Unexpected Truce

A Wrench in the System

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Chapter 29

“Mr. Potter, must you cling to me like a primate?” Severus said, but there was no venom in his words nor was he trying to release the boy.

Harry grinned in Severus' shoulder then lowered himself off of his Professor.

“You said you wouldn't come,” Harry smiled, walking back to his bed and sitting down.

“Yes, well, your mutt seemed to think that you wanted to tell me something.”

The biggest smile came across Harry's face as Severus sat down on the bed. Harry began telling Severus everything that happened since that morning. How awesome Sirius was with his uncle and then Snuffles biting Dudley and chasing after the other boys.

Severus sat and listen to the boy regale him of his day, talking like they didn't even have a shady past. Never in a million years did he think that Harry Potter would want to eagerly share his day with the Greasy Bat of the Dungeons. Severus knew what the children called him at Hogwarts.

“....so Professor, what do you think?” Harry asked pulling Severus out of his musing.

“I think you've done a wonderful job. And after you came back here, you were not a victim to any backlash for what you said this morning?”

Harry shook his head. “I think they were more worried about what Sirius would do. You should have seen there faces. It was wicked.”

“I'm happy that it all worked out for you.”

“How long are you staying?” Harry asked.

“Not long. I'm going to leave now.”

Harry's smile left his lips. He never thought the fact that Professor Snape wasn't staying would hurt him so much.

“I must get back to St. Mungo's.”

“Is Madam Pomfrey going to be alright?”

“She's in very capable hands,” Severus soothed Harry's anxiety. “As to her eyes, I don't know.”

“Are you going to look for Professor McGonagall?”

“She's at St. Mungo's as well.”

“Is she alright? What happened to her? Can I go see her?”

“Harry, child, breathe,” Severus said. “She's fine, now. You will see her when term resumes. Right now, she is resting.”

Harry looked at his Professor, biting his lip. He was trying to decided if he should even ask this next question.

“What's on your mind, Potter?”

“You called Professor McGonagall mother.”

“Yes,” Severus said. “Let's just say we have similar backgrounds. Minerva helped me...”

“Like you are helping me?” Harry asked.

Severus never really gave it much thought that what he was doing with Harry was the same thing Minerva did with him while he was in school. Watching over him. Making sure that he was safe and happy. Never in his wildest dreams did Severus think he would feel this way about the son of his school time nemesis.

“Yes, Potter.” Harry covered his mouth as he yawned. “You have had an exhausting day. You need to get some rest.” Severus stood up from the bed.

“Professor,” Harry called out, laying down on the bed. “Can you at least stay with me until I fall asleep?”

“No,” Severus said, shaking his head. He could see the disappointment that was molding on the child's face. Severus pulled the bear out from under the covers and handed it to Harry. Harry absentmindedly wrapped his arms tightly around the bear. “Now before you work yourself up into a panic, the reason I will not stay is because I do not want you to think that this was a dream and you believe that I did not come when you asked. So to insure that you know that I did, I will leave you now. I will see you when term resumes.”

“But you did,” Harry argued. He's eyelids started to become heavy.

“Yes, child, I did,”Severus said. “Now, I want you to do something for me.”

A small surge of awareness came as Harry looked at Severus expectantly.

“I need you to take care of yourself, and not call for me again.”

“But sir,” Harry started, more awake than he just was, but was cut off by Severus' hand.

“I need to know that you are safe. The only way that's is going to help me is that Black stays with you. Having him come and get me does not make for good judgment on your part.”

Harry sat up again. “But sir, I didn't ask him to get you.”

Severus blinked at the boy then walked back over to Harry. With his hand on the child's shoulder, he lightly pushed Harry back to laying down on his bed and pulled the thin cover over the boy.

“Mr. Potter, get some rest.”

Severus got up and walked over to the door with the cloak in his hand. Before he put it on he turned to Harry and said, “When you come to school, please do not come in the manner you did in your second year.” Harry rolled his eyes as he laid his head on the bear.

“Oh, one last thing, you have permission to bring that mutt on the train.”


“I still do not want you alone, even if you are with your friends. Sirius will stay with you.” With that, Severus put the invisibility cloak over his head. Before walking out of the room, he did not fail to see the huge grin on the fourteen year old's face as he snuggled into the head of the bear. The one thing Severus loved about being under the cloak was that no one saw the rare happenings under there. Seeing the boy smiling, laying back down in the bed, Severus smiled at the boy that weaseled his way into the stony heart of the Potions Master.


Tami sat in the cold dark room for a day now. Her hands finally were starting to heal after the abuse she put herself through with the Headmaster. Tears leaking out of her eyes. She missed her family. She didn't know when she would see her Mistress or Master Sev'us again. Headmaster told her it was all her fault and had to be punished. She didn't understand what it was she did wrong, but it must have been bad if Headmaster took her from her Mistress.

Several times she tried to pop out of the room only to find that it was warded against elven magic. So she was stuck in the room until Headmaster said she could leave. How long would it be?

