Unexpected Truce

Harry's Rage

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Chapter 34

“Harry,” both Severus and Sirius called out, Severus on the verge of standing up.

“FRED! GEORGE!” Molly screamed bringing the Potion Master and animagus out of their thoughts. “Just because you can do magic does not mean that you can pop in and out whenever you want!” Molly screamed at the ceiling right before heading towards the stairs.

Upstairs, Harry didn't even get a chance to call out for his Professor or his godfather when he disappeared. It took a moment for Harry to even get his footing when he landed. Looking around, wide eyed, for a second he didn't know where he was or who took him. The only thing that was going through his mind was that he was alone and he wished that he was sitting next to his Professor so that it would have been harder for someone to take him.

“Heya, Harry.”

The voice, though very recognizable, still didn't calm the young teen's heart.

“Calm down, Harry.”

“We just...”

“...wanted to take....”

“....you out of all that....”

“....serious talking,” finished one of the twins.

Harry finally able to catch his breath. He looked up and saw the twins sitting on the bed in front of him. A wave of emotions washed over Harry. First he felt relieved that he wasn't taken from the house, but then anger set in because he was taken away from his professor's side. No one had a right to take Harry away. As Harry turned and made his way towards the door, he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He looked back and saw that Fred (or maybe George) was keeping him here. The anger of being away from his Professor was beginning to boil over. He really liked the twins. Outside of Ron, they were the first ones to treat him like a brother. Especially in his third year when they gave him the Marauder's Map. All he wanted to do now was get away from them and head back downstairs, but they were preventing him from achieving that goal.

“Wait, Harry,” Fred said.

“We wanted you to know how your investment was going,” George chimed in, putting his arm around Harry's shoulders.

“I-I don't mean to be rude,” Harry rushed out, trying to get from under the twins. “But I really need to get back downstairs.”

“It's alright, Harry,” George said.

“Yeah,” Fred smirked. “I think they can survive without you for a few minutes.”

But I don't think I can, Harry thought. His breathing started to become more and more erratic. All he wanted to do was go back downstairs. Why didn't they get it?

“Please, tell me about it later,” Harry pleaded. “I need to let them know I wasn't kidnapped.”

“But you were....”

“....kidnapped, Harry.”

The twins laughed at their own joke, and Harry took that opportunity to walk out of the room. He was glad that he knew the layout of the house. There were so many twists and winding turns that one could actually get lost.

Making his way towards the stairs, Harry could feel his panic slowly ebbing away when it was blown back full force when he ran into Ron.

“Harry,” Ron said was totally surprised to see his best friend in his house. “What are you doing here?”

“Hey, Ron,” Harry said, trying to calm his breathing and talk normally so he would not raise suspicion with his best mate. “I'll talk to you later. I need to get back downstairs. Professor Snape is down there looking for me.”

“Why would that greasy git be looking for you?” Ron sneered.

“I've been staying with him.”

Harry really didn't want to have this conversation now, but it was about to be inevitable.

“Why would you stay with him?” Ron all but yelled out. Harry tried to pass Ron so that he could go down the stairs, but Ron stood in front of him preventing Harry from passing. “You know that git doesn't like us. Why are you with him?” Ron looked at Harry. Harry could feel the disgust coming off of his friend in vast amounts. This caused Harry's anger and rage to multiply in his belly. Harry tried to calm himself down, but the longer he stood there the more angrier he was getting, and right now, he didn't care who was in front of him. All he knew was that he needed to get downstairs and by his professor as soon as possible. What he didn't understand was why everyone seemed to be trying to stop him.

“Ron,” Harry's voice was no longer calm. It was coming out very harsh. “Move.”

Again, Harry tried to walk around Ron, but Ron sidestepped into Harry's way again.

“I'm not going anywhere until you tell me why you are with that greasy bat!”

By this time, Fred and George made there way to where Harry and Ron was.

Coming up the stairs, Molly was on her way to chastise her twins for taking Harry the way that they did. Half way up the stairs she saw that Harry got away from her wayward twins' clutches, but was not in a standoff with her youngest son.

Harry, once again, tried to take a deep breath to calm himself and once again asked Ron to move. Ron's glare at his best friend did not waver. He wanted to understand why Harry was with their most hated Professor, and he wasn't letting Harry go until he got his answer. What happened next surprised everyone in that hallway. Harry narrowed his eyes, looking at his friend. No one noticed that Harry's hands were balled up into fists until it was too late. With out any warning, Harry hit Ron with all his strength. Ron, being unaware that he was about to be assaulted, was not ready for the punch and fell back causing him to begin to tumble down the stairs. The twins rushed over to Harry and each one of them held one of Harry's arms while Molly, seeing her son tumbling down the stairs, had her wand out to stop his fall and he landed gracefully in her arms. Because of the force of the hit and him hitting his head on several steps before Molly could stop it, Ron was unconscious.

