Unexpected Truce

Back At Hogwarts

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Chapter 3

Arabella Figg loved to watch Harry when he would come over. She always thought he was a very sweet and courteous young man. But she didn't see him that much. Sometimes for weeks at a time. But it was nothing that she thought would raise an alarm to tell her friend Minerva. When he was younger, sometimes she would have Harry for the whole day. There was one time before he began he schooling at Hogwarts that she actually had him for a whole week. That week that she had him, she thought he had the most fun while in her care. She would let him play outside and he loved her cats. She found him talking to her eldest cat from time to time. The one thing that worried her was the fact that Harry was so small, but she always thought that it was because he would just be a small child.

Now, sitting in the living room, Arabella was under the scrutiny of two of the most feared Head of Houses Hogwarts had seen in the past century. Though Minerva would not harm her physically, she was not so sure of the Slytherin Head of House. Hearing the young Potions Master yelling at her brought a whole new level of fear. This one time she was very happy that her friend was there with her.

But then, she could not blame them for their anger. It was her job to watch Harry. But trusting the conversation she had with the Headmaster three weeks after she moved in, she took his word that all would be fine, and that all she had to do was to make sure that no suspicious people came up to Number Four Privet Drive. So she ignored the boy doing chores outside in the middle of the hot summer day, and the fact that Harry always looked younger than his actual age, and the final straw that when Harry would spend the day or days with her that she saw the edges of bruises on his back or arms. Yet still, Arabella didn't say anything to Minerva. The only reason that they are here is because of the attack that happened to the boy earlier.

Both professors were looking at Arabella waiting for her reply. Minerva knew that Severus' patience was wearing thin, and if she didn't get her friend to answer the question that mild outburst earlier would pale in comparison to what Severus would do next. The one thing she learned about her son, was that it didn't matter if they were talking or not. No one did anything to Lily and not have to suffer from Severus' wrath.

A small moan from the couch brought the adults out of their musing and directed their attention towards the couch. Severus looked down at the small boy. His brow creasing. Severus put his hand on Harry's chest. He could feel the child squirming under his hand. After dealing with homesick first years, Severus knew that Harry was in the middle of a nightmare.

Severus leaned down till he was next to Harry's ear, and very quietly, in a soothingly baritone voice he said, “Harry, it's alright. It's only a dream. Just relax to my voice. All is well. Rest now.”

Harry slowly began to calm down under Severus' ministration. After a few minutes Harry was sleeping peacefully again. Severus turned and looked at the women in the corner and could see his adoptive mother grinning at him. No doubt there would be a talk later about how he handled the boy.

Minerva watched her son as he calmed Harry down from his nightmare that he was having. It made her heart soar from the way he was treating Harry. She knew that Severus had it in him. So much time wasted from past grudges. Now here was the side of her son that a select few, besides her, has ever seen. Before turning back to Arabella, she noted that even though Severus sat back up and was putting his attention on them, he hand did not leave Harry's chest.

“Arabella,” Minerva quietly said. “Please, why did you not inform me?”

“Albus,” Arabella said. “He told me that I was to just keep an eye on the house. I was to only call if strange people were going to the house.”

“I was the one that had you come here,” Minerva said incredulously. “I told you to watch them not the house. Albus had wards besides the Blood Ward that would protect Harry from Death Eaters coming.” Her voice getting louder and louder. “I told you that I didn't trust those muggles. That's why you were here.”

Severus could feel Harry restless to Minerva rant, so he knew that it would have to end before it really started.

“Minerva,” Severus broke through her rant. “we need to go. Potter needs to be medical attention. Now.” He was re-wrapping and gathering the boy in his arms as he spoke. Minerva, who was still quite angry, stood up and walked over to Severus.

“We'll go straight to Poppy,” She said putting her hand on Harry's back.

Minerva picked back up the diagnostic parchment and put it in Severus' pocket. He maneuvered Harry in his arms so that he could grab some of the floo powder when he mother's hand stopped him. He looked at her and saw the hurt in her eyes. He knew finding out that her friend took the Headmaster's instructions over hers hurt her.

“I'll do it,” her voice was low and soft. “You hold on to that precious bundle you have.”

Severus nodded once and stepped in the hearth. He looked at his mother and once she threw down the powder he spoke firmly, “Hogwarts Infirmary.”

Severus walked out of the hearth and straight to one of the infirmary beds.

“Poppy,” Severus called out while laying Harry on the bed.

The medi-witch came out of her office and saw Severus by one of the beds.

“Severus,” Poppy said walking towards him. “What is the meaning....” she stopped mid-sentence when she saw an unconscious Harry Potter on the bed. “What happened?”

