Unexpected Truce

Finding True Help

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Chapter 10

Harry walked to the kitchen and stood in the doorway. There, at the table, was his potions professor reading the Daily Prophet.

“Good morning, Potter.” Severus said behind the paper.

“Morning, sir,” a timid voice came from the doorway.

Severus lowered the paper to look at his newest guest. Harry stood at the door. Severus was half surprised the he didn't have that bear attached to him.

“Sit, Mr. Potter,” Severus said. “We have much to talk about.”

Harry really didn't like the idea of talking. He really wasn't sure why he was in his Potion Professor's home, or when he would be really going back to his relatives.

“Sir,” Harry said sitting down across from his teacher. “Are you going to take me back?”

Severus looked incredulously at his new ward. “I thought I explained to you that you would not be going back.”

“But I thought you would change your mind.”

“And why would I do that, Potter?”

Harry lowered his head looking at his hands on the table, and mumbled something that Severus could not understand.

“Mr. Potter,” for the first time this morning, Severus' voice was as stern as if he was teaching. “I know that you can speak and speak properly. Now you will look at me and repeat what you said. Clearly this time. Is that understood. Now why did you think that I would change my mind?”

Harry nodded his head, swallowed and looked up at his professor. “Because of last night.”

Severus raised an eyebrow at the boy. Last night? Why would he think that I would change my mind about last night, Severus thought.

“Last night?” Severus asked.

“I woke you up.” Harry answered, looking back down at the table. The last thing he wanted was to be made fun of because of his nightmares. “I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to wake you up.” Harry said in a rush.

Severus sat back in his chair and looked at the Boy-Who-Lived-To-Cause-Him-Stress, and shook his head. Harry was sitting here getting himself all worked up because he woke Severus up. Severus almost couldn't believe what he was hearing. If the boy didn't look so grief-stricken, he would have thought Harry was joking.

“You think that I'm upset with you because you had a nightmare last night?”

Harry sighed and nodded his head, that was still lowered. He was back to watching the table then looking up at the adult when they talked.

“You know, Mr. Potter,” Severus began getting up from his seat and walking over to the stove to get some more tea. “Last night was not the first nightmare that I've sat with you through.”

A horrified look from Harry met Severus. Harry didn't know what to think anymore. Not the first nightmare. Harry's head began to spin.

“Yes, Potter,” Severus said sitting back down in his chair. “You've been struggling with nightmares since I got you in Surrey.”

Harry could not believe what he was hearing. His most hated professor came and got him from Surrey, but why did he agree with Professor Dumbledore to take him back if he pick him up? This isn't right. He hates me. He's never liked me. I don't get it. I'm not understanding.

Severus sat looking at the child sitting across from him going through a panic attack. He didn't think that him telling Harry that he rescued him from Surrey would garner this kind of reactions. Harry started wheezing and shaking. Severus accio'd the only thing that he could think of that would calm the boy down; the bear. He wasn't liking the wheezing. That meant that his pneumonia was starting to get worse. Severus got up and slid his chair closer towards Harry. He cupped Harry's chin and lifted his head so that he could look in the boy's eyes. Harry was shaking in his teacher's hands. Slowly Severus removed Harry's glasses so that he could get a good look at his eyes. Harry's eyes were glassy. He was not looking at anything. There was pain in the young boy's eyes.

“Harry,” Severus voice was low and soothing. “Harry listen to me. I need you to calm down. You're working yourself in a state.”

Harry closed his eyes and tried to move his head. It was getting hard to breathe and he couldn't move. He can't stay here. Things don't make since. Things were becoming the unknown. Harry didn't like the unknown. The unknown meant that he's going to get hurt. He didn't know the rules of the unknown and that meant trouble for him. He tried to take a deep breath but his chest hurts. Then he feels something soft press against his chest. He wanted to wrap his arms around the soft object but his arms felt like jello. Even though, just this morning he took off the sling on his arm, and it felt good to be able to move his arm. Now it felt like his limbs don't belong to him. Things started to get dark. The darkness was becoming inviting. Harry welcomed the darkness like an old friend.

Severus, trying to calm Harry down, was surprised at his response to everything that has happened. He didn't understand what was upsetting Harry into hysterics. He just knew that he needed to get the child's breathing back under control. When Harry's shoulders slumped and the rigid nature that the boy lazed under his hand, Severus knew the inevitable was about to occur; Harry was loosing consciousness.

“Harry,” Severus called out again. “Har....” He wasn't able to get anything else out for Harry's limped body fell sideways into his Professor's chest.

Severus picked up the child and carried him to the living room and laid him on the couch.

“Tami,” he called out laying Harry on the couch.

A small pop sounded next to Severus. A tiny gasp came from the elf.

“I need you to watch him,” Severus said without looking at his elf.

“Master Harry Potter,” Tami gasped out. “Why is Master Harry Potter here? Why he hurt?”

“Tami, please,” Severus scowled. “I do not have time for this.” Getting up from the couch. “Stay with him. I will return soon. Do NOT leave him.”

Tami looked up at her mistress' son with sad eyes.

“I will not leave Master Harry Potter.”

Severus gave the elf a curt nod and then turned and left the room. He really did not want to go to Spinner's End. Too many bad memories. That's why he purchased the small two story house in Lewisham to get away from the awful memories of his father. But Spinner's End is where he needed to go. When he needed to make a dangerous potions that were volatile in nature he would brew it there. If there were damages from the brewing then it wouldn't be any hardship or loss if the house was destroyed.

