"Out of the Ashes"

Chapter Thirteen - "Epilogue by Dr. Gregory House"

Readers of “Out of the Ashes,”

First things first… I am not doing this of my own free will. I’d much rather be hiding at home with Lydia doing all sorts of fun and nasty stuff than be talking to you people. Especially since that moron, the entity who calls themself purpleu, just dragged me through a pit of lava hot emotions. What kind of name is that… purpleu? I had a hooker once named Magenta Z… I wonder if there’s any kind of connection? Never mind… don’t tell Lydia I mentioned anything about that. Let me get this over with so I can go on to more important things… I just hope I’m getting paid for this.

As you’ve just read, Lydia’s come back into my life; a fact that still floors me. No matter what else I did or who I tried to hook up with after I saw Lydia for the last time, she was never far from my mind. And while she’s told me a lot about her life before we met, there’s even more to come that will knock my socks off in the next story. Or at least that’s what Lavender X, or whatever the person writing this wants to call themselves, tells me. And I let loose with a few facts about myself that might surprise you, too. Again, the matter is completely out of my hands; I’m letting Pinky P do the talking for me.

I did however, get a look at the outline for the upcoming story called, “Puppet Master.” You know, I’m used to people going after me with lawsuits and other things that are annoying, but go after my team? And my best friend, Wilson? And my new girlfriend, too? The Wrath of Kahn pales by comparison to the Wrath of House. So while I’m dealing with a sleazy lawyer named Malcom Hunter, I’m also going to try to help Lydia get settled down into her new life… which includes me and my own unique approach to handling things. Oh… I’m also going to stand back and watch as Wilson hits up potential Mrs. Wilson number four… Lydia’s best friend Annie. Fun and excitement for one and all.

So give Periwinkle Q a little time, and shortly you won’t need me to tell you about the details of “Puppet Master,” a fact that thrills me to no end. I’ve got better things to do; I’ve got a bottle of Macallan’s whiskey and the hot mama who loves me waiting… how cool is that?



(I only wrote that under duress from purpleu. She threatened to never write another bedroom scene between me and Lydia again… I’m not taking any chances.)

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