Please take a biscuit,” said the sweet sounding voice behind her.

Tami learned long ago, that voice no matter how sweet sounding it was, it was never a good thing. She shook her head at the offering.

Don't make me sad, Tami,” Albus knelt beside her chair. “Don't you always want to see me happy?”

Y-yes, M..master Headmaster,” Tami stuttered out.

Then take a biscuit,” Albus voice lost the once sweet sound.

Tami's hands shook as she reached for the small dessert.

Good,” Albus stood up and walked behind his desk. “Now Tami dear, why don't you tell me what it is I want to know?”

I have nothing to report, sir.”

Oh, I believe that you do,” Albus sat back in his chair, stroking his long white beard. “I pulled you from where Harry Potter was staying.” Tami shaking her head. “Which means that you know exactly where he is.”

I can't, Master Headmaster.”

You can and you will,” Albus' voice got sharper. “Where is Harry? He needs to go back to his relatives' house.”

Tami tried to stand up, but Albus waved his wand over his chambers and sat back with a satisfied grin on his face.

Let's get something straight, Tami dear,” Albus popped a lemon drop in his mouth. “I own you. You may be bonded with Minerva, but you're mine. And when I tell you that you are to let me know what is going on between my two Head-Of-Houses, then I expect that to happen.”

Tami had fear in her eyes. She always thought that if she could get from under the Headmaster that she would be fine, but now she was learning that she was anything but fine.

Now,” Albus sat up in his chair. “You have been a very naughty elf. And I think it's high time that you punish yourself before you can do more harm than good.”

Tami's big green eyes filled with tears as she saw the now glowing iron float over towards her. Mistress and Master Sev'us always told her that she was not to harm herself, but Headmaster told her she was naughty. Naughty elves must be punished. Tami reached up and grabbed hold of the handle and looked at the Headmaster as he smirked at her when she pressed the hot iron on her fingers.

Tami sat in the corner of the dark room. Her knees to her chest. Her head laying on her knees as tears escape her eyes.

I'm sorry, Mistress, she thought. I'm so sorry.


“I have another address for you,” Aberforth said pouring his companion a drink.

“Do tell,” the voice growled.

“Number 4 Privet Drive, Surrey,” Aberforth slid the drink over to the werewolf.

“Seeing how we didn't see anyone at the Grimmauld place, what is so special about this one?” Fenrir said after drinking the amber liquid with one gulp.

“Two words: Harry Potter.”

An evil smirk came across the werewolf's face.

“I thought you would like that. But this time,” Aberforth leaned on the table. “Do not destroy the house.”


Severus returned back to St. Mungo's and walked straight to his mother's room. Sirius looked up from where he was sitting with his wand in his hand. Severus had to admit he felt that maybe he really could trust the mutt.

“It's just me,” Severus announced as he took off the cloak.

“Did you have fun?” Sirius asked putting his wand back in his wrist holster.

“You mustn't do this again. You have to be firm with the boy.”

“What are you talking about?” Sirius' brow scrunching up in a frown.

See pup, you can't do anything nice for the git, Sirius mused.

“The brat asking to see me and you indulging him,” Severus admonished.

“You really can't help it, can you?” Sirius asked incredulously. “Are you suggesting that Harry asked to see you?”

“It would be the only reason that you are here. You coming on your own...”

“Gentlemen,” Minerva said from the bed, but neither wizard was paying attention.

“You really are a git,” Sirius fumed.

“Look mutt,” Severus said not backing down.

Minerva looked at both of the men and knew this was going nowhere so she decided it was time to end it. She reached under her cover and pulled out her wand and simultaneously cast a silencing charm on both wizards while making them move a few feet away from each other. Both men looked over at the witch in the bed.

“Much better,” Minerva smirked. “Now, this is pointless. This bickering does not help Harry, so quit it. You two are grown men and you're arguing like you're still in school. If you are to work together, then you both need to put this animosity behind you. You're both working for a common goal; protect Harry. He needs both of you. Cunning and loyalty will be key to helping him. Work together.”

Severus and Sirius looked at each other. Both feeling well chastised. Severus was about to say something when there was a commotion coming from the hall. Severus pushed the cloak to Sirius and walked out of the room. Sirius was about to follow.

“Sirius,” Minerva said. “You're not suppose to be here.”

Sirius looked at her and stepped back. Severus rushed back in the room and closed the door. Looking at Sirius, “You need to go, now.”

“What's going on?”

“Something's happened,” Severus said. “Grimmauld Place was destroyed.”

“Remus,” Sirius headed for the door only to be stopped by Severus.

“He's here,” Severus said. “You have to go back to Harry. I will take care of things here. I need you to watch out for Harry.”

“But, Remus...”

“Is alive,” Severus cut him off. “Go back to Harry.”

Sirius looked at Severus and then at Minerva. He put on the cloak and the apparating sound filled the room.


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