Unexpected Truce

Albus' True Colors

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Chapter 17

This past full moon had been very stressful for Remus. Even though, he had his potion of Wolfsbane, this month's change was very hard on him and his body. After the full moon had passed and he was back to himself again, Remus decided to get some much needed rest. Having lost his position as Defense Against The Dark Arts two years ago, he was really grateful to his best mate for letting him stay with him at Grimmauld Place.

The day was going great. The heavy drapes on the windows were closed, so it was completely dark in his room. Remus was sleeping peacefully when he heard it.


Remus opened his eyes and sighed. He knew that whatever it was, it was not going to be good. Considering the sound of feet charging towards his room, Remus knew he'd better be ready for whatever was bothering Sirius.

Not a moment after taking the covers off, did his room door slam open and a very livid Sirius came bursting through the door.

“I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT,” screamed Sirius.

Remus put his hand over his eyes.

“Please, Sirius,” Remus squinted his eyes. “I have a headache. What's wrong?”

“That bloody bat,” Sirius ranted. “I'm gonna kill that bloody bat.”

“Who are you talking about?” Remus asked looking Sirius. His brow creased.


“Sirius, please,” Remus held up his hand. “Stop yelling and tell me what you are talking about.”

“Snivellus kidnapped Harry and brainwashed him.”

“What?” Remus stood up and walked over to Sirius who was now pacing in the doorway.

“Snape,” Sirius pushed the parchment onto Remus' chest. “Read it.”

Remus flick his wrist his wand came into his hand. One thing Remus learned, from his younger days with his friends, was the use of a wand strap on his wrist for easy access of his wand. With a wave of his wand, the drapes opened up and the room became lit. After adjusting his eyes to the light, Remus looked down at the parchment and read it. A smile came across his lips. He could feel Sirius harsh breathing next to him. As he read the note a small chuckle escaped his lips.

“What's so funny?” fumed Sirius.

Remus looked up at his friend and couldn't help the small laugh that came out. “I'm sorry, Sirius, but I don't see how you got that Severus kidnapped Harry from this.” Holding up the parchment. “It would seem that Harry is fine and wanted to spread the news.” He sat back down on the bed. “So why are you so angry?”

“BECAUSE IT'S SEVERUS SNAPE THAT HAS HIM!” Sirius shouted. Remus put both his hands over his ears and sighed.

Remus wanted to tell his best friend that Severus couldn't be all bad if Harry was enjoying his time there, but with the way Sirius was ranting he felt his friend would not hear him.


Severus slept for three hours. When he woke up, he realized that he slept in the library. Standing up, rolling his neck to get the kinks out he decided to go and check on Harry. Slowly he strolled up the stairs to Harry room. Once he got there and looked in, he saw that Harry did take his advice. Harry was asleep, but where he was asleep Severus knew it was just to uncomfortable for him. Harry had his head down on the desk quill loosely in his hand. Severus walked over to the sleeping child and began to move him to the bed. Carefully, he picked the sleeping child up and carried him the few steps to the bed. Severus loosely draped the cover over Harry and went to straighten up the desk. There he saw what Harry was working on before sleep claimed him.

The desk had pieces of parchments everywhere. He saw that Harry's Potions book was opened and each parchment had different little notes from few of the chapters. Severus couldn't help the small smile that came across his lips as he saw the intense effort that Harry was going through to do his summer Potions homework. After clearing and organizing the desk, Severus took one more look at the sleeping child and saw that for the first time since he's brought Harry to his house, Harry was actually sleeping peacefully. There were no worry lines on the child's brow. He actually looked like an average child taking a nap. Severus left the room. As much as he didn't want to leave, he knew he had a meeting with the Headmaster that pretty much was put off thanks to his house elf.

“Tami,” Severus called out once he got to the front door.

A small pop and the elf was standing in front of Severus.

“I am going to Hogwarts,” Severus stated. “Keep and eye on Potter. When he wakes up, make sure that he eats something.”

“Yes, Master Sev'us.”

With that, Severus turned and walked out of the house and apparated to the front of the gate of Hogwarts. Slowly, Severus walked up towards the castle. He really didn't have the energy to face Albus right now, but he knew he couldn't put it off any longer. The one thing he regretted was that he never read the howler that Albus sent. Thanks to Tami, she made the howler disappear before the envelope began screaming.

Severus walked into the school. With his mother missing, the feel of the school was off to him. It didn't feel like home anymore. He walked to the gargoyle and uttered the password. The gargoyle slowly moved to the side and allowed passage to the spiral stairs. Severus walked up the stairs knowing that whatever was about to be discussed was not going to be good. He was about to knock on the door when it opened by itself.

Severus walked in the office and saw Albus was sitting behind his desk looking at him.

“Sit, Severus,” Albus voice was void of emotion.

Severus sat down in the chair across from Albus' desk and looked at his employer.

“Yes, Albus,” Severus said.

Albus leaned forward on the desk, looking at his potions master. “Where is Harry?”

