Unexpected Truce

Magical Bonding

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Chapter 35

I just want to get to Professor Snape. Why are they making this so impossible? They are suppose to be my friends. Why is he stopping me from getting back down stairs? All I want is my Professor. Why is that so hard to understand?!

Harry looked at Ron standing across from him. The more that he didn't move the angrier Harry was becoming.

Why are you with that Greasy Git?” Ron yelled. “You know he doesn't like us. Matter of fact he hates us. Especially you.” Ron poked Harry's chest for emphasis.

He does like me.” Ron shook his head. “He DOES! Get away from me, Ron.”

He doesn't like you. He hates you. And you know it. He's never liked you. It's all a show.”


Not true, mate,” another voice came from behind Harry. “You know he hates you.”

Harry turned around to see the twins standing behind him.

Snape's never really liked you. Ron's right. He doesn't like anyone.”

Pup,” Harry turned around and saw Sirius coming up the stairs behind Ron. “What's going on?”

They're saying bad things about my Professor,” Harry said as Sirius walked closer towards him.

Your Professor?” Sirius brow creased. “Who are you talking about?”

Professor Snape,” Harry looked at Sirius. “They are saying that he doesn't like me.” He said pointing at the redheads. “He does.”

Snivellous,” Sirius looked at his godson. “That git is incapable of liking anyone.”

Harry looked at his godfather incredulously. “That's not true.”

Harry, dear,” Molly's motherly voice came from the side of Ron. “You know that the only ones that care for you are right here. Severus Snape does not care. Not like we do. We're always there for you.”

Harry stepped back from Sirius, looking from him to Molly.

That's not true,” Harry said, backing away from the Weasleys and Sirius. “He took care of me. He stayed up with me when I was scared. He made sure I was fed. He gave me medicine when I was sick. He loves...” Harry trailed off from his rant.

You see,” Molly's sweet voice came through. “You know he doesn't love you. He will never love you. And you want to know why? Because he blames you.”

Blames me for what?”

For killing her, pup,” Sirius said. “You said that he took care of you, right? Well, did you ever think that he's only doing that because he was told to?”

Harry blinked at his godfather. Why was he saying all these hurtful things?

Why are you saying this?” Harry's voice becoming thick with tears.

Snivellous is just a foot solider. Dumbledore's pawn. Voldemort’s lackey.”

That's not true.”

It is, pup.”


Harry,” a baritone voice from downstairs rang up. “Harry, come here.”

Harry perked up, recognizing the voice. Trying to get pass his godfather and friends, Harry headed for the stairs.

Professor,” Harry called out. He got pass Sirius and again headed for the stairs. When he got his foot on the first step, he felt a hand on his elbow.

I can't let you go down there, mate,” Ron said, holding on to Harry's arm.

Professor,” Harry called out. “Professor help me! Please!”


There was much chaos in the Weasley house. Molly caught her son on his way down the stairs. Fred and George were frozen at the top of the stairs where Harry was just standing. Arthur rushed up the stairs and helped Molly with their youngest son. He grabbed hold of their son and carried him back up the stairs, Molly walking right behind him.

Downstairs, Sirius and Severus were both trying to calm Harry down. Severus could feel Harry shaking in his arms. Sirius was now sitting on the coffee table that was right in front of Severus, rubbing Harry's back.

“Severus,” Alastor said. “You must calm the boy down.”

“How very insightful,” Severus sneered.

“You don't understand,” Moody replied, dismissing the last remark. “Harry's magic is causing all this. He's frozen the twins upstairs, and he has a Sticking Charm on you.”

“How would you know that?”Sirius asked looking over his shoulder to the ex-Auror.

“Because I can see it, Black,” Moody spat back, pointing to his magical eye.

“Black,” Severus' voice was staining. Sirius turned back and saw that Harry was actually tightening his grip around Severus' neck. “Where's the bear?”

Sirius looked puzzled for a second. Bear? Then he remembered the only two things that Harry was holding when they left Number 4 Privet Drive was his wand and a stuffed bear. When they got to St. Mungo's, and Harry left his arms for Severus', he dropped both the wand and bear on the floor. He remembered shrinking them and putting them in his pocket. Standing up and going in his pocket, Sirius pulled out the shrunken bear and re-sized it.

