A Second Chance


Emma hefted her bag up higher on her shoulder as she muttered angrily to herself about this and that. She tapped her foot and kept muttering, while glaring at the blinking sign on the other side of the street. Finally it turned green and Emma practically started running to the other side. An odd sensation of impending doom washed over her and she looked to the left, only to find her vision filled with light.

"Aw shi-"

The sound of waves filled Thranduil's ears, as he stood next to his son on the shore of the Undying Lands. The sereneness of the setting did not much cheer Thranduil's thoughts.

"You miss her, don't you, Ada?"

Thranduil sighed and dragged his gaze from the sea. Staring fondly at his son, he said quietly, "You know the answer, my son."

Legolas stared down at the sand. "We all miss her, Adar."

Thranduil looked back at the sea. "Sometimes I can't help but think how much she would have loved this place."

Legolas nodded quietly. Emma had disappeared without a trace, many years ago. Thranduil had held onto hopes that she may one day return (he never admitted them), but he eventually gave into his sons pleas, and agreed to accompany him to Valinor. Thranduil almost backtracked when he found out that that foul dwarf was coming too, but Legolas was adamant.

"We are going to depart soon. Lord Elrond has invited us to join him and his wife until we are able to construct dwellings of our own."

Thranduil dipped his head in acknowledgment. "I shall be there shortly."

The sound of Legolas' quiet steps receded into nothingness… until the voice of that accursed dwarf was carried by the wind. Thranduil wrinkled his nose slightly, before returning to his brooding face.

He went to turn and follow his son, when a painfully familiar voice stopped him.

"You look really angsty, you know that?"

Thranduil froze, his eyes wide and and his mouth hanging slightly open. He could not have heard what he just though the did…

"Now that I think of it… you always either looked really sassy, or really angsty," the voice said thoughtfully, though Thranduil could detect a slight tremor in it.

"Well, aren't you gonna say hi to your old pal?"

Thranduil whirled around and he felt the blood leave his face. There she was, looking just as he did on that last night he saw her. "How…" he whispered.

Emma rolled her eyes. "Some idiot hit me with his car and I guess I died."

Thranduil ignored the strange word and slowly approached her. "How long have you been here?"

Emma shrugged. "No idea. I saw a couple people I know though… Rondy, Glorfee… They were able to tell me where the heck I was. It's a little alarming, you know, to just wake up on a beach. I thought some creep had got me!"

"Emma," Thranduil interrupted, a slight smile drifting over his lips.

"Of course, it's not really that different from when I turned up in Middle Earth you know? I thought it was all a dream, Miri, and Legolas, and you. And then I see Rondy and it turns out I'm in elf heaven or something like that…"


"And then he has to bring up the food fight-"


"Yes?" Emma nervously fidgeted with her hands. Thranduil took her hands in his and said quietly, "You still talk too much."

"Uh… yeah. Sorry about that," she muttered, blushing slightly. "You're nicer than I remember," she mused.

Thranduil chuckled slightly and brushed her hair behind her ear. "You are just as annoying as I remember," he said. Emma looked mildly offended.

"We are leaving soon, will you come with me?" Thranduil asked, his blue eyes staring into her green ones.

"That's a little creepy."

Thranduil raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

Emma shrugged. Thranduil leaned down and kissed her. Emma squeaked slightly, because she really wasn't expecting that (not that she didn't like it or anything…). When Thranduil pulled away, she was slightly out of breath and glaring slightly.

"What?" He attempted to look innocent.

"That isn't any less creepy, Twinkletoes," she sniffed.

"That's a new one."

"Shut up, Sassy face."

"Not until you say yes."

"Why are you acting so weird?" Emma was slightly confused. "Oh, oh wait… you aren't the Partayking anymore are you! Was it your Elvenkingly duties that made you so snobbish?" she said giddily. "I knew it!"


"You're actually fun now!" she exclaimed.

Thranduil rolled his eyes. Emma certainly wasn't any different. "Emma…"

"Of course I'll go with you, idiot… but since you aren't Mr. Uppity-Uppitty anymore, will you help me dye Glorfee's hair pink?"

Thranduil resisted the urge to face-palm and began leading her towards where he knew his son and the rest were waiting.

"Oh, and we can prank the twins too!"

"We are not pranking anybody," he said sternly.

"Aw, why not?" she pouted. "Come on, you'll get addicted once you start!" she said in a wheedling tone.

"No, Emma."



"It's not like you're a king anymore!" she pouted.

"I still have an image to uphold, thank you very much."

There was silence for a moment.

"Well… I suppose I could always dye your hair…"

"Don't you dare," Thranduil hissed.

"Okay, okay… sheesh…"

Another moment of silence.

"You never said I couldn't do any of those things…"

Thranduil groaned.

~Verus Finis~

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