Unexpected Truce

New Healer

Magical Parental Bonding.

Harry couldn't believe what he had heard. His professor would be like his dad. Well, not really, he thought. Harry continued his trek back up to the Tower, thinking on what he would call his Professor from now on. There was a smile on his face as he climbed the stairs.

Dolores watched as Harry climbed the stairs. She noticed that he seemed to be so lost in thought that he didn't realize that she was even watching him. Since the boy wasn't making any detours and was heading straight for his Common Room, she couldn't punish him and have it justified. When Harry turned down the last flight of stairs, Dolores turned and headed back to her office. She knew there was a few days before Potter would be in her class. If she wanted to implement her plans to raise suspicion on Potter, she would have to think how to get Potter in her sights and not look like she was singling him out.

Harry walked in the Common Room and saw that Hermione and Ron were still up, sitting on the sofa waiting on him. He walked over towards them.

Hermione could see the small smile that graced his features and couldn't help smiling herself.

“What happened?” Ron asked. “You were gone a while.”

“I was with Professor Snape,” Harry said, sitting down in between Hermione and Ron.

Ron looked like he was going to say something about that, but Harry quickly cut him off.

“Have either of you ever heard of a Magical Parental Bonding?”

Hermione shook her head, but Ron gave a knowing look.

“I've heard of that,” Ron said. Both Harry and Hermione stared at him. “What? Does it seem so hard that I know something that Hermione doesn't?”

There was no heat behind Ron's words and both he and Harry were trying not to laugh.

“Listen,” Ron said, as he sobered up from his attempt from laughing. “I do know a little bit about bonds. The twins and I accidentally bonded.”

Both Harry and Hermione looked at Ron incredulously.

“Yeah,” Ron nodded. “It happened when they tried to make me take an unbreakable vow with Fred. It's nothing too big, but our brother bond is stronger than if I were with Percy, Bill, or Charlie.”

“Wow,” Harry said.

“They made you take an Unbreakable Vow?” Hermione asked.

“It never really happened,” Ron said. “We were starting when Dad came in. Oh man, was he ever so angry. I don't even think that the twins could sit comfortably for about a week after that.”

“And how would you like if we shared your punishments with your friends?” a voice said behind the trio.

They all turned on the sofa and saw the twins walking towards them.

“I wasn't trying to do that,” Ron said, ashamed, his cheeks reddening. “Harry was asking about Magical Parental Bonding.”

“Oh, so that's what happened that day,” Fred said, looking over at Harry.
“We were wondering,” George pipped in. “Professor Snape, right?”

Harry nodded.

“Okay. Well, all will be fine. You should be fine now,” Fred said. “Well, we won't have to worry about saving you from your guardians anymore.”

Harry smiled. He never thought the idea of not having to be saved from Professor Snape as a good thing seemed amusing at first. But he did like the fact that he had someone now.


Albus sat behind his desk. He had put this off for a few weeks now, but now that the school was back in session he knew he would need to find a replacement for Poppy. He had wrote a letter to the Administrator's office at St. Mungo's in search of a medi-witch or healer. Well, the day before, he wrote the letter and he received a response. The letter was vague saying that someone would be flooing over within the hour. So, now, Albus waited until he was contacted.

Albus was reading through some paperwork from the Board of Governors when the floo flared and a man walked from the hearth. The Headmaster looked up at the man as he strolled over towards the desk.

“Professor Dumbledore,” the man said, smoothly. “My name is Healer Derek Williams. I was told that you are in need of a Healer on these premises.”

“Yes,” Albus agreed, holding out his hand motioning the Healer to sit down. “Thank you for coming.”

“You're welcome,” Derek said. “What all will this come with?”

“Well, your chambers will be near the Infirmary, so you will be close to your patients when you have some. Most of the time, you will have some of my Heads-of-House will bring their first years by to have a routine check up. There are some minor incidences and accidents, but all in all, these are some really good bunch of children and it shouldn't be a problem if you are needed back at the hospital. Our potions professor is also an assistant medi-wizard and he usually supplies the potions and salves for your stores.”

“Sounds fine,” Derek said. “Since I am a specialist at the hospital, my service will usually not be needed until there is some sort of catastrophe. Let's hope that doesn't happen.” A small smile graced the Healer's lips.

“So you have no problems with the arrangements?” Albus asked.

“No,” Derek shook his head. “No problem at all. When can I see my rooms?” Derek stood up from the chair.

“Let me assign you a house elf and they can escort you to your chambers and show you around the Infirmary.”
“I'd appreciate that.”

“Tami,” Albus called out.

“Master Headmaster call for Tami,” the small elf said a few seconds after popping into the office.
“Yes,” Albus said. “I want you to escort Healer Williams to his new chambers and show him around the Infirmary. You will also be his personal elf. You will answer to him.”

Tami's eyes got big at the last order. She had hoped that once school started again, she would be back with her Mistress and Master Sev'us. But hearing that she would be with the new Healer broke her heart. She almost didn't catch the Healer's protest.

“That is perfectly fine, Headmaster,” Derek said. “I have no need for a house elf. But thank you.”

“Nonsense,” Albus dismissed. “You need a house elf and the school provides elves to all the faculty and staff. Have a wonderful evening Healer Williams. Good night.”

