A Second Chance

Chapter 14

Emma hummed to herself as she stared into the fountain. The past few days had been hellish, trying not to think of the… incident. She'd been having terrible nightmares, resulting in very little sleep each night.

Shaking her head furiously, Emma tried to think of something else. Racking her brain, she remembered Miri saying that there had been a party thrown while she was unconscious.

"Oh, darn.." she mumbled to herself. She had been going to tease the Blingking about it when he had visited her. She giggled as she remembered the flowers on his crown. She idly wondered where he was, she hadn't seen him since he had visited her.

"What is so amusing?" came a voice from behind her. Emma shrieked and jerked away from the voice, which belonged to none other than the object of her thoughts, but unfortunately, away from the voice was into the water of the fountain. She came up spluttering and sent her very special and unique 'Death Glare Equipped With Lasers and Flame-Throwers and Ice Beams and Generally Fear Inducing Images' at the laughing Elvenking.

It had no apparent effect.

Scowling, she climbed out of the fountain and started wringing out her hair while she verbally slapped him around, "You… you are an unbelievably, idiotic, cruel, ostentatious, full-of-yourself, sassy, conceited, uppity, handsome excuse for a stupid, twig-crown wearing, Elven-wafflish-king!"

Still slightly chuckling the Sparkly Robed Wonder-Elf said, "I would throw you into the dungeons for that."

"No you wouldn't," Emma said confidently.

"Yes, I would."




"You may want to change out of that now slightly transparent dress."

"Woul- wait…. What?" Emma looked down at herself and shrieked again, "Turn around!"

The Elvenking rolled his eyes, "It's not that transparent."

"It's transparent enough," Emma moaned, "Hand me my coat-cloak-thingy."

"It's called an outer robe," King Sassyface said as he handed it to her.

"Whatever, your royal King Arthurean-Blingness."

"What?" he asked, more than a little confused.

"It's for me know and you to… not know," Emma said as she swept passed Royal Sassiness fell into step beside her.

"Why are you following me?" she snapped.

"I'm not following you. I'm going to the throne-room," Thranduil said innocently.

"Pfft, yeah, right," Emma snorted. They walked into a darker corridor and Emma felt her breathing pick up speed a little. She felt closed in and suddenly needed to get out. And fast.

"Lady Emma? Are you well?" Thranduil's inquiry went unheard as Emma broke into a run. He raised an eyebrow, she must've really wanted to escape his presence.

Emma came to a stop in a corridor that was far more open than the last one. What was that? her panicked thoughts kept repeating.

"Are you well, Lady Emma?"

Emma turned around and a huge grin broke out as she saw the elven guard that she had designated as 'Carl'

"Carl!" she cried happily. Throwing her arms around him she gave him a huge hug. Over his shoulder, she saw none other than 'Zippy'.

"Ziiiiiiiippy!" she squealed, "It's been aaaaaaaages!" She hopped over to Zippy and gave him a hug as well. He reluctantly returned it.

Carl grinned at the look on Zippy's face, "Lady Emma, we've been assigned to keep watch over you during your stay here."

"Hmph. It's just like Mr. McSasserson to still not trust me… but at least I have my bodyguard buddies back!" she said cheerfully.

Carl cleverly kept the reason for their guarding her to himself. She probably wouldn't take it well that the reason was more out of worry for her mental and physical health than out of trust.

He sincerely feared for the Elvenking's safety if she found out.

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