Weddings (Reader x ...)

Cheated On With Witnesses

(2nd person)

Hi, Musical Writer here. The person you bumped to was.... I’ll be back after the non-existent ad.

The person you bumped into is a handsome man who looks around your age who’s in a suit.

(3rd person)
Y/n and the unknown, handsome man stared at each other for a few seconds after you softly yet shyly apologised until Rose broke your staring contest thing.

“Oh, I see you two have met already.”

You shake your head.

“Actually, there was only one word spoken between us until you came.”

Rose mouths an O with her mouth.

“In that case then, Y/n this is Yongbok and Yongbok this is Y/n. You’ll be walking down the aisle with each other.”

Yongbok glares at Rose for calling him that and you nod.

“Anyway..... Y/n, this is your surprise. Yongbok, this is your surprise.”

You both give her a look of confusion.

“Your each other’s surprise.”

You mouth an O while Yongbok looks you up and down. Rose walks away to get ready. After all, she only has ten minutes left to put her dress on.

Oh, by the way, this is Yongbok’s outfit: (Once again, just imagine Yongbook is in the suit.)

You and Yongbok walk around with each other.

“You looking dashingly beautiful Y/n.”

You smile at him.

“I heard you write. Is that correct?”

You nod.

Time went by fast and it’s time for you and Yongbok to get into position. A minute has passed and it’s now time for the ceremony to start. You two are the first two to walk walk down down the aisle. As you walk down with Yongbok, you noticed Jin was sitting offly close to another girl in the middle row of seats on the left side, because he isn’t in the right of thinking. Your faces saddens and Yongbok notices. He offers his hand, but you decline by shaking your head. He then smiles at you. The rest of pairs walked down the aisle and Rose and her soon to be husband has said their vows and all.

You’re watching Jin, but he doesn’t notice.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

You see Jin kiss another girl and on her lips too... You run off and it starts to rain...

“Dashi run run run.” “Forever Rain” What? I had to. After all, this story does involve a BTS member... And that member had cheated on his girlfriend in front of her very own eyes with many witnesses.

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