A Second Chance

Chapter 5

Emma flew into a sitting position within the space of one second. Gasping, she ran into the adjoining bathroom and threw up. Why? Why did she have to remember her... her... death, while she was climbing a tree? Why?

She slowly walked back to her bed and just as she sat down, a young elf girl came in, who, upon seeing her standing, rushed over and shoved her back down.

"Hey! Hey! No need to be so pushy-shovey!" Emma said, indignantly.

"I apologize, hiril vuin, but you are not to stand" the elf girl said, calmly.

"Well then. I apologize for having to use the bathroom." Emma was feeling upset. When she got upset, she started to be sarcastic. A sarcastic Emma results in misery all round. Miserable misery.

The young elf girl did not reply, so, Emma, getting bored of referring to the young elf girl as YEG (young elf girl) in her head, decided to ask her what her name was.

"My name is Miri, hiril vuin." Miri said with a smile.

"Oh," Emma said, quietly. Being with another female was making her think of her friends. Even though she didn't have many, they were almost like family to her.

Without even thinking, Emma blurted out, "Will you be my friend?"

Miri stared at her like she was a hobgoblin. Emma said quickly, "Never-mind, never-mind." before turning a way and fiddling with her hair.

She turned when she felt a hand on her arm and Miri was standing there, smiling at her, "Of course I'll be your friend."

"You don't have to. Going by the look on your face, it seems about as appealing as dating an Ewok." Emma muttered.

"I had that look on my face, because no-one has asked me to be their friend before. I was a little scared at first, I did not know how to respond." Mirii said reassuringly.

Emma grinned, "Great! I have a friend! A pal! An amigo! an amicus! A fellow conspirator! A BUDDY!" she shouted that last part joyfully. Then she noticed Miri looking at her with a slightly confused expression, "What?" she asked innocently.

Miri opened her mouth slightly, then closed it again, then finally said, "What is an Ewok?"

The only thing Emma could do, was bust out laughing.


By the next day, Emma was as good as new (except for some emotional scarring. Who wouldn't be scarred from seeing their own death?)

Naturally, the Elvenking summoned her as soon as she left her room (she thought she had seen someone lurking in the shadows... she detested lurkers)

The one different thing was, she was not brought to the throne-room. She was brought to a library. At the sight of books, she almost passed out. Next to being in the woods, Emma loved reading most (really, she considered herself in almost-heaven when she was reading in the woods), so, totally ignoring King Eternal-Eyebrows, she hopped over to the nearest book-case. Just as she was about to reach for a book, a hand caught her wrist.

"Ewwwwwww! You touched me!" Emma said in a disgusted voice as she ripped her hand out of his grasp and hopped away (I honestly don't know why she was hopping...).

The Elvenking looked extremely confused, he glanced down at his hand to see if there was something wrong with it, finding nothing whatsoever the matter, he glared at Emma, "What was that for?"

"What was what for?" Emma asked innocently.

"Why did you react the way you did?"

"Why did I react the way I did to what?" she had the countenance of an angel.

Thranduil glared, "You know very well what. Answer the question, or I will throw you back into the dungeons." remembering the waffle incident, he added, "And you won't get any tin cups either."

"I reacted the way I did, because you are a Sassy person. I detest sassy people." Emma pouted.

"You are a sassy person."

"NO! I'm not sassy. I'm snarky. There is a very fine line between sassy and snarky and you, my friend, have crossed it." she folded her arms and glared at him, "Now, what did you want?"

Gracefully clasping his hands behind his back, King Sassy-Face said, "The incident that occurred a few days ago has come to my attention."

Emma hoped he wouldn't ask her what it was about.

"I would like to know, what it was all about."

Urrrrrrrrgh. I knew he would ask that... Emma did not want to tell him she had died before she came to Middle Earth... to many memories. She wanted to forget as soon as possible. So, Emma did the only thing she could, since running away was out of the question, she rolled her eyes and said, "I have no bloody idea."

Narrowing his eyes, Thranduil hissed, "Liar..."

That, was a little freaky. Having no wish to be hissed at by an angry Elvenking again, Emma lied, "Oh, FINE. I saw a spider."

Both of Thranduil's eyebrow shot up, "There should be no ungol this close to the palace. How big was it?"

To make it convincing (in her opinion), Emma held her thumb and finger about an inch apart and said in a quivery voice, "This big."

To her dismay, King Sparkly-Robes burst out laughing, "THAT is ALL?"

Emma paled, "You mean there are bigger ones?"

All King Sassy-face could manage was a nod. Scowling, Emma crossed her arms, "I have a VERY SERIOUS case of ARACHNIPHOBIA!"

Still chuckling a little, the Elvenking shook his head slightly and caught her glancing at the bookshelves, "You like to read?"

Emma rolled her eyes and almost said, 'No, duh.' but remembered his threat of tin-cupless imprisonment. Shuddering a little, she nodded and gestured to the bookshelves with an expression that said everything. King Sassy-Face shrugged and said, "Be my guest."

"I thought I was your prisoner." Emma muttered as she edged around the Elvenking.

"True." he said with a smirk.

Shooting a glare over her shoulder Emma stopped in front of the bookcase. Thranduil moved so he was directly behind her, basically breathing down her neck. Not really noticing, Emma whipped out a book so fast that it flew out of her hand and into King Sassy-Face's well... face.

"OUCH!" Thranduil was holding on to his nose with a very pained expression on his face. Emma started to laugh hysterically and barely managed to choke out an apology. King Hurt-Nose took his hands off his nose and Emma saw that it was bleeding, she stopped laughing and said, "Do you have a tissue?"

"What is a tissue?" Thranduil asked exasperatedly.

"A handkerchief? Do you have one of those?" Emma ignored his question.

Looking scandalized, King Sparkly Robe said indignantly, "Do I look like I have one?"

Rolling her eyes she stomped over to the door and called to the guard outside, he approached and she beckoned him closer with her finger. When he was a foot away, she grabbed his sleeve and tugged it a little saying, in a conspiratorial voice, "C'mere,"

When he was a few inches away, she quickly tore off some of his sleeve and darted back into the library.

She ignored his muffled protests as she handed the scrap of cloth to Thranduil and absentmindedly picked up the book that was the cause of King Now-Slightly-Bloodied-Up-Sassy-Face's hurt nose. She opened it up and froze.

"DANGIT!" she hollered, slamming the book and shoving it on the shelf.

"What is it now?" Thranduil said tiredly.

"Mmmpothhremthin..." she muttered.

"Excuse me?"

"Icantreadelvish." she muttered a bit louder.

"I still can't understand you."

"I. Can't. Read. ELVISH!" she yelled.

The Elvenking sighed and said, "That can be easily fixed," with that, he left the room, leaving a pouting Emma behind.

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