A Second Chance

Chapter 13


Soft, squishy mattress. Soft, squishy pillow.



I was in a dungeon… in Dol Guldur… the did not have anything that was soft and squishy. It must be that stupid Nazgul.

Emma cracked an eye open and closed it again, before doing a double take. She opened both eyes and stared around her. Her last memories started to leak in. She started grinning and tried to sit up, but that only resulted in a gasp of pain. Well, at least she knew that she wasn't completely healed. But she definitely felt so much better. Except for the fact that she was starving.

"Erm, hello?" Emma called out. She winced as her stomach growled. If somebody didn't show soon, she was going to drag herself out of bed and to the kitchens regardless of the amount of pain it caused.

The door suddenly flew open and a frazzled looking Miri appeared.

"Emma! You're awake!" Miri exclaimed.

"Yeah… erm.. Food?" Emma said hopefully.

Miri slapped a hand to her forehead and said with exasperation, "Ugh! I cannot believe that I forgot that! You probably haven't eaten well at all, poor thing!" With that, she dashed out of the room.

"Somebody's mother hen button got stuck in extreme…" Emma muttered to herself as she sank back on the pillows. She couldn't keep the grin off her face, forgetting how good it was to be back in this forest.

She closed her eyes and leaned back with a sigh. I wonder where his royal Sassiness is… Her last memory struck her and her eyes flew open again and she felt copious amounts of blood rush to her cheeks.



His Royal.


Why did I do that? I don't even like the man… erm.. elf. I don't like his attitude, his clothes, his face (as handsome as it is), or his eyebrows (nice as they are). Ooooo, I'm never going to be able to look at him the same again. Wait, why not? It's not like I LIKE him. I mean I like him in my own way but not THAT way. Uuuugh. He's not going to let me forget this either…

"What's so embarrassing?"

Emma shrieked and dove under her sheets, one thought going through her head, He's here…

"Is there something wrong?" his voice said, much closer than before.

"Back off, oh royal pain in the- HEY!"

What happened to interrupt her, was the impertinent king, lifting up a corner of her sheet and peering under it with a rather amused expression. Emma jerked it down and stuck her head out the top to glare at him.

And there he was in all his, twig crowned, sparkly robed, smug expressioned, glory. His look of amusement faded when Emma started laughing hysterically.

"What is it?" he asked waspishly.

She pointed at his head and choked out, "Your crown… flowers on your… crown… FLOWERS ON YOU CROWN! PINK ONES!" She started to laugh so hard that tears rolled down her face.

Thranduil crossed his arms and scowled at her, "I fail to see the amusement in this. It is symbolic of spring and new life."

Emma calmed down a little and looked back up at him only to burst into a fresh fit of giggles, "Please tell me you don't wear that all spring?" she managed to gasp, before starting to giggle uncontrollably.

"Unfortunately, yes," he said.

"Unfortunately for whom? You? Or everybody who is forced to look at it?"

At that comment, Thranduil looked so offended that Emma actually felt bad for what she said. But she wasn't about to apologize to him, ooooh no. Instead, she opted for sticking her hand out and saying in a demanding tone, "Hand it over."

"Hand what over?" Thranduil said innocently.

"You know what, the crown. Give it here," she said with a scowl.

"I don't trust you," he said bluntly.

"Guess what?"

Thranduil quirked an eyebrow

" I. Don't. Care. Now, are you gonna hand it over, or am I going to have to steal it while you are sleeping?"

Thranduil sighed and took off his crown. Emma couldn't help but notice that not a single hair went out of place when he did this. How does he get it so perfect and se- DO NOT FINISH THAT THOUGHT EMMA FIELDS. WE COVERED THIS. NO. NO. NO. He slowly handed it to her and if he noticed the faint blush on her cheeks, he didn't show it.

She carefully took it in her hands and examined it. To her surprise, it appeared that the flowers were quite literally growing out of the wood of the crown. She sighed and saw the mental image that she had had of the flowers, slowly crumble into dust. Holding the crown now, she could see it clear as day. If only it could stay this way. It wouldn't look so weird at least.

She looked up to find Thranduil staring at her and the crown with an almost…. shocked expression. Why would he be shocked? She looked down and she dropped the crown on the bed in shock.

The flowers were rearranging themselves to fit her mental image.

She slowly looked up and met Thranduil's eyes, "I… I… don't know how this happened.." she stammered out.

He shook his head slightly, "I have heard that some elves have the power to persuade the plant's to grow a certain way, but I never did believe it.."

Emma sighed in relief, "Ok, so I haven't turned into Poison Ivy or anything." She saw Thranduil looking at her with an odd expression. "Oh, never mind."

She carefully handed the crown back to him and he examined it a moment before putting it on. "There, that looks much better," she said smugly.

Thranduil rolled his eyes and they had a moment of awkward silence. Thankfully, it was broken by Miri, who bustled in with a tray of food.

"Here, Emma. I'm sorry, I should have brought it- Oh! Your majesty!" Miri bowed slightly and Thranduil inclined his head the tiniest fraction before he said, "I was just leaving."

Emma and Miri watched him leave and there was a moment of silence before Miri said, "I'm glad he fixed those flowers. They were getting to be rather ghastly looking."

Emma looked at Miri from the corner of her eye and unable to contain it, burst into fits of laughter.

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