Well, right now, Severus needed to get to Spinner's End. Harry needed a potion that Severus kept stored in two places; Spinner's End and his private stores at Hogwarts. Hogwarts was out of the question, so he apparated to Spinner's End after giving Tami the order to not leave the child. It only took a few minutes to find what he needed and he apparated back to his home in Lewisham, where he had a very sick boy that worked himself into a panic attack.


Minerva finished getting dressed and decided to have her breakfast with the other staff members that were still at the castle for the summer holidays. Buttoning up the last of her blouse and putting on her green outer robe, she realized that her hands were not hurting. She couldn't help the smile on her face when she was able to ball up her fist and they not hurt. But that wonderful feeling didn't last long. As she walked to the Great Hall, she knew that there was one teacher that would not be there having his breakfast, and that broke her heart. She hated that her son didn't feel that he could truly trust her. She knew that he was a spy and that there were some things that he would have to keep silent, but she just knew that they saw eye to eye when it came down to Harry. Something had changed. And she was determined to find out what. As she walked into the Great Hall, and saw Albus sitting at the table, she stilled her nerves. So much, she wanted to strangle that old coot with his own beard for making her son take Harry back to those dreadful people, but for right now she would hold the peace. She put on her best pinched face and walked up to the table.

“Good morning, Minerva,” Albus said. He eyes twinkled brightly.

Minerva suppressed the smirk, that would've put Severus' to shame, and just gave the Headmaster a slight nod.

As she sat down next to the Headmaster, Albus tried to hold conversation with her.

“Now, Minnie,” Albus began, as he scooped up what looked like his seconds on the eggs. “I know you must be a little upset.”

“Upset!” Minerva's voice got louder. She looked around the professor's table to see who could possibly eavesdrop on their conversation. “Let me tell you about how upset I am. First off...”

“Now Minnie,” Albus said with a mischievous smile on his face. “You can not possibly still be upset about Severus and Harry.” Minerva looked at Albus as if he really lost his mind. “Severus is a grown man, and he can do as he pleases.

But I will say this,” Albus put his fork down and turned slightly towards Minerva. “When Severus returns, I will talk with him, and I will check on Harry in Surrey just to ease your heart that he is in no danger.”

“Now Albus,” Minerva started but was cut off again.

“Will everyone please excuse me?” Albus said getting up. “I have some pressing matters that must be taken care of. I should hope to see you all at dinner.”

With that Albus walked out of the Great Hall leaving Minerva more angry than when she came in. Sometimes, Minerva thought, just sometimes, she really wish that she could strangle that old coot with his own beard.


Severus came into the living room holding a few things. One of them, which had Tami truly starring, was that black bear.

“Master Sev'us,” Tami moved out of the way.

“Tami,” Severus said putting the items down on the small table beside him, not looking at he. “I want you to bring something light for us to eat for breakfast. Toast and black tea for me. Scrambled eggs, toast, and pumpkin juice for Potter.”

“Yes, Master Sev'us.”

“One more thing,” Tami turned back to Severus as he called out. “No one, I mean no one, is to know that Potter is here. Not even mother.”

If an elf's face could lose color, than Tami's just did from that order. Don't tell Mistress. She started to shake her head.

“Tami,” Severus' tone was light. “I know you are struggling.” A pair of big eyes met her mistress's son. “I'm only giving this order to protect mother. If she knows that Potter is here, she and Potter may be in danger.” Tami's eyes got big. “Now, can I entrust you with this secret?”

“Yes, Master Sev'us,” Tami said with a new founded determination. “Always to protect mistress. Protect mistress, Master Harry, and you.” With that a small pop and Tami disappeared.

Severus began his work on Harry. The first thing he did was run a diagnostic spell over Harry. This one was different from the last one Severus had done. This one specifically looked at the child's lungs. Not being too pleased at what he was seeing, he spelled the potion in his stomach. The pneumonia was not getting better, but it wasn't getting any worse.

Next, another items in which he brought in with him was a warm wet flannel. He placed it over the child's eyes. He pressed very gently on the flannel. Not to hurt, but just enough to keep the soothing warmness on Harry's eyes.

Severus noted that Harry's body started to move his head into the flannel. He knew that Harry was coming to. So for the last thing that he did before Harry truly waked. He, very gently, placed the black bear on Harry, just under his nose. Instinctively, Harry's arms came around the bear and gripped it tightly. Severus, letting go of the bear, but still pressing on the flannel, looked down at the small boy that had way too many problems for a fourteen going on fifteen year old.

There was a small pop that sounded in the other room, letting Severus know that their breakfast has returned. He got confirmation of that, when Tami walked to the doorway and announced that breakfast was on the table. He nodded at her and then turned back to the boy on his couch. Severus knew what had to be done. He had to speak with Harry.

“Wake up, Potter,” Severus could feel Harry starting to tense up under his hand. “I know you're awake.”

The only thing Harry did to let Severus know that he was indeed listening; he was clutching the black bear for dear life.

“Harry,” Severus' voice was low and soothing. The same way he talked Harry out of his nightmares at Figg's house and the Infirmary. “You are not in trouble. No harm will come to you. But I would like you to wake so that you can eat some breakfast.”

For the next minute or two nothing was said. Then Severus heard the boy's voice under his hand.

“You promise?”


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