A Second Chance

Chapter 9

The Nazgul slowly approached Emma, who was now visibly shaking with fear. It stopped in front of her and hissed. This took Emma off guard and she did a double take, saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you, the big scary guy dressed in a big scary black robe, just emit, the sound of a cat?"

Ignoring her, the Nazgul addressed the orc leader who was behind her, in a low, hissing voice, "What isssss thisssss?"

"It is a she-elf who we found wandering in the forest, my lord," the orc leader said with a bow. Emma was starting to break out in a cold sweat.

"Why did you bring it here, inssssstead of killing it?" the Nazgul said, looking at Emma.

"My lord, we have been getting bored around here lately and I thought, since it's been a while since we heard some nice screams, that we could keep this one to play with," the orc leader said, grinning evilly at Emma.

She bit back the scream that had been building in her throat. I'm done for now… Nobody is going to rescue me and now I'm gonna die… Peachy… just peachy.

The Nazgul sighed and said, "Very well, as long as it will keep you rabble sssssatisssssfied." With that, it turned and walked/drifted away. Emma slowly turned around and saw that every single one of the orcs were staring at her, "Now, wait a minute, I'm sure we can all work out a logical solution…" she began, but slowly petered off when she saw the giant whip that the leader unhooked from his belt. All the orcs took a step forward and Emma took a step back, holding her hands out in a defensive position. Making a split second decision, Emma spun on her heel and ran as fast as she could.

Nazgul POV

Lurking in the shadows, the Nazgul observed the she-elf as she finally tripped and fell, the orcs swarmed around her. Her screams faded into the distance as they carried her to the lower levels of Dol Guldur.

"Where in Mordor did you get a she-elf?"

The Nazgul (whose name was actually Howard) twitched slightly. The Witch King had a rather nasty habit of randomly popping into the other Nazgul's heads and inquiring what on Middle-Earth they were doing.

Howard replied icily, "The orcs dragged her in from the forest."

"No matter. Begin gathering the forces, I believe that the elves are plotting something. I shall personally check your progress in a year." Howard felt the Witch-King (whose real name was Tim) leave his head (finally). He sighed, hating the fact that he was to be subjected to the presence of the Witch-King for any extended period of time. Of course, this was probably by order of the Dark Lord (not Voldemort, the other one) and he knew that there would be consequences if he crossed the fine line of complaining and constructive criticism, so he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Swiping his finger over the edge of the wall, he mentally tutted to himself. He really was getting out of practice. He wandered into the closet and took out a feather duster and began dusting.

Stupid Sauron just couldn't resist making him the resident housekeeper of Dol Guldur, could he?

Once again, we find ourselves back at Emma's POV (I was feeling generous)

3 hours later

Emma beat against the wall of her tiny cell and cried.

Everything hurt, not only from the running, but the orcs had dragged a knife blade down each of her arms and they were now hurting terribly. She could see now that there was no way out. At least there was not some kind of mental torture. For that she could be grateful.

"Do not think that so soon."

Emma looked around wildly and screamed, the voice of the Nazgul had been in her head. She mentally face-palmed herself. She should never have thought that.

"Please, please just leave me alone…" she sobbed.

"Oh, but why should I let my servants have all the fun? It gets quite boring here…Open your eyes."

Emma opened her eyes and gasped, she was in a beautiful field, full of flowers. She slowly turned around, wondering if she had dreamt about Dol Guldur. Suddenly she noticed smoke in the distance and saw a giant fire that spread as far as the eye could see, roaring towards her at an alarming rate. She stood frozen for a few moments, before turning and running. She felt a horrible heat on her back and glanced back, the fire was only a few feet away now.

She felt the ground leave her and looked forward again, screaming when she saw that she was falling down a black pit, falling… falling.

She sat up in her cell.

"That, was only the beginning," the voice of the Nazgul said.

She heard the orcs approaching her cell and realized that if she was dreaming, this wasn't a dream…

It was a nightmare.

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