A Second Chance

Chapter 22



"Very good, Emma. Now, tell me, what would do you say when you are introduced to royalty?"

"Elen sila lumenn omentilmo," Emma sighed.

"Very good," Erestor said. He seemed to debate with himself before saying, "I think that will be all for today."

Emma's face lit up. "Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She jumped out of her chair and ran from the room. Erestor rubbed his face. "Yallume… "

He could not understand why Elrond had made him train the odd elleth from Mirkwood. He was the chief counselor, not a teacher for immature and illiterate elves! He sighed and got up. If Elrond didn't pay him overtime for this atrocity, he would not be pleased. Teaching Emma was almost worse than having to listen to Glorfindel prattle! Which is really quite an accomplishment, because once old Glorfee got started, there was no shutting him up.

Erestor got up from the chair and edged to the door, peeking out into the corridor to make sure nobody was coming. The last thing he wanted was to be ambushed. Again.


Emma had been in Rivendell for four days. She had done almost everything. Learn elvish (almost… still working on that), prank people, go exploring, prank people, serenade Zippy at two in the morning, prank people. All in all, she had had some of the best times of her life in the past few days.

Tripping around a corner, Emma narrowly missed slamming into the wall (what is it with her and walls?). Resuming her dash down the corridor, Emma came to a screeching halt at the door to the dining halls. Dusting her dress off, Emma plastered a look of nonchalance on her face before waltzing in like she wasn't starving to death.

Walking calmly over to where her friends were seated, Emma felt herself start to drool a little. Quickly gathering herself, and trying no to look at the delicious food, Emma sat down in between Elladan and Carl.

Leaning forward, Emma looked at Zippy and grinned wolfishly. Zippy glared at her sullenly, before turning back to his food.

"Aw, didn't you like my song?"

Zippy's jaw clenched and Emma thought she saw his knuckles go a little white around the fork he was holding. Carl choked a little on the food he was attempting to chew.

Emma continued, "Personally, I thought Elrohir's harp thingy was a nice touch."

Elrohir, who was sitting on the other side of Elladan, spit his drink back in his cup before saying indignantly, "It's called a lyre! Not a harp thingy."

Emma shrugged, before starting to pile food on her plate.

"What was that song called again?" Elladan asked.

"Oh, you mean; We, are never ever ever, getting back together!" Emma sang jubilantly, casting a sly glance over at Zippy, who all but had his face buried in his plate of food.

Elladan nodded.

"Quite simple. It is called, 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together'. Taylor Swift."

"Say what?" Elrohir said, looking perplexed.

"Taylor Swift. She wrote and sang that song," Emma explained.

"Anybody could sing it better than you," Zippy muttered.

Emma gasped in mock horror, and the contents of her fork flew into Elladan's face.

Emma looked over at Carl. Before she could blink, she received a face full of salad. "You're kidding, right?" Miri asked nervously from across the table. Emma and Elladan were locked in a vicious staring contest.

A few seconds passed before Emma hollered, "FOOD FIGHT!" And flung a slice of apple at Elladan. Carl and Elrohir joined in readily, and eventually, the majority of the elves in the dining hall were either hurling food at each other or hiding under the tables (Elrond was one of those).


"Excuse me!"

Emma turned around and saw a tall, blonde elf walking quickly towards her.

"Who are you?" she asked, stifling a yawn.

"I believe I am the one you hit in the face with the salad dressing," he said drily, but Emma saw the twinkle of amusement in his bright blue eyes."

"Oh… that also make you the one who used somebody's bow to shoot a loaf of bread at me," Emma deadpanned.

"It certainly does," the elf said rather proudly.

"May I ask your name?" Emma prodded.

"If you give me yours."

"Not fair! You probably already know mine!" Emma protested.

The ellon chuckled. "True. I am Glorfindel, Lord of the House-"

"You're.. you're that guy who killed the Balrog!"

"Indeed," Glorfindel said, extremely amused.

"OH MY GOSH THAT'S SO COOL!" Emma squealed.

Wincing slightly at her volume, Glorfindel said, "I am unaware as to who this Gosh is, and why you think the fact I killed a Balrog is cold."

Emma's face straightened as if by magic.

"Ignore me. Now, what did you want?"

"Merely to make your acquaintance. You seem like an interesting elleth," Glorfindel flashed a charming smile.

Emma stared at him blankly for several seconds before shrugging. "Ok. You made my acquaintance. Not to seem rude, but I need to go to sleep. This is the price I must pay for serenading Zippy…"

"Of course, sleep away. I have some business of my own to attend to." Glorfindel leaned in conspiratorially, "It involves muffins."

Emma snorted.


A few hours after breakfast saw Emma, Elladan, and Elrohir, racing through the hallways, pursued by an infuriated Carl, whose hair somewhat resembled a bird's nest that was half mauled by a raccoon.

"I knew that was a bad idea!" Elrohir yelled as they whirled around a corner.

"It was worth it though!" Emma shrieked.

Carl was in hot pursuit, screaming, "TRAITORS!" at the top of his lungs. He hurled the hairbrush he was holding and it hit Elrohir, who fell dramatically to the floor and cried, "Save yourselves!" to his retreating friend and brother.

"Next time we put honey in somebody's hairbrush, we DON'T hide on the other side of the door!" Emma panted, as they ran into the gardens.

"It usually works!" Elladan retorted.

"Quick! In these bushes!" Emma hissed, promptly diving into a nearby bush.

"EMMA WAIT!" Elladan yelled, just a few seconds to late.

Emma's pained screech echoed through the garden.

Elladen covered his eyes. "Those are rose bushes…"

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