cheeks are tinted pink. "Don't be embarrassed, Lois. Your pregnant it comes along with it." I run my hand through her hair soothingly. She nods and sighs as Clark pulls her back into his arms. Her eyes close and she yawns. "So does exhaustion. Go take a nap; I'll get you when dinner is ready."

She looks at me and I see the Lois I have always known comeback to life in her. "Could Clark stay with me actually, I sleep better with him there?" She bluntly asks and I can see it in her eyes that she was going to do anything but sleep, but I couldn't stop them. They are adults, engaged, and having a baby if that's anything to say.

"I actually am meeting some people at the Talon. I'll be back in three hours to make dinner." I hug them both. "bye."


"She knows me to well." I say out loud.

I feel Clarks chest vibrate before I hear his laugh. "She does. Come one time for some sleep."
"You on the other hand…" I trail my hand from his jaw to where he unbuttoned his shirt. "I don't need sleep… I need you." I whisper in his ear and I hear his breath stop and then speed up.

He pulls back to look at me. "Lois, you're going to be the death of me." He says before kissing me and super speeding up the stairs and to his room. "I love you so much."

"I love you too. Clark." I sigh as his hand moves under my shirt and lays on my skin.


About two hours later I wake up and Lois is still asleep curled up next to me. I smile and carefully move her so I could get up. I kiss her head and softly close the door. I walk down the stairs I start a fire in the fireplace and head to the kitchen. Thinking about everything that has happened today I couldn't help but smile. Lois was right this is the happiest I have ever been too. I hear something and I turn to the entrance of the kitchen expecting Lois to be there, but who I find surprises me. "What are you doing inside of my house?"

"Lois is not what you want, not what you need."

"And how would you know that? You don't know me anymore. I've changed; I love Lois more than anything. She's everything to me, I'd die without her." I tell the intruder seriously.

"I am so much more." She says seductively.

"You will never be anything other than a nuisance in my life. I found someone who makes me feel… Human." I laugh. "I never thought I'd ever feel like that. She treats me like the farm boy I was when we met. She fights me and god I can never win. I can't keep my hands off of her; she's a drug that can get under my skin and make me want to kill myself, but can also get me so high; I never want to come down. She's my world and without her there is no me. So, sorry to disappoint you Lana, but I've chosen my destiny and I'm not going to let that go." I move towards her trying to intimidate her. "So, before I change my mind and hurt you again for coming within the one hundred yards you better leave and never come back."


"There is one thing I need to know." He nods his approval for me to continue. "I heard your mom, Chloe and Oliver talking and your mom and Chloe were talking about a baby. Is… is Lois pregnant?" I ask him hoping his answer was no.

He smiles and I know his answer won't please me. "Yeah, she is and we are so happy." I have never seen him so happy; never heard him so happy. I want him so bad, but I know he will never feel like this for me, he never has felt like this for me. But I still have a chance and I would let that go until he has proven that I am nothing but the nuisance he says I am.

"Well, I'll um be… leaving now." I say and rush out the door. The hope rises up again as I repeat my statement again. I still have a chance. I smile and drive off.

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