A Second Chance

Chapter 16

Thranduil POV

He slowly approached his throne to which Emma was attached with a death grip. Who would have thought I would be approaching my own throne like it was going to bite me… he thought.

"How… did you get up there?" he said snidely. Emma gave him a funny look, it looked rather like an attempt at a glare.

He tried again, with a more polite approach, "Are you in need of assistance?"

His brow furrowed (A- someone please give me a better phrase…) again when she made no attempt at even answering him and just continued to sniffle. He rolled his eyes.. she better not be acting, he thought sourly. He walked up the dais and crossed his arms.

Deciding he was going to at least try to avoid having to pry her off his throne, he asked, "Well? What are you waiting for? Get down."

Her eyes widened and she shook her head quickly. Oh, great, he thought. He opened his mouth to tell her to stop being so afraid, but then he remembered what she'd been through and if he was being truthful to himself, he really couldn't resist her eyes. Those big green… he snapped out of his thoughts when he heard another sniffle from Emma.

He stepped onto his throne and reached towards her waist, gently tugging her off of the antler. She was unsurprisingly light, especially judging from how small her waist was. He lowered her until she was directly opposite him and he once again found himself getting lost in her green eyes. His gaze almost started to wander downwards, when Emma scowled at him and stepped away.

"I could've gotten myself off," she said primly. Thranduil let his hands fall to his sides and raised an eyebrow at her. Sometimes he really couldn't believe the nerve of this woman…

"Stop staring at me, Mr. Fancyrobes!" she snapped.

Without thinking, he said, "I you are not going to call me by my title, as you should, at least call me Thranduil and not these bizarre names you keep spewing."

"What's a Thranduil?" Emma asked, impertinently.

"It is my name. Consider yourself fortunate. None are allowed to call me by it." He, for some reason, started to feel a little fidgety when Emma started to stare at him, but that ended when she said-

"Gotta dash! Things to do! Places to go! People to pretend to see!" and she scurried from the throne room.

Thranduil couldn't believe himself. He just gave her permission to call him by his name. Something no one has used since the death of his… wife. Feeling the depression start to creep up again, he shook his head and pushed the thoughts of his dead queen from his mind and strode from the throne-room.

His son was arriving today. He had to be ready.

Emma's POV- three hours later

Emma was sitting on her bed, now mostly recovered from the incident, when Miri rushed in.

"Emma! Emma! Legolas has returned! Come! Come on!"

"Woah, woah, woah! Miri! Where are we going?" Emma laughed as Miri dragged her from her room.

"The throne-room! Legolas is back!" Miri shouted.

Emma felt a blush start to creep up her neck at the memory of what had occurred mere hours ago. Before she could think of objecting, they were at their destination.

Thranduil, dressed in magnificent robes as usual, was sitting in his throne (that Emma was now afraid of), he had gotten his crown back. Miri dragged Emma up and to the left of the throne, where they merged into the crowd.

Minutes later, a group of elves came up the pathway. They walked till they were in front of the throne. Thranduil got up and walked down the dais and the guards parted, to reveal the prince and a significantly shorter figure. Thranduil froze.

The short figure, was heavyset and bearded, carrying an ax. Emma realized that it was a dwarf.

"What… is this?" Thranduil said in a threatening voice.

"This is Gimli, son of Gloin, one of the Fellowship of the Ring, and my dear friend," Legolas said. Gimli cleared his throat and bowed.

Thranduil's left eye twitched slightly.

Legolas and the rest of the elves looked apprehensive.

Emma burst out laughing.

All eyes turned to her, but it had not effect. Soon she was on the floor, laughing so hard that the tears fell.

"Emma," Miri hissed, "Be quiet!"

Her laughs subsided into giggles and she waved at Gimli from the ground, with a cheery, "Hi!" She wasn't sure, but she thought that he may have smiled at her. Hard to tell with the beard and all…

Everyone's attention slowly turned back to the prince and his new friend.

"Why have you brought a dwarf into my realm?" Thranduil hissed. Gimli did not look affronted (though it was hard to tell… with the beard and all). He was probably expecting this… Emma thought and giggled again.

"I wished to show him the magnificence of the Greenwood, Ada. I feel that it is time to get over this petty feud," Legolas said calmly.

"I will speak with you later. Give your dwarf friend a room," Thranduil spat, before stalking up the dais and sitting into his throne.

He stared at the dwarf and his eye twitched again.

And again, Emma burst out laughing.

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