A Second Chance

Chapter 20

Emma sat in her bedroom and pondered the strange strange rumors that had started at a mere-

"Did you hear? The king is said to be courting!"

To a rather terrifying-

"A friend of a friend said that the king is to be married!"

Dropping her head in her hands, Emma groaned. The rumors had gotten absolutely out of control. And to make it worse, a lot of people were assuming it was her. She couldn't go anywhere without receiving strange stares.

"Emma, you need to come out!" Miri whined from the other side of Emma's door.

"I can't! They won't stop staring!" Emma flopped dramatically back on her bed. Miri growled and opened the door. Ignoring Emma's feeble protests, Miri plopped on the bed next to her.

"What do you feel like doing… besides wallowing in your misery?"

Thinking for a moment, Emma sighed, "Pranking Legolas."

A moment of silence passed.

"Then we'll prank Legolas."


Legolas was having a relatively good day. He had been able to sleep in, he and Tauriel had gone for a morning game of tag in the woods (it had taken him a while to persuade Tauriel to do it) and then he had shown Gimli a bit more of the palace.

Strangely enough, he had seen nothing of Emma today. Of course, this occurrence was becoming more and more common.

Five minutes later, as he stood inside his room, soaking wet, he wished he hadn't wondered where she was. Turning around, he observed the bucket on the floor. "Ah. the classic, bucket on the door trick." Opening the door to his room, he stuck his head out, and ignoring the strange looks yelled, "THIS MEANS WAR!"


Emma was heading to the greenhouse, finally, for her first lesson in her odd botanical power. One thought running through her head was, I feel like some awesome version of Poison Ivy!

Her thoughts moved to a few days ago, when Legolas had screamed the declaration of war for all to hear. Giggling and lost in her thoughts, Emma missed the trip wire strategically placed in front of a mud puddle.

Emma clambered to her feet and lunged at the chuckling bush. Unfortunately, she was too slow, and Legolas got away. Grumbling, Emma trudged towards the greenhouse, attempting to ignore the stares she was getting.

The first thing she said as she opened the doors was, "Ignore the mud. Please."

"Uh… Of course…"

"Nylan!?" Emma gasped. She couldn't believe it. Ohhh.. this is going to be so awkward… she thought miserably.

"Emma? So you're the one I'm going to be training? Well.. now I know I won't be bored to death," Nylan flashed a charming grin. Emma blushed furiously.

Nylan gestured to her clothes, "May I ask.. ehm… what happened?"

"Prank war."

"I'm going to pretend I understood that," he said breezily while turning and starting to walk towards a flower-bed. Emma giggled as she followed him.

"We should get started. You probably want to leave sooner than later." Nylan cast a meaningful glance at her muddy state.

"What have you managed to do so far?"

"Um… Really all I've done is make the flowers on Mr. Sassyface's crown look presentable."

Nylan looked confused, "Mr. Sassyface?"

Blushing a little, Emma said, "Erm… The Elvenking."

"Ahhh… well, onto business. We'll start with these," Nylan said, gesturing to a small bed of blue flowers. "I want you to focus, on making them open and close."

"Um… Ok." Emma sat in front of the flowers and stared at them, trying very hard to make at least one of them close.

Nylan plopped down beside her. "You're trying too hard. Just, picture it, and let the image flow through you."

The elf is speaking a different language. Speaking of which.. I really need to learn elvish… Oh.. focus… Emma shook her head slightly. Picturing the flowers in her head, she really did try. But nothing happened.

"Try touching the soil."

Soil? Who says soil? Regardless, Emma placed her hand on the dirt and closed her eyes. She almost missed Nylan's soft whisper of, "You're doing it."

Her eyes flew open just in time to see the flower slowly open up again before it stopped. Sighing, Emma lifted her hand off the ground. "If you don't mind… I need to take a bath before dinner…"

Nylan smiled warmly, "Not at all. I will see you tomorrow?"

"Um… Yeah? Ok.."


Emma blushed slightly and lifted herself off the ground.


It was dark out.

Not too dark.

But dark nonetheless.

Emma and Carl sniggered quietly as she eased the door to Legolas' room open. Peeking around the corner, they saw him fast asleep in his bed. Emma crept over and had to contain a giggle of glee at the sight of him lying on his stomach.

Carefully reaching her hand into the small bowl that Carl held out, Emma began her work.



The Woodland Prince's shout of shock and fury echoed through the palace and Emma immediately fell out of her chair laughing. She ignored the shocked looks everyone at the breakfast table gave her.

"I'm assuming you had something to do with that," Thranduil sighed.

Emma poked her head over the side of the table and nodded before slumping back to the floor.

"Well. It doesn't seem as if you are going to tell me what you did. I shall return shortly." Thranduil gracefully rose out of his chair and strode in the direction of Legolas' room. He reached the door and said, "Legolas. What is it now?"

"Don't you dare come in here, ada."

Of course, that only piqued Thranduil's interest and he slowly pushed open the door.

It took all of his self control to suppress his grin.

Legolas was sprawled all over the bed, face-down, his his hair spread around his head.

The bad part?

His hair was no longer platinum, but a very vibrant purple.

Legolas looked up, "Adaaaaaa! Look what she did to me!"

Thranduil shook his head and sighed, walking out of the room. He let the smirk cross his face once he had shut the door behind him.


"I want to go to Rivendell."

Miri's mouth dropped open and she stared at Emma in shock.


"Let's go to Rivendell. We can filch a couple horses. It'll be easy and fun."

Miri couldn't respond to Emma's crazy new idea.

After a few moments of opening and closing her mouth, Miri finally managed an answer, "But… by ourselves? Neither of us know how to fight."

"Aren't all the orcs supposed to be dead?"

"Well.. there are other things, not just orcs."

Emma sighed.

A few minutes pause.

"I still think we should go to Rivendell. I'm going to go ask Mr. McSasserson about it."

Emma walked away humming.

Miri stared blankly after her. "Who?"


Thranduil lounged in his throne, wine in hand. Today had been a nice day. Legolas hadn't pestered him at all (but that was because his hair was still purple and he hadn't left his room). He vaguely heard footsteps, but thought nothing of it, and decided a doze couldn't hurt.

"I want to go to Rivendell."

He choked on his wine, opened his eyes, and leveled a glare at Emma (who else would it be?).


"Why not?" she whined. "Carl, Zippy, and Miri could come. I wouldn't be alone."

"N- Who?"

"Carl and Zippy? My body guards? Miri? My friend? My buddy? My peep? My-"

"Alright, alright-"


Thrandy was left opened mouthed,

Before he could even object, Emma was gone. He didn't recall agreein- Oh.

He sighed and rubbed his forehead. This could not possibly end well.


Carl and Zippy were playing the elvish version of chess, when Emma burst through the door.


And she was gone.

Zippy looked up, "Wait… what?"

Carl shrugged.

Just another day in the lives of those involved with Emma.

He got out of his chair.

"I suppose we should go inquire as to what this is all about."


Regardless of the protests of several people, the Elvenking, Miri, and of course, Zippy (Carl had no qualms about this trip whatsoever. Plus. Zippy disagreed. All the more reason to do it), three days later found a giddy Emma, a nervous Miri, an indifferent Carl, and a highly reluctant Zippy, all on horses, on their merry way to Rivendell.

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