A Second Chance

Chapter 15

"I'm going slightly maaaaad, I'm going slightly maaaaaad! It's finally happened, haaaaappened. It's finally happened, oh yes. I'm slightly maaaaaaaad!" Emma belted out the words of her favorite song as she waltzed down the corridor. Continuing her song, she found herself in the throne room, with all of the elves staring at her.

The Elvenking was lounging in his throne and she noted that he really didn't look that surprised. Everything was quiet for a few moments before the Elvenking spoke up, "I think that you are much more than slightly mad and I think it happened quite a while ago." With that, he turned back to the advisor he had been talking to.

Emma gaped at him and then huffing, she stomped out of the room, her mind furiously working at a way to prank the high and mighty Elvenking of Everybling.

Ok, not her best name...

Thranduil POV

Thranduil, very tired after a day of meetings, was walking down the corridor to his chambers. Shortly after Emma had barged in singing that ridiculous song, he had received word that Legolas would be arriving home.

He opened the door and walked in. He froze. Something was very off here… He looked carefully around, but finding nothing, he thought he was possibly a little over-aware. He took off his crown and set it on a table, before going into the bathroom and shutting the door.

Emma's POV

Emma quietly crept out from under the bed and over to the table he had put his crown on. With a devious grin, she lifted it gingerly and started to creep over towards the door leading into the corridor. She blushed furiously when she heard the water from the bath slosh around a bit.

When she got out, she released a breath. Grinning down at the crown she held in her hands, she snuck towards the throne room.

Once she got there, she stuck her head around the corner and grinned at the sight of an empty room. Walking towards the throne, she looked for footholds. She started climbing up (she was at least a foot shorter than his Royal Sassiness, so the throne may not look big while he is sitting in it, but in reality, it's pretty huge... To her at least...) and once she reached the top she looped the crown over one of the farthest points of the antlers.

Emma looked down and her impish grin faded as her face grew pale. Flashbacks of climbing the tree in the forest hit her and she started to shake. Clinging to the antler for dear life, she attempted a weak call for help. Unfortunately, no sound came out.

Thranduil POV

Thranduil emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed, though his hair was still rather wet. Casually glancing to where his crown had rested, he continued towards his study when he froze and did a double take.

Slowly he turned again and stared at the table his crown had been on. His eyes narrowed as one thought popped into his head.


It is actually a rather nice name… wait… what? Shaking his head a little, Thranduil thought of where the little imp could have put it. Deciding he could use a walk, he went to locate her himself. At least that's what his head was telling him. This was- what? The third time since she was returned that he had actively gone to seek her out? Ignoring that thought, the Elvenking began his search for the crown (or at least that's what his head said he was looking for).

His feet carried him to the throne room and he was greeted with a rather amusing sight.

Emma was clinging to one of the antlers on his throne, she appeared to be unable to climb down. And there was his crown, on one of the farthest points of the antler.

So it was her…

With a sigh, he walked over to gloat at her predicament.

His brow furrowed when he saw the tears that were silently falling down her face. He saw that she had quite a death-grip on the antler and he remembered her problem with trees. Rolling his eyes, his purpose changed from gloating to assistance.

Emma POV

Tears were now falling and all of the bad things that had happened to her (understatement of the century) rushed out of the door that she had successfully locked them behind.

"How… did you get up there?"

Awwwwww, great. Now his royal sassiness has come to gloat.

She tried to glare at him, but she didn't seem to have full control over her body. She had tried countless times to get off the antler, but it wasn't working.

"Are you in need of assistance?"

Oh, he is such a smug…. urg.

Her voice still seemed stuck and she knew that she probably looked pitiful, but now that the floodgates of her emotions had been released, she was probably going to be in this pitiful state for a while.

She noticed that the Elvenking was approaching her. He walked up the dais and stood there, staring at her. Was that… concern? If she wasn't so scared, Emma would've burst out laughing at the mere thought of him being concerned.

Once he was standing in front of his throne, he crossed his arms, "Well, what are you waiting for? Get down," he said. He really could be bossy at times…

Emma shook her head furiously.

He opened his mouth as if to say something, but seemed to rethink it and instead stepped up onto the throne and reached towards her. He placed his hands on her waist and tried to gently ease her off of the antler. Emma forced herself to relax as he pried her off, it was difficult... but she managed.

Once her feet were on the ground she stared up at him. They stood there staring at each other for what felt like hours, his hands still holding her waist. Emma's mind was relatively blank, the only thing drifting through it being how beautiful he was.

Then she realized where they were and who he was. No. Nononono. NOT HAPPENING. Humor defense, up NOW!

Emma scowled at him and stepped away. "I could have gotten out myself," she sniffed.

The Elvenking raised an eyebrow, his hands falling to his sides.

"Stop staring at me, Mr. Fancyrobes!"

"If you are not going to call me by my proper title, as you should, at least call me Thranduil and cease these bizarre names you keep spewing," he said after a moment.

"What's a Thranduil?" Emma said innocently. Yes, she knew it was his name, but it couldn't hurt to have some fun…

"It is my name. Consider yourself fortunate. None are allowed to call me by it," he said.

Emma stared at him for a moment before…

"Gotta dash! Things to do! Places to go! Peoples to pretend to see!" With that, Emma dashed from the throne room, on shaky legs, cheeks burning.

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