“So, how do you want to do this?” Sirius asked sitting back down across from Severus.

“I'm going to try and move him enough so you can put the bear under his nose,” Severus said through clenched teeth.

“That may not be a good idea,” Moody piped in.

“What? Why not?” Sirius turned and looked at Moody.

“That's no ordinary Sticking Charm. It looks different. It may not go well.”

Looking at the Potion Master across from him, he could see that Severus was in a lot of pain. Whatever Harry was doing to him, was causing him great discomfort.

“We're doing this,” Severus grunted, trying to move his hands from Harry's back.

Sirius saw whatever was going on, Severus was going through a lot of pain. His eyes were tightly shut, sheen of sweat on his brow. It seemed like an eternity for him to get his arms off of Harry and towards the boy's head. Trying to move, finding the slightest movement causing him excruciating pain, Severus gritted his teeth as he tried to pull Harry's head from under his neck.


Minerva and Remus apparated to the Burrow. Minerva was deep in thought that she didn't even realize that Remus grabbed hold of her arm and started escorting her towards the door.

Minerva always thought there was something with the Headmaster, but she would have never guessed that he would attack a faculty member. Her first thought that if he wielded that kind of power that he was allied with known Death Eaters what did he really have over Severus. Poppy's fears for Severus was troubling, but to really voice it out really worried Minerva.

They walked into the Weasleys' house and were shocked at what they were seeing. Severus and Sirius were sitting on the couch. Harry was sitting on Severus' lap. His head on his shoulder, asleep. His arms were holding on tightly to the bear while one of his hands were gripping Severus' frock coat so tightly that his knuckles were white. Minerva looked at her son's face and could see the pained expression on him.

“What happened?” Remus asked.

Sirius stood up and walked over towards his friend.

“Harry displayed accidental magic,” Sirius sighed. “Very powerful accidental magic.”

“What do you mean?” Minerva asked.

“Come sit down, and I'll tell you,” Sirius said walking back to the chair across from Severus.

Minerva walked over to Severus and cupped his cheek. She could see the pained lines on his face. His forehead had a sheen of sweat on it. When he didn't react to her touching his face she quickly turned to Sirius.

“What happened?”

“He passed out from the pain,” Sirius said as he sat down, rubbing his hand down his face. “Like I said, Harry did some extraordinary accidental magic.”

“Where's Arthur and Molly?”

“Upstairs with their kids,” Moody said walking down the stairs. “The twins are in the bed resting and Ron's finally woke up. He's still a little groggy but okay.”

Minerva could not believe what she was hearing. What on earth happened? Severus was unconscious. Harry is gripping him as if his life depended on it. And the Weasley children were in the bed.

“I don't know what happened upstairs,” Sirius started, bring Minerva out of her musing. “I just know that we were sitting here talking, and Harry just appeared on his lap,” Sirius gestured toward Severus. “When he asked what was going on, Harry just attached himself on him. He wouldn't let him go.”

“So how did this happen?” Minerva's voice was full of worry.

“The longer Harry was holding on, the tighter his grip was becoming. He was slowly choking Severus.”

“Harry's magic was working all over the house,” Moody started. “He froze the twins by the stairs. He knocked out Ronald. I had to help Arthur get the twins into bed.”

Minerva looked between Severus' and Harry's unconscious forms to Sirius and Alastor. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

“Well, what started this?”

“Fred and George apparated to the kitchen while they were eating,” Molly said walking down the stairs. “And took Harry away. I guess in his panic he wanted to get back down here. Fred told me, when he woke up, that Harry was trying to come back downstairs, but my children being as they are, prevented him from doing so.” Molly walked over towards Severus and began wiping his brow with the wet flannel she brought down with her. “And then poor Severus, I've never heard him scream like that before.”

If she was shocked before, now she was completely speechless. As long as she'd known Severus Snape, he had never been known to vocalize pain. So whatever happened for him to scream in pain, it had to be beyond unbearable.

“The Binding Charm that was attached on them,” Molly said. “Severus was trying to disconnect it.”

“How?” Minerva asked, taking the flannel from Molly.