“He was attacked by two dementors earlier this evening,” Severus said handing Poppy the diagnostic parchment from his pocket. She read it with a small gasp. She left to get some phials of potions. The first thing Severus did was spell a dose of dreamless sleep into Potter's stomach so he would not awaken from them working on him. Both Poppy and Severus worked tirelessly on Potter's injuries. Putting his shoulder back in place, Severus immobilized it by tying a cloth around his neck. They both re-broke and set the wrongly healed bones and set the other broken ones. Poppy spelled Skele-grow into Harry's stomach so that the potion could get to work healing not only the bones but the tendons as well.

The floo flared again and Minerva walked out of it. Looking well pass her years. It really hurt her that her friend would listen to Albus before listening to her. She walked over to the bed and sat down on the bed next to Harry.

Poppy walked into her office to her medical cabinet and grabbed some more potions that they would need. When she got back, Severus standing by Harry's bed and Minerva sitting on the bed on the other side of him.

“How could we have missed this,” Minerva asked. Her voice soft and low. “How could we have not known?”

“I've never did a standard check-up on Harry,” Poppy answered.

Severus raised an eyebrow. “Never. Not once did you.... He's been in the infirmary at least once since he started here. How could you not run a diagnostic?” His voice becoming more and more sharper with each word he said. He couldn't believe it. Harry has faced the Dark Lord in first year, lost all the bones in his arm the second year, battled dementors in his third, and let's not even think about the atrocious dealings Harry had during the Tri-wizard Tournament in his fourth year. He was subjected to the Cruicatus curse.

“Severus,” Minerva said. “Calm down. We've all failed this boy. Now is not the time to argue. We have to help Harry.”

“He is not going back there,” Severus demanded.

“No Severus,” Minerva said looking up at her son. “He is not. I will fight Albus on that.”

“Do you think it would come to that, Minerva?” Poppy asked.

“He changed Arabella's instructions. That's why I had no idea what was happening at that house. I knew it was a bad idea.”

“What do you mean?” Severus asked.

“When Albus wanted to drop him off at their house, I stay over there all day. They were horrid people. I told Albus that. But he said that he had to stay because they were the only family that he had. I should have never listened to him.”

“What are you going to do now, Minerva,” Poppy asked.

Minerva looked at Harry sleeping form and drew in a deep breath. Severus knew that when she did that she was trying to calm her nerves.

“I'm going to talk to Albus,” Minerva said standing up from the bed and making her way to the door. “Severus, I expect you will take Harry.”

Severus brow creased at his adoptive mother and then looked down at Harry. With one curt nod, Minerva turned and walked out heading for the Headmaster's office.


Harry was pinned to the wall surrounded by Dudley and his gang. He so wanted to get away, but he couldn't. He couldn't move. Every so often, he was getting hit on his side or across the face. One of the boys was so close to the side of his head, that Harry could feel his breath on his skin. It made him shiver with disgust. He didn't like people to be so close to him.

Next Harry was in the kitchen cooking dinner. He was almost finished with the pot roast when he heard Uncle Vernon come in. It didn't take long for a hand to cuff him hard on the side of his head causing his glasses to fly off his face and the pot of mashed potatoes fall on the floor.

Harry blinked a couple of times trying to get his focus back from the assault. Once he got his bearings again he saw the mess he made from the hit and knew that what was coming next was not going to be good.

The pot was on the floor and all the potatoes were every where. The stove. The floor. The wall. Without looking behind him, Harry heard the distinct sound of a belt coming from pants, and he knew what was going to happen next.


The next thing Harry heard was the belt slicing through the air. Then the sharp sting of the belt was felt on his back. Harry instantly fell to the floor, on the very hot potatoes, curled up in a ball while Vernon continued to hit him with the belt.

Then something happened. A voice came through. It was clear not distorted. A calming voice. The more Harry listened to the voice the less the strikes hurt.

Harry, it's alright. It's only a dream. Just relax to my voice. All is well. Rest now.”

Harry knew that voice, but it couldn't be true. There was no way that he was here. Even though Harry knew that there was no way that he would say calming words to him, much less call him Harry. The next thing Harry knew was he was surrounded by the soothing smells of potions. It caused Vernon's constant beating fade into the background until Harry was no longer in the kitchen at the Dursley's. There was nothing but blackness that surrounded him, and he was alright with that. Because in that blackness there was the soothing smells and the calm voice and there was nothing scary there.

Professor,” Harry slurred out.


Minerva walked with such determination. The portraits did not say a word as she walked the halls of the school. They all knew that when the Deputy-Headmistress had that distinct gait they were to stay clear.

She continued on taking deep breaths trying to calm herself down. Once she got to the gargoyle, one look from her and it moved out of her way without the password. Minerva smirked at that remembering the last time it stood in her way. The battered gargoyle, they still couldn't find all the missing pieces to put back.

She went up the spiral staircase and opened the door.



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