Weddings (Reader x ...)


(First person)

“Y/n!” Yongbok yelled after me then started running towards me.

“R-running running man” What? Didn’t we go over this already at the end of Cheated On With Witnesses (last chapter)? Hold on I’ll be back in 5 minutes. Please enjoy your 5 minute break. (Goes back to last chapter to check.) We sort of already went through this in COWW. So, I’ll go through it again. Whenever I get the chance for a song reference, I take it. Why? Because I enjoy jokes even if they incredibly suck including mine and I consider them jokes. Yes, I do realize they can become annoying, but I’ll still do them when I can. Please, let’s get back to the story.

Yongbok had caught up to me after I had stop for 15 seconds now at a reserved area. When I had stopped, I couldn’t hold back the waterdam and started crying.

“Y/n, why are you crying?”

I didn’t answer and kept crying.


I still didn’t answer. He sat down next to me.

My life is now a Hellevator.... I should’ve just made an excuse not to come.

“I’m here if you need me.”

I kept crying.

Jin didn’t even follow me.

After a few minutes, I was a bit calmed, but I could talk.

“My boyfriend cheated on me... Right in front of my eyes and with many witnesses... I guess his love was fake... Fake Love.”

Yongbok’s face saddened a little and hardened at the same time if that’s even possible.

“When the priest said “You may kiss the bride.“, I saw my boyfriend kiss another girl... On the lips too... Along with that, while we were walking down the aisle I noticed he was offly close to her and after I checked with Rose and other bridesmaids for help, he pulled me to an area that had no people in sight and kissed me more forcefully than usual. When I pushed him off asked what’s going on. He didn’t answer me. Not to mention a bit later when I bumped into him, I asked him to tell me so I could help if possible. His response was “Then stay away from me then.” When I asked him why? He answered “Nevermind. Just forget it.“”

“To me it sounds like he was planning on cheating on you, unfortunately.”

“I was thinking that t-to a-and I’ve always b-been l-loyal and f-faithful. ”

I cry again and he rubs my back soothingly. Eventually, ...

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