“The Bear,” Sirius answered. “We wanted Harry to calm down. Even being in Severus' arms wasn't calming him down.”

Remus could see that whatever happened, it really shook Sirius. Sirius was sitting in the chair; his shoulders were slumped. He looked completely crestfallen.

Remus walked over to Sirius and put his hand on his best mate's shoulder. “What did you do?”

Sirius looked up at Remus with bloodshot eyes. “I helped him pull Harry off of him. Just enough to get the bear under his nose.” Sirius shook his head at the vivid memory. “It wasn't just Snape screaming. Harry was wailing as well.”

Remus and Minerva looked back at the two unconscious forms on the couch. Harry indeed had dried tear-stained tracks down his cheeks. Since Minerva was still holding the one flannel to Severus' eyes, Molly conjured another flannel and carefully wiped the small teen's face. Sirius put his head down. Remus squeezed his friend's shoulder to comfort him. He knew it had to be heartbreaking to hear those screams.

“Once I got the bear in Harry's face, his magic stopped. The twins fell where they stood. The Sticking Charm on Severus was lifted from his chest, but, as you can see, not from his lap. The only real contact between the two is Harry's grip of Snape's coat.


You are not going down there,” Ron's grip tightened on Harry's arm.

You will unhand my boy,” the baritone voice came from the bottom of the stairs.

The surprise of hearing the deep voice gave Harry the ability to free his arm. Not giving Ron or anyone else the chance of grabbing him again, Harry, smiling, ran as fast as he could down the stairs to his Professor. Harry didn't make it to the bottom steps before leaping into the open arms of his Professor. Wrapping his arms and legs around his Professor, Harry couldn't help the biggest grin across his face as he buried he head in Severus' neck. He was finally in the safety of his Professor.

You would never hurt me, would you Professor?” Harry mumbled.

No,” Severus soothed. “You silly child.”

Severus walked back to the couch and sat down with Harry still in his lap.

Do you hate me?” Harry lifted his head. He pulled back to look at his Professor, but did not and would not let go of his neck.

No, Harry.”

Will you always be there for me?”

Severus looked into those green eyes and saw the pleading that was coming from them.

“I will always be there for you; I will protect you with my life, Harry Potter,” Severus declared.

A grin came across Harry's face, and for the first time, Harry saw a small smile on his Professor's face. Harry closed the hug back, tightening his hold.

Thank you, sir.”

Severus just rubbed small circles on Harry's back, rocking from side to side.


All the adults just sat around waiting for some movement from Severus or Harry. Each one was lost in his or her own thoughts. Minerva sat next to her son and student and continued to hold the damp flannel over Severus' eyes. Sirius stayed sitting in front of them on the coffee table. Remus sat in the chair that Sirius was sitting in before everything happened. None of the three would take their eyes off the two that were still unconscious on the couch. Then it happened.

Harry started to slide off Severus' lap. Before Harry's head could leave Severus' shoulder Sirius was grabbing hold of Harry's limp form. Sirius was surprised that he could lift Harry from Severus' lap.

“Severus,” Minerva called out, shaking his shoulder.

Remus was on the other side of Severus. Severus began to slide off the couch, but was stopped by Remus grabbing hold of his arm, and Minerva holding her son's head. They lowered him down till his head was on her lap. She put the flannel back over his eyes, while running her fingers through his hair.

“Lift his legs,” Minerva told Remus.

Molly walked over to Sirius, who was cradling Harry against his chest. “Come, let's put Harry to bed.”

Sirius looked back at the three on the couch.

“He'll be fine,” Minerva said without looking up. “Take care of Harry.”

Sirius followed Molly upstairs. They walked into a room that only had one bed.

“It's Charlie's room,” Molly said turning on the light. “Put Harry on the bed.”


Minerva looked down at her son. Remus sat down on the coffee table.

“What do you think happened?”

“No idea,” Minerva didn't look up, running her fingers through Severus' hair. “I do know that these two have been through a lot, and they have more on their shoulders. I just know that we have to be there for them.”


Sirius, sitting on the edge of the bed, looked down a the sleeping child on the bed.

“What happened to you, pup?” Sirius sighed.


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