Unexpected Truce

The Wolf and The Mutt

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Chapter 18

Severus sat at the desk and watched Harry sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about the meeting he had with the Headmaster. He hated all the control that Albus had over him. Severus sighed. He just wanted to be free. He was tired of spying. The one good thing in all of this that actually brought a small smile to his face was Minerva. Her taking him away from that house and adopting him made everything he went through worth while. She made him feel loved. Now he looks at the small boy laying on the bed and see the same thing happening all over again.

“No,” Severus said looking at the boy. “Not again.”

Severus turned towards the desk to sit properly. He pulled out a piece of parchment and quill. He figured if he was going to swallow his pride he would still need a mediator when dealing with the dog. With a deep sigh, Severus began to write.

Remus Lupin

I know I am probably the last person you would expect to hear from, but something has happened that causes me to send out an olive branch. I know that I am the last person you would want to talk to. So first off I would like to offer my apology towards the way I was two years ago. Old grudges.

The reason for this message is about Harry Potter. He needs a safe place to stay. For reasons that I can not get into without his consent, know that he is not safe with his relatives or Dumbledore. Harry is currently with me, but after recent events he is no longer safe here.

The favor that I need to ask of you is the only other place that I know of that Harry can be remotely safe is with Sirius Black. I know that he cares for Harry, but will not like that I have him. I just want to make sure that Harry is safe.

Please send reply that you will help with the switch.

Severus Snape

Severus rolled the parchment and attached it to Hedwig.

“Please take this to Remus. I know you know who that is.”

With a small chirp from the bird, Hedwig took off and flew out of the window for the third time today.


He walked through the house. It was a disaster area. Furniture either splintered in to bits or impaled on the wall. He walked past the living room to the back rooms where he found what looked like a bedroom. There was a small cot in the corner, but that was all that showed that this room was a bedroom. On the far wall, he saw shackles hanging from chains. He walked out of the room and continued his search for the occupant of the house. Upon walking into the kitchen this had to be the most devastated room in the house. There were no furniture in the kitchen, but there was a body on the floor.

Albus walked up to the body and knelt down by it. Having met Tobias once before, Albus knew that this poor soul was indeed Tobias Snape. Albus looked around the room and could still feel the residual magic in the room. Whatever happened in here, their magic was strong. He knew there was a certain student in the infirmary that he needed to talk with.

Severus had just woke up to a tray of food sitting on the table next to his bed. On the tray was a note from Minerva that said he was to eat all of the food on the plate and that once she was done with her last class she would be by and sit with him. A small smile graced the sixteen year old as he pulled the tray closer towards him. After he finished his lunch, Severus looked around to see if there was anything that he could do to keep busy. He was tired of staying in the bed, but Poppy refused to let him walk around just yet. The damage to his foot and ankle needed to completely heal before he could put weight on it. For once he wished he had his books with him. He could have read up on his school books so he would not be too far behind in his classes. Not finding anything to do, Severus decided to lay back down and close his eyes for a minute and wait for Minnie to come and visit.

After a half an hour, Severus woke up to the sound of the door to the Infirmary opening. Sitting up with a small smile thinking that Minnie finished early and had come to visit, much to his surprise when seeing the Headmaster walking towards his bed.

Professor Dumbledore,” Severus said.

How are you fairing, my boy?” Albus voice was full of concern. He sat down on the edge of the teenage boy's bed.

I'm doing better, Headmaster,” Severus said looking down at his covered lap.

I've heard some disturbing reports, Severus,” Albus reached out put his finger under Severus' chin and lifted it so Severus was looking at him. “That there has been problems at home.”

Severus' heart was beating so hard he feared Headmaster would hear it. The last person he wanted to talk to about his home life was the Headmaster.

Sir?” trying to sound confused.

Severus,” Albus soothe out. “There is nothing to fear. I am just trying to find some understanding. If your father was such a tyrant as you told Minerva about, then why did you kill him?”

Severus clutched the blanket tightly. He could feel the trembling starting from his legs. He desperately tried to stop the movement, but he couldn't. He didn't mean for what happen to happen. It was an accident. He just wanted his father to stop. He was in so much pain and his father would stop. His dad went from a slipper, to a belt, to a cane, to (what seemed like the worst) a frying pan. The frying pan was the last straw for Severus. He really didn't want to hurt his father. He just wanted him to stop. Severus didn't even remember what happened. He just remembered the beatings, that wouldn't stop, and then, just before he passed out there was a bright light and the next thing he knew, he was laying face down right next to his cot in his bedroom. He didn't see his father. He didn't know where he was, but he decided to use that reprieve time to gather up his things and leave the house.

