Weddings (Reader x ...) (Editing)

Before Wedding

(Fast forward 2 weeks) (First person)

I’m getting ready for the wedding and decided not to wear makeup. I look out the window and see it looks like it’s going to storm. The wedding and the reception is supposed to be outside, but if it storms then it’ll move inside. My mom’s friend, Rose for some reason is going to be wearing a black wedding dress and chose the bridesmaid dresses white. I believe it’s supposed to be the other way around, but whatever wasn’t my decision, nor wedding, what I think about it doesn’t matter and won’t change anything.

This is what Rose had chosen as a dress:

This is what I chose:

Around 5 minutes later, Jin came to pick me. This was his outfit: (Just imagine it’s Jin in the suit.)

Mom already left and now we’re leaving. As we leave, I get a bad feeling and not just because the sky looks like it’s going storm, yet I ignore it. The day is already going to be worse as it is...

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