Weddings (Reader x ...) (Editing)


A surprise awaits for you at your mom's friend's wedding. Will you love, fall in love with it, or despise it? As typical and corny as it seems, but your mom's friend is getting married, and you're forced to come. Little did you know you have a surprise there waiting for you. Will you love, fall in love with, or hate your surprise? Will you get along with your surprise? What is even the surprise to start with? How will you hand the surprise though? Oh, and you get to bring a plus one.... Who will it be if you're bringing one? Are you bringing a plus one? Chapter 1, Don't Want to Go is (horridly) edited.

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Don't Want To Go

(Third person) (2 weeks before the wedding)

“I don’t want to go.” Y/n whined as she threw her hands up over her head.

“First off, you’re the one who accepted not me. Second off, you need to get out more and meet new people.” Y/n’s mom argued.

“Eh em, you’re the one who physically said yes when she asked me. Plus, I already know too many people, and I’m fine in side.” Y/n responded.

“No, you’re not. You practically only know one person outside of the family. I seriously don’t even know how he wants a recluse and how you accepted him.” Y/n's snared.

“Gee thanks for the compliments and the vote of confidence.” Y/n added with sarcasm.

“Your absolute welcome. Oh, by the way, are you bringing him?” Y/n’s mom asks.

“Of course, I’m bringing him. Why wouldn’t I?” Y/n questioned with a hand on her chin.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe you’re a recluse and bringing someone is another person to deal with and he could be busy.” Y/n’s mom suggested.

“You know what I meant.” Y/n added.

Y/n's mom raised an eyebrow.

“Did you already pick up the dress?” Y/n’s mom requested.

Y/n nods her head.

(Your, Y/n’s pov)

“I don’t see why you’re not a bridesmaid. After all, she’s your best friend.” You pout.

“I’m the maid of honor and I have to wear the same dress design as you. Be happy you don’t have write and present a speech in front of all the guest at the reception.” Your mom complained.

“I am happy about that considering I don’t even want to be around them, nor be there to start with.” You pointed out with your hands on both sides of your hips.

Your mom gave you a smile, and you returned it.

“Speaking of the wedding, I was told there’s going something there for me. Do you know what it is?” You inquired.

Maybe if I find out what it/who is, then I can at least try to prepare myself mentally and physically.

Your mom shakes her head.

You frown.

(First person)

“I think you do and won’t tell me.”

“All I know is that’s it a surprise, and even if I knew wouldn’t be able to tell you because it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore while it’s supposed be a surprise.”

You’re lucky I can’t read people...

You walked off with your head hanging low.

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