Now, Severus,” Albus pulled Severus out of his musing. “You know that it is a terrible crime of Patricide, a crime punishable by imprisonment.” Albus tsked, shaking his head. “What a talent wasted. I shall miss you when the aurors come for you.”

There was nothing but fear in his eyes. So last night was a lie. Minnie didn't fight for him. He really had no one. The headmaster wouldn't lie to him. Severus knew he needed to plead his case. It was the only way not to get arrested.

Headmaster, please,” Severus pleaded. “I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't even know he was dead until you said something.”

You know, Minerva stood up for you,” Albus said. Severus looked stunned at that revelation. Minnie did fight for him.

I don't understand what she sees in you,” Albus continued. “But for some reason she is very protective of you. You, who your own house shuns away from. You better be happy that she is on your side.”

Please,” Severus pleaded, tears burning the back of his throat. “I'll do anything.”

A small smirk came across the Headmaster's face.

Yes, Severus, I believe you will.”

Severus knew that when he pleaded for his life when he was a child he sealed his fate. A fate that was worse by all accounts than that of a Death Eater. He knew his life was cursed and numbered, but he refused to let any of that happen to Harry.

Severus was brought out of his musing by a letter being dropped in front of him. The wolf had responded, Severus thought. The last thing he thought would happen would be a response from Remus.

Severus opened the letter and read it.


Anything that is needed to take care of Harry Potter is at your disposal. I am currently staying with Sirius so Harry will not only have his godfather, but me as well watching over him. It worries me that you would be wary of Albus along with Voldemort in regards to Harry. But one thing I have learned about you, Severus, is that if something isn't right, it usually is not. So you being worried, worries me. If need be you also are welcome to stay and get your bearings as to what your next move will be.

As to Sirius. He is just as bullheaded and stubborn as you are.

Come as soon as you feel it safe


After reading the note, there was a stir on the bed. Severus looked up to see Harry looking at him.

“Mr. Potter,” Severus drawled. “How long have you been awake?”

“Since Hedwig came,” Harry said sitting up. “Is everything alright?”

Severus knew that what he was going to say, Harry may not take it well, but it had to be said.

“There's been a change in plans,” Severus started out. “The Headmaster knows that you are with me, and he wants you to go back to your relatives.”

Harry's face dropped. He with pale and started shaking. Go back. No. He couldn't go back. Professor Snape promised. I can't go back, Harry thought.

“Harry,” Severus stood up and walked over to the bed and sat down next to the boy.

“Please,” Harry's voice no louder than a whisper. “Please don't take me back. I promise I'll be good. Please, professor.”

Harry's breathing started to become shallow and rapid. Severus knew that if he didn't calm down soon he would hyperventilate an possibly pass out. Wrapping his arms around Harry and bring him into a firm embrace, he was slightly rocking rubbing Harry's back soothingly.

“Harry, calm down,” Severus soothed. “Just breathe, child. You will not be going back.”

Harry, as soon as he felt the arms embrace him, gripped hold of his professor's frock coat as he tried to bring Severus closer to him.

“Harry,” Severus said trying to calm Harry down. “I have given you my word that you will not be going back to your relatives, and I meant that.”

“B-but sir,” Harry tried to say.

“No buts, Mr. Potter,” Severus said. “I will keep my promise, but it's not safe for you to stay here. I have made arrangements for you to stay somewhere else.”

“But I want to stay with you,” Harry said. Severus couldn't help the warm feeling hearing that from Harry.

“I will not be going anywhere.”

After a few more moments, Harry let go of Severus' coat. Severus got up and walked over to the door.

“I want you to pack a bag and meet me at the door. You'll be staying with them for the rest of the summer.”

“Yes sir,” Harry shoulders slumped hearing that where ever he was going he was going to be there the entire summer.

Harry walked down the stairs, backpack in hand, and met the Potions Professor at the door. They walked out of the door and Severus held out his arm. Harry sighed and took his professor's arm.

They arrived at a house that didn't seem to actually be there. Severus started walking and Harry followed. Once they got to the door, Severus opened the door and let themselves inside.

The two wizards walked down the narrow hallway till they got to the door at the end of the hall.

Harry walked in the room and what he saw brought a big smile on his face.

Sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet, Sirius was drinking tea.

“Sirius,” Harry exclaimed.

Sirius looked up from the paper and saw his godson standing in the doorway. He got up from the table and went to his godson and brought him into an embrace.

Severus knew that if he saw him it was not going to be good, but he wanted Harry's reunion with his dogfather go with no drama. At least for right now.


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