Weddings (Reader x ...)


(Fast Forward back to now) (First person)

As I see my ex dancing with her, I start to tear up. Though Yongbok and I have been texting each other for quite some time, yet we haven’t seen each other for over 2 hours besides a couple face times. When I’m just at the verge of crying, I hear a voice. A familiar voice.

Yongbok holds his hand as an invitation, but I didn’t notice until he spoke.

“May I have this dance?”

I nod and accept his hand.

“Why are you at the verge of the dam?”

“I think you already know...”

He nodded then gave me a giant smile and I gave a questioning look.

“Just enjoying being in your presence and dancing with you.”

I smile back.

“Please call me Felix rather than Yongbok.”

“Well then.. That came from nowhere but sure.”

We both laughed.

" I have a question to ask.”

“Ask away”

“I know we only know each other for well since this morning, yet it feels like I’ve known you for forever. ....


For those who didn’t know that Yongbok is Felix (from Stray Kids), the person has been completely revealed. So, this is a Felix/Stray Kids FF. Not so much of a BTS/Jin FF. I must admit that I felt bad for what I made Jin do in this story though...

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