Severus looked down at his hands and then back at Albus. He knew lying was out of the question.

“Safe,” Severus schooled his features as if he was talking to the Dark Lord.

“Do we really need to have this conversation again, Severus?” anger lacing Albus' voice. “I told you to return Harry back to his relatives. He's safer there.”

Severus took a deep breath. There was so many things that the Headmaster was holding over his head threatening him with. So many things that, if it came out, would put him in Azkaban without the benefit of a trial. Things that would shame his adoptive mother and she would probably want to reverse the adoption. Yes, Minerva knew that he took the Dark Mark and she took him back with open arms, but there were other things that he'd done before the Mark and after that he's never told Minerva.

“If I refuse?” Severus asked. “Potter does not want to return.”

Albus narrowed his eyes then went through his desk. Once he found what he was looking for he placed it on the desk. His eyes void of its usual twinkle stared at his potions master.

Severus stared at the small flask containing a silvery strain. He knew what that was. His breathing seemed to catch in his throat. There it was. His past coming back to haunt him.

“We had a deal, Severus.” Severus stood up. “All it would take,” Albus said. “Is one floo call to Kingsley and you know where you would be going.”

Severus backed up away from the desk.

“You'd have me arrested.”

“Bring Harry back to me.” Albus' voice was like venom. “Or you will go down. For murder.”

Severus sneered. Severus didn't kill him on purpose. Albus knew that. He was just defending himself. He couldn't help what happened.

“I'm not a murderer,” Severus said. His voice did not hold the same confidence as before.

“No,” Albus said standing up. “Let me ask you, did you tell your precious mother about it?” Severus blinked at him. “Yeah, I thought not.”

Albus shook his head. He looked at the man standing before him with disgust.

“You're nothing but a coward, Severus. And cowards do not get a say in where special, important people stay at. You know,” Albus walked over to Severus. “I don't know why Minerva cares so much about you. You're nothing but a Slytherin. And then you are worse than the Slytherin that came before you and after. Your nothing but a filthy half-breed that just wants to fit in somewhere. Someone that wants to think he's important.”

“If you think me so awful,” Severus said his eyes closed. “Then release me. Let me go. I don't want to do this anymore.”

With a speed that Severus did not know Albus had, he was in the potion master's face within seconds.

“The minute I release you is the minute you are taken to Azkaban. Don't forget the only reason you're not in there now is because of me. The only reason you are breathing free air is because of me. So I would think you would be a little more grateful towards me. So when I say, Harry is to go back to his relatives, that is where you are to take him!”

Albus stepped back from Severus and walked back behind his desk.

“Now,” his voice was less harsh and his twinkle came back to his eyes. “Severus, I will give you 12 hours to take Harry back to his relatives. I don't care what he says happened or will happen in that house. Harry goes back. Is that understood?”

“Perfectly, Headmaster,” Severus tilted his head slightly as an affirmative. He turned to walk out of the office.

“Oh, Severus,” Albus called out when Severus was at the door. “One other thing, if you do this again, I will not save you from Azkaban.”

Severus turned and walked out of the door. He knew without a shadow of a doubt, Harry was not returning to those relatives of his. Especially, after what Harry had told him. As he walked down the spiral stairs, Severus noticed that the entire time there, Albus never once asked about Minerva or wondered where she was. This worried him more.

As he walked back to his quarters, he tried to figure out where he would take Potter and not land himself in Azkaban to do it. He knew that his house was under the Fidelius charm, but he didn't want to take a chance that Albus knew how to get around that. Especially since his secret keeper was missing, his house was no longer safe.

“Tami,” Severus called out.

With a small pop, Tami was standing in front of her Mistress' son.

“Yes, Master Sev'us.”

“How is Harry?”

“Young Master is still asleep,” a small smile graced her lips.

Severus nodded. “Take me to him.”

Tami reached up and took his hand and they apparated back to Severus' house and straight into Harry's room.

Harry, still in the same position, looked so peaceful sleeping. The thought still plagued Severus; where could they go where he could protect Harry? He couldn't help but shake his head looking at the small boy. When did he become Harry and not Potter? Walking over to the bed, looking at the sleeping child, he moved a few strains of hair out of the child's eyes. Harry stirred but didn't wake. Severus looked out of the window and saw something coming towards the window. As it got closer, Severus recognized it as Harry's owl. So as to not to wake Harry, he opened the window to allow the bird access. Once the snowy owl made it into the house, she dropped a note on the desk by Severus. He picked and saw who it was from, Severus closed his eyes.

He knew if he was going to have to protect Harry, he was going to have to swallow his pride and ask for help. He just didn't want to ask him, but there was no one else that would care for Harry as much as he did. Severus took a step back away from the bed. That last thought scared him. Cared for Potter. When did going to check on Potter change to caring for him? When his life turned out to be just like yours, Severus answered himself back. He sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was admit that to either Albus Dumbledore or Tom Riddle.

Severus looked down at the scrawl on the parchment and knew if he was to keep Harry safe, he would have to talk to Sirius Black.


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