Harry was trembling with rage. Not that he totally understood why he was so angry. The only thing that was on his mind was that he needed his Professor. He shook his arms loose from the twins. His anger at his friends for keeping him upstairs and his hurt that he couldn't get to his professor began to boil over. For the first time since he found himself on top of his Primary school trying to get away from Dudley and his gang, Harry had accidental magic that made him apparate away.

Severus sitting in the Weasley's living room with Sirius, Arthur, and Alastor, was not expecting what happened next. One minute the four wizards were talking about what has occurred in the past few weeks, the next Severus let out a grunt when a small boy popped onto his lap.

“What in Merlin's name?” Severus strained out from the impact of a fourteen-year old teen landing on his lap.

Harry instantly recognizing his Professor's voice slightly turned, not getting off of his lap, and wrapped his arms around his Professor's neck not wanting to ever let go. Severus was completely shocked, as was everyone else in the room. Severus wrapped his arms around the child and noticed that he was shaking. Severus looked over Harry's shoulder to Sirius and saw that the mutt was just as confused as he was as to what could have possibly happen within the last ten minutes.


Remus sat next to Minerva on her bed.

“You don't remember anything?” Remus asked.

Minerva shook her head. “Nothing.” She looked at her former student. “You said that Poppy is here?”

“Yeah,” Remus said, standing up.

“Take me to her,” Minerva said, also standing. “Severus told me that she was here, but never told me what happened.”

“After you were taken,” Remus began, “Poppy was attacked. She was hit with the Conjunctivitus Curse.”

“Take me to her,” Minerva repeated. She wanted to see her friend.

They walked out of the room and made the trek towards Poppy's room. Once there, Minerva lightly knocked on the door. She waited until she heard a soft “Come in” from the other side of the door. When Remus and Minerva walked in the room, what they were met with brought tears to Minerva's eyes. Poppy was laying on her bed her cover pulled up to her chest. Her eyes were covered with gauze and tape. To see her friend like this was really hard for Minerva. But she knew she had to be strong for her best friend.

“Who's there?” Poppy's voice was soft.


A short gasp came from the medi-witch and she reached out. “Minerva.” Even though her eyes were covered, both Remus and Minerva could hear the tears in her voice.

Minerva walked over towards the bed. The Transfiguration Professor grabbed hold of her friends outstretched hand and lowered the side rail and sat on the end of the bed.

“Minerva,” Poppy choked out. “When did you get back? Is Severus with you? Are you alright?”

“I'm okay,” Minerva reassured her friend. “Poppy, what happened?”

“Minnie, where's Severus and Harry? Are they safe? ”

Minerva could hear the worry in her friend's voice.

“They're fine. They are at the Burrow,” Minerva said, patting Poppy's hand.

“They're together?”

“Yes,” Minerva said, nodding. “The wards fell at Privet Drive. Harry's safe.”

“Harry's not the only one I'm worried about,” Poppy stated.

“What do you mean?” Minerva said, looking incredulously at Poppy.

“Minnie, Albus did this to me. He came to the Infirmary looking for Severus.”

“The Infirmary? Why was Severus in the Infirmary?”

“You had just been taken,” Poppy explained. “Severus was upset to say the least. In a fit of rage, he almost depleted his magical core when you disappeared.”


“He destroyed your chambers. The last time someone used their magic to that magnitude, you were angry with James and Sirius with the prank they did to Severus. He shook the castle. I happened to get to him first and got him back to the Infirmary. He was there for a couple of hours, but then left to go back to wherever he was hiding with Harry. Albus came with associates and they attacked. Albus took my eyes.”


“Arthur,” Molly's voice could be heard from upstairs. “Get up here, now.”

Arthur got up and went to see what the problem was. When Arthur made it half way up the stairs, he saw that Molly was holding their youngest son and the twins were standing as if petrified in that spot. No one could move.

No matter how much coaxing either Severus or Sirius did, they could not remove Harry from Severus' lap. When they tried prying Harry off of Severus, Severus was met with a very clingy child. Both wizards tried to soothe Harry, but the grip the child had on Severus' robes did not and would not slacken. At one point, Sirius tried to pull Harry off of Severus. It was almost like Harry placed a sticking charm on himself so that he could not be removed.

Once Harry realized where he was and felt the familiarity of his Professor, all the anxiety that he was feeling began to completely go away. He wrapped his arms around his Professor and buried his face in his teacher's neck. When he felt arms being wrapped around him, the only thing that Harry felt was safety.

This was all he wanted. He just wanted to be safe. Why no one in this crazy house understood that was beyond him. But right now he didn’t care. Right now, he was in the only place he really wanted to be.


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