Unexpected Truce


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Chapter 27

Night had fallen and Sirius transformed back to himself. He looked at his godson as he slept. Today was a positive day for him. He stood up to his relatives and his cousin's friends learned that it would be a bad idea if they were to harm Harry again. When they returned back to Number 4 Privet Drive, Harry was talking about everything that happened. He was proud of himself, and that made Sirius happy, but he noticed there was a longing that Harry was displaying. He knew Harry wanted Snape.

Harry longing for Snape was a hard pill to swallow. He was the child's godfather. Not Snape. But that's who Harry wanted. Sirius looked at Harry one more time, then went to the boy's trunk and pulled out his Invisibility cloak.

He knew it would probably be a bad idea if he left, but he knew that to make his godson happy he would do whatever he needed. And what he needed was bloody Snape.


Minerva was lying in the bed resting comfortably under Severus' watchful eyes. Looking at his adopted mother, Severus couldn't believe that someone would try to kill her. Who would put an explosive device in her robes? That thought alone infuriated the potion master, because he knew whoever this witch or wizard was, they were trying to make a statement.

Do you not remember what happened?” Healer Williams asked after putting Minerva's robes in a plastic container.

I do not,” Minerva answered. “I don't even remember how I got here. I-I just remember being at Hogwarts and...and then I'm here.”

Severus standing next to Minerva with his hand on her shoulder for support. Minerva reached up and squeezed his fingers. She may not remember where she was for the past two days, but she knew that if Severus Snape was reaching out for her then that meant that he was worried. And that worried her because her adopted son was never one to show any kind of emotion when others were around.

Healer Williams waved his wand and cast a intricate diagnostic spell on Minerva. This particular diagnostic would show what curses, spells or charms that have been cast on a witch or wizard.

A small parchment began to form with the results. It wasn't long, but what was on there gave the healer mixed feelings. The first that was shown was a parenting charm. Healer Williams looked up and looked at the pair standing across from them. He knew that both were Professors at Hogwarts, but what he didn't know, that he just learned, was that they were mother and son. A faint smile crept the healer's lips. Then when the final spell showed on the parchment, the ghost of a smile was gone.

Severus, who was very adept in reading faces, noticed there was something that was bothering the healer.

What did you find?” Severus asked.

Minerva instantly stiffened with worry.

It appears that you've had a charm put on you for several years now,” Healer Williams announced. Since the room was not private he did not say what the charm was but looking at Minerva, he knew she was well aware of that particular charm. “The others were curses that were cast within the last several days.”

Minerva's hand tightened around her son's fingers.

You were hit with the Stupefy curse twice, and the Oblivate curse.”

Tonks gasped at what was said. “Who would do that?” Though no one answered.

So,” Healer Williams continued. “You wouldn't remember what happened. Now, because the Stupefy curse was done at a very close range I would like to keep you here to make sure that there was no damage done.” Minerva silently nodded. “I'll bring a medi-witch in here and we can get you into a room.”

Severus stayed by Minerva side the entire time. The door opened to the room, but Severus did not hear the usual footsteps of the healer or the medi-witch. With the flick of his wrist, his wand was in his hand. He did not move so that he could give the element of surprise for whomever dared enter this room. When nothing was said, Severus turned and looked around, but saw nothing, then a blurry figure came to be in the middle of the room.

Sirius emerged from the Invisibility cloak and could not help the smirk at the look he was getting from the Potion Master's face.

“Why the bloody hell are you here?” Severus fumed the minute he got his voice. To say he was surprised that the mutt was standing in the room was an understatement. But if he was here then that meant no one was protecting Harry.

“We need to talk,” Sirius said walking over to the opposite side of the bed.

“If your here, then who's with Harry?” Severus asked, through clenched teeth.

“Don't worry,” Sirius waved his hand. “Between what Moony said to those Muggles and what happened this morning, I don't think they will be bothering Harry anytime soon.”

Sirius' caviler attitude about the situation just infuriated Severus more.

