A Second Chance

Chapter 26

"I think that you have learned all you can from me and-"


"That it has been nice knowing you-"


"I have things I need to get to though, so it you wouldn't mind le-"

"NYLAN!" Emma yelled.

Nylan froze.

"What did that stuck up sequin elf say to you?"

Nylan dropped his gaze. "Nothing to concern yourself with, Lady Emma."

Emma stared at him.

"Now, if you don't mind, I have things to do." Nylan turned on his heel and walked away.

Emma was frozen on the spot, her mouth hanging open. She had the sudden urge to cry. Storming to her room, she put a heavy cloak on and grabbed a warm pair of gloves. Stomping towards the front gates, Emma threw all caution to the wind as she stormed into the forest. The snow was falling heavily and the ground was covered in a rather thick blanket of it.

Stupid, meddling, Elvenking.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Emma whirled around and her vision zeroed in on the speaker.

"You," she hissed.

Thranduil raised an eyebrow.

"You might want to go away," Emma said murderously, turning around again.

"Why would you say that?" Thranduil took a step closer.

Emma whirled around and pitched the snowball she had clenched in her hand right into his smug face.

"Because I'm mad at you!"

Thranduil calmly wiped the remains of the snow from his face.

"You have no-" Here she pitched another snowball, which Thranduil easily dodged.

"Right." Another easily dodged snowball. Emma failed to notice that with each snowball she threw, the seemingly calm elf drew closer.

"To decide-" Another snowball. This one managed to hit Thranduil in the arm.

"Who I can and can't-" Another snowball. Thranduil was nearly in reach of Emma.


Right before Emma threw the snowball, Thranduil grabbed her arm.

"That's quite enough," he said slowly. His cheeks were red from the face full of snow and his eyes were bright with a mixture of amusement and anger. Emma glared up at his crown and smirked as one of the pointed ends started tapping Thrandy on the head.

Thranduil narrowed his eyes and the poking stopped. Pouting, Emma tried to pull her hand away, but Thranduil wouldn't let go.

"Let me go, stupid elf," Emma growled.

"Resorting to childish insults, are we now? I'm not letting you go unless you promise to stop hurling those infernal snowballs at me," Thranduil said with a smirk.

Emma suddenly grinned, rather wickedly. She took her other hand out from behind her back and dug the snowball that it concealed into Thranduil's neck. The look of pure shock and the horrified gasp that he emitted was enough to send Emma into a fit of hysterical laughter. Her other hand was now free, since the Sassyking was desperately attempting to claw the snow away from his neck.

Emma decided to be cruel. She was the wasn't usually the type to kick a man when he was down, but that is exactly what she did. While Thranduil wasn't paying attention, she made to more snowballs and threw them at his hair, wanting to get him as bedraggled looking as possible.

She then realized that that was probably a mistake.

The Elvenking slowly turned his gaze towards her, having succeeded in getting most of the snow out of his cloak.

"You have made a grave mistake," he said wrathfully.

Before Emma could even blink, she had her very own facefull of snow. Spluttering, Emma growled out, "Oh this is so on."

Not even blinking, Thranduil delivered another facefull with a flick of his wrist.

"Owww," Emma whined.

"You should think twice before throwing snow at royalty," Thranduil sniffed.

Emma bent to get another snowball, but before she was even halfway down she got another hit to the head. This cause her to fall unceremoniously backwards into the snow. Thranduil stepped forward and stared smugly down at her.

"I hate you," Emma stated matter-of-factly.

"That is of no consequence to me," Thranduil said, turning to walk away. He realized too late that that was a mistake. Emma tackled him from behind, going for the legs so that he had nowhere to go but down.

Unfortunately, as was Emma's tendency, she underestimated the Elvenking and found the tables turned.

In other words, she was back in the snow with the Elvenking glaring down at her.

Things had gotten awkward rather quickly.

"You must cease with this foolishness Emma," Thranduil said sternly.

"Neither of us would be here if you had kept your big nose out of my business!" Emma pushed at his chest with her hands.

The Elvenking opened his mouth to reply.


Emma and Thranduil turned to glare at the unsuspecting Legolas.

He cast an awkward glance at the two. "Am I interrupting something?"

"No." Thranduil and Emma glared at each other.

"Jinx, you owe me your favorite bottle of wine," Emma said. Thranduil successfully masked his confusion and deftly pushed himself to his feet, casting a disgusted look down at his sodden robes. Emma pushed herself up, ignoring the hand that the Elvenking offered her. She wasn't about to be all buddy-buddy with him after the stunt he pulled.

She grinned nastily once she saw that Thrandy's hair was starting to freeze. "Might want to take care of that, Sassyface," she said, gesturing to said hair.

Thranduil glared. "Come, Legolas."

Legolas obediently trailed after his father, casting a doubtful glance back at Emma.

"Stupid elves," Emma growled, continuing after them, wringing out her cloak.


"Emma! Why haven't you packed? And… why are you all wet?"

"Packed for what, Miri," Emma scowled, ignoring Miri's second question and throwing her cloak onto the floor.

"The feast! There is a three day feast that takes place on second full moon of winter, we celebrate it in the woods!"

Emma stared at Miri. "You have a feast… in the woods… in the middle of winter?"

"Yes! It's quite fun!"

"But won't we… oh… never mind…" Emma huffed.

"I already started packing for you," Miri gushed.

Emma sighed. "I guess that means I have to go wether I want to or not…"

"Unless you want to be in this giant palace all by yourself," Miri paused at the look on Emma's face. "You're going wether you like it or not. You can't be left unsupervised." Miri finished in a tone of determined finality.

"Darn." Emma pouted in a chair.

"Hurry up Emma! We're leaving tomorrow!"

Emma rolled her eyes.

This was going to be a long three days.

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