Derek, seeing that his reservations about having an elf was being ignored, turned and walked out of the office, following the small elf down the spiral stairs. When they reached the Infirmary on the second floor, Derek looked around the room. It was filled with two rows of bed on each wall. He looked at each one making sure it was adequate. He nodded his head.

“This be your office, now,” Tami said, bringing the Healer out of his musing.

He walked over towards the door and suddenly stopped. There was a lingering magic in this particular area of the Infirmary. Being a healer, he was susceptible to what magic was used and how it was used. And in the particular part there was some dark magic used and for a dark purpose.

“You be alright, Master Healer?” Tami asked, concerned.

“Yes,” Derek said after clearing his throat. “Tell me, elf...”
“Tami,” Tami corrected with an attitude that made the Healer smile.

“Excuse me, Tami,” he corrected. “Do you know a Professor by the name of Snape?”

Tami's eyes lit up at her Master Sev'us' name. Oh, she missed her Mistress' son. Tami nodded her head with such enthusiasm that Derek thought her head would roll off her shoulders.

“I's can take you to him, Master Healer,” Tami said, excitedly.

“Thank you,” Derek said, laughing at the small elf's instant energy.

The trek down to the dungeons didn't take as long as the trek to the Infirmary. Once he was standing outside the wooden door, Derek knocked.


Once Harry left Severus' office, the floo flared and Minerva walked through. She saw that he was working at his desk and shook her head.

“Come, Severus,” she said. “It's time for tea. You will not over work yourself.”

Not waiting for a response, she strolled to the side door that lead from his office to his chambers. Even though she sounded at ease, Severus could tell a direct order when she said it. And her request broached no argument. He was to follow her into his rooms and sit and have tea with his mother. A smile, well more a smirk, graced his lips as he stood and followed his mother.

It had been twenty minutes since they first sat in Severus' sitting room, drinking tea in a comfortable silence. Severus looked up at his mother when he poured himself another cup of tea.

“Did you have to have Potter come down here in that manner?”

Minerva looked over at her son, so deep in thought that she was almost startled by his voice.

“What do you mean?”

“Why didn't you let him use the floo?” Severus raised his eyebrow as he sat back in his chair. His cup just against his lips.

“It was fine,” Minerva dismissed.

Severus froze at his mother's statement.

“Hardly,” Severus responded as he set his cup back down on the table.

“What happened?”

“That woman,” Severus didn't even hid his disgust when mentioning the newest professor, “escorted Harry down here. I do not trust that woman.”

“Oh Severus,” Minerva softly chided. “Stop being so suspicious. She's a ministry worker. Is she qualified? I doubt it, but we are going to have to make the best of it. So do try and play nice.”

Severus sighed. He was about to respond to that when there was a knock on his door.

“Who on earth could that be at this hour?” Minerva said as she cast a wandless tempus charm to see the time.

Severus stood and went to open the door. He wasn't expecting anyone, not tonight anyway. Pulling his wand out of his wrist holster, he walked over to the door and opened it. He raised his eyebrow and then re-holstered his wand.

“Finally made it, I see,” Severus said, stepping aside.

“Yes,” Derek said. He was about to continue when the small elf rushed past the two wizards and went to her Mistress.

Tami, running towards Minerva, fell to her knees and almost slid the rest of the way to her Mistress' legs. She crawled instead and clutched hold of Minerva's robes, sobbing fiercely.

When Tami pushed past Severus, his anger for the small elf bubbled in his stomach. How dare this elf show her face to him after what she did. Blatantly disobeying an order.

“How dare you?” Severus growled, as he moved towards his mother and the small elf. “What gives you the right to be here?”

“Severus, calm down,” Minerva said, rubbing her hand on the top of Tami's head.

“She deserves to be punished for what she did,” Severus fumed. Tami trembled against Minerva. She knew that Master Sev'us had a right to be angry but she hope he wouldn't treat her like Master Headmaster. “The risks she caused.”

“Severus, you will calm down this instant.” Minerva voice got harsh. “You know we do not allow that with our elves. Now you will sit down, take a breath, and tell me what has gotten you in this state this instant.”

Severus sat down in the chair he had vacated when answering the door, but his anger was so much that he couldn't keep still. A few seconds later, he was up pacing the floor trying to calm down. He knew he mother didn't understand why he was so upset, but Tami could have caused Harry to be in the clutches of Dumbledore by disobeying.

Minerva could see the struggle in her son and shot a pleading look at the Healer. Seeing her meaning, Derek pulled a phial out of his inner robe pocket and walked over to the Potion master.

“Take this,” Derek ordered.

Severus looked at the phial and back up at the Healer. He was about to start pacing again when Derek stood in front of him, blocking his path.

“Drink,” he ordered.

Severus looked over at his mother and saw the look on her face and knew that he was now outnumbered. Sighing, Severus took the phial and drank its contents. The calming draught worked almost instantly. Severus could feel himself calming and feeling almost euphoric. Severus back down and then looked up at the Healer.

“The anger you were emulating was too intense for a regular dose of draught. I had to give you a stronger dose,” Derek answered the unasked question.

Derek sat himself down on the other piece of furniture in the room; a sofa that was adjacent to the two chairs that both Professors were sitting in.

“Why don't we start from the beginning?”


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