“You bloody mutt,” Severus fumed. “Harry is more worried about what his relatives will do to him while he's asleep in his room than when he's awake.”

“Then I guess it was a good thing that I put a magical lock on his door before I left.”

Severus had to admit that was clever, but he would never tell the mutt that.

“Why are you here?” Severus asked again.

“It's about Harry,” Sirius sighed. “He misses you.”

Of everything that could have come out of Sirius' mouth, hearing that Harry Potter, who has been in the presence of his dogfather this entire day, missing the bloody bat from the dungeons, was not something Severus expected to hear.

“Here,” Sirius continued. “Take this and go see him.”

The animagus reached over the bed and handed Severus the Invisibility cloak.

“Look,” Sirius sounded defeated. “This is not easy for me because I don't like you. But Harry does and he misses those few days you spent together.”

Severus looked at Sirius and took the cloak. He looked down at the cloth in his hands. This one object has been the source of his headaches when he was in school both as a student and a professor. James and Sirius would prank and bully him while he was in school. And when Albus gave Harry the cloak as a Christmas present, the headaches began again, because he couldn't protect the child if he was going around the castle trying to get that blasted stone with that cloak. Him and his bloody friends.

Severus slightly shook his thought from the memory to look at his nemesis across from him. The last thing he wanted to admit was that the child has weaseled his way through his heart.

“Do not leave this room.”

“I'm not suppose to be here.”

Severus wandlessly cast a protection charm over his adopted mother, wrapped the cloak around himself and left the room.

Sirius lowered his head when he saw the dungeon bat disappear. As much as he did not want to do this, he knew it was the right thing to do. He also knew that Harry would love to see him, and if Sirius wanted to do right by Harry, he would have to swallow his pride and get his godson what he needed.


Sirius lifted up his head to see his Head-of-House looking at him, and for the first time she didn't have the look of wanting to string him up by his toes on her face.

“Professor,” Sirius said. He couldn't help sounding like he was still in school.

“I'm very proud of what you just did. I heard everything that was said. For the first time, you've thought of others first other than yourself. It is a very becoming trait. I hope you embrace that side of you more. You have a big heart and you are loyal to a fault.” Minerva sat up to get more comfortable on the bed and then continued. “You always thought that just because you were placed in Gryffindor that you were different from your family. Being put in different houses does not determine that. What makes you stand out from your family is the ability to do what is right for everyone involved and not what is just right for you. Houses mean nothing. It's the friendships and relationships for one another that has the most meaning. If Remus was in Ravenclaw, would you have loved him as a brother any less? Do not let prejudice of the Houses define you. With your loyalty and Severus' cunning ability, you two would make a formidable team that no one could break apart. Because Harry is going to need both of you when the time comes.”


Filius was always the only professor that never went home during the Summer months. Yes, Minerva and Severus would stay most of the time, but they too went home for at least a few weeks out of the summer.

This particular day, the Charms Professor decided to take a leisurely walk through the forest. Because of his small stature, there were many places he could go to that were not easily assessable to his colleagues. It was these places that Filius found to be very tranquil. He would go to his secluded spot in the forest with a good book and his favorite drink and just relax and get himself lost in the words of the story his was reading that day.

On his way back to the castle, he saw something that made the small wizard draw his wand. The bridge that he normally took to and from the castle was destroyed. He wasn't worried that he would be stranded or trapped for he knew of another way in, but he did not like the fact that when he left that morning everything was just fine and now chaos.

It took him a little bit to walk around til he got to the main entrance, and when he did, things were even worse there.

The front door was in complete rubble. Very slowly, the Charms Professor made his way towards the door. When he got there, he could not believe what he saw. Hagrid was laying amongst the rubble as if dead. Filius was not a certified healer, but he did know how to do a simple diagnostic charm.

Once he did the charm and the parchment started to fill up, the first thing that the wizard looked at with a huge sigh of relief. Hagrid was alive, but he was extremely hurt.


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