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Don't Want To Go

(Third person) (2 weeks before the wedding)

“I don’t want to go.” Y/n whined.

“First off, you’re the one who accepted not me. Second off, you need to get out more and meet new people.” Y/n’s mom argued.

“Eh em, you’re the one who physically said yes when she asked me. Plus, I already know too many people and I’m fine in side.” Y/n responded.

“No, you’re not. You practically only know one person outside of the family. I seriously don’t even know how he wants a recluse and how you accepted him.” Y/n’s mom answered.

“Gee thanks for the compliments and the vote of confidence.” Y/n added with sarcasm.

“Your absolute welcome. Oh, by the way, are you bringing him?” Y/n’s mom asks.

“Of course, I’m bringing him. Why wouldn’t I?” Y/n responded.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe you’re a recluse and bringing someone is another person to deal with and he could be busy.” Y/n’s mom suggested.

“You know what I meant.” Y/n added.

“Did you already pick up the dress?” Y/n’s mom requested.

Y/n nods her head.

(Your, Y/n’s pov)

“I don’t see why you’re not a bridesmaid. After all, she’s your best friend.” You contemplated.

“I’m the maid of honor and I have to wear the same dress design as you. Be happy you don’t have write and present a speech in front of all the guest at the reception.” your mom complained.

“I am happy about that considering I don’t even want to be around them, nor be there to start with.” You pointed out.

Your mom gave you a smile and you returned it.

“Speaking of the wedding, I was told there’s going something there for me. Do you know what it is?” You inquired.

Maybe if I find out what it/who is, then I can at least try to prepare myself mentally and physically.

Your mom shakes her head.

You’re discouraged.

(First person)

“I think you do and won’t tell me.”

“All I know is that’s it a surprise and even if I knew wouldn’t be able to tell you because it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore while it’s supposed be a surprise.”

You’re lucky I can’t read people...

I walked off.

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