A Second Chance

Chapter 21

"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!"

"Will you please stop singing that song!"

"Oh.. you're no fun Zippy. I need something to doooo…"

"Whatever you do, no singing."

Carl chuckled. "Do you really want her to go crazy, Zippy?"

Miri shook her head. "Emma. We are almost there. Control yourself."

"But… this is how I keep control!" Emma whined, "How much longer?"

"About an hour," Carl said.

Emma scowled. "Remind me. Don't go on two week trips with a bunch of party poopers."

Zippy groaned. "Tell her to be quiet!"

"I am afraid I have no control over the situation, Zippy," Carl sighed.

Zippy scowled and rode ahead, muttering sullenly. All was silent for a few precious minutes.

"Let it go, let it go! I am one with the wind and skyyyy! Let it go! Let it gooo! They'll never see me cryyyy!"

"WILL YOU BE QUIET!" Zippy hollered.


Emma's eyes nearly bugged out of her head when Rivendell came into sight. Her mouth formed an 'o. Her mind went into overload.

In other words, it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen.

The trees surrounded a beautiful dell. A River flowed by, and marble buildings lay nestled together. Beautiful statues and gardens were strewn throughout. A large waterfall cascaded down the far side and Emma tried very hard not to squeal.

She snapped out of her daze and noticed the others had progressed up the path. She urged her horse into a brisk trot. They reached the large entrance hall and were greeted by an elf. He was tall and had long brown hair. A very cheerful and slightly mischievous grin was on his face.

"Vedui' il'er!" the elf said in a cheerful voice. "What brings you to Rivendell? And all the way from the Greenwood nonetheless!"


Emma's head snapped down to the voice that had come from near her left foot and she almost fell off of her saddle.

The elf, who was an exact mirror image of the elf in front of them, grinned broadly up at her, offering his hand, "Elrohir at you service."

"I'm Elladen!" the elf in front of them said petulantly, "In case you wanted to know," he muttered.

Emma giggled and allowed Elrohir to help her down from her saddle. Zippy and Carl hopped off and Zippy walked over to Miri and helped her off of her horse.

"First things first. Are there any tips on telling you two apart?" Emma said.

"I am afraid not," Elrohir said morosely. "Even Ada gets us mixed up."

Elladen grinned, "It's quite fun to mix him up though."

Elrohir nodded vigorously. "Do you wish to see the Lord Elrond? He said that he was available, if you so wished."

Emma's eyes widened, "How… how…"

Carl smiled sympathetically, "Yes, she would."

Miri slid next to Emma, whose mind was still being blown. "Lord Elrond has the gift of foresight."

Emma stared blankly for several minutes before exclaiming rather loudly, "OHHHHH! I get it now!"

"We're going to go over here," Carl called over.

Miri shook her head and giggled at Emma before jogging to catch up to the two 'bodyguards'. Emma jogged a little and placed herself in between the twins, "Ok. Whose who?"

"I'm Elrohir," said the one on her left.

"And I'm Elladen," said the one on her right.

She narrowed her eyes at them. "Liars."

Both of their eyes widened. "Nobody's ever gotten past that one !"

Emma smirked. "I'm not nobody."

The brothers each swung an arm around the shoulders of their newfound friend and they chatted animatedly as they meandered towards Lord Elrond's study. Once they reached the large wooden door Elladen pushed it opened and gestured for Emma to go inside.

The first thing she saw when she stepped into the room, were the giant bookshelves. And then she saw the large desk, with a stern looking elf with (surprise surprise) dark brown hair behind it. Which lead to her first thought on the Lord Elrond being, Oooo… he's a grumpy elf.

Lord Elrond looked up and smiled at her. He waved his hand, dismissing his two sons.

"Mae govannon, Emma."

Emma's eyes bulged again, before she remembered what Miri had said. She smiled weakly at him.

"Um… hi?"

Lord Elrond rose one of his rather intimidating eyebrows. "You do not yet know the elven language?"

"Uh… Nope."

Lord Elrond shook his head and muttered something indecipherable before saying, "We shall fix that during your stay. Or at least start to."

Emma grinned.

Elrond's face took on a more serious expression. "You have been through much, little one."

Emma's smile was wiped right off at that comment. She ducked her head and stared at her lap, wishing he hadn't brought that up. "How do you know about that?" she muttered.

Oh… right… foresight.

"You shall heal."

"Says who."

Elrond smiled. "I do."

Emma glared at him. "Do you have any idea what I go through? I have the worst nightmares. Every. Single. Night."

"I do understand."

Emma didn't stop there. "And I can't stand the dark. I used to be fine with that! But now, even if I go into a dim corridor, I start having a panic attack. I wish I could climb trees to get away, but I can't, because NOW I'M AFRAID OF THOSE TOO!"

She could feel her eyes welling up. "Why am I even having a breakdown right now? It's stupid."

"You apparently have not talked about this at all," Elrond said.

Emma crossed her arms. "I don't believe in therapists," she grumbled, a tear slowly sliding down her cheek.

Elrond chuckled.

"Your supposed to be some big healer guy right? Is there anything to make them go away? The dreams, I mean," Emma said hopefully, wiping the renegade tear away.

Elrond shook his head. "No, my dear. Your mind must heal first, and to do that, it takes time. To start, I suggest you talk to somebody when you are having an exceptionally hard day."

Emma pouted. "I don't have many people to talk to… Well… I guess I could bother Carl and Zippy, not that Zippy would listen, but Carl would… and Miri will be around sometimes. I guess Legolas would be a good fill-in for an emergency."

Lord Elrond chuckled again.

Emma sighed and looked up. "Do you mind if I go now? I did not have chatting about my life problems in mind when I came here. I feel depressed now."

"Of course. Enjoy your stay here. Please try not to get my sons into more trouble than usual," Lord Elrond said, his eyes twinkling.

Emma grinned and said, "No promises." Before walking out the door. Elrond heard the faint sound of talking and then suddenly conspiratorial giggling.

He groaned and dropped his head into his hands.

This was going to be a slow week.

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