When Alec Met Magnus

Chapter 2: Coffee and Camille

Hey guys I'm really sorry that its been so long since my last update, this summer hasn't been particularly good for me. Theres been a lot a stuff going on. So I'm really sorry.


"I mean….it's complicated…." Alec looked down, stirring his coffee.

"How complicated?" Clary asked, leaning back in her chair and sipping her tea.

They were sitting in the breakroom and talking about a subject that often came up between them. Boys. More specifically, boys that either of them liked. "He's straight for one."

Clary winced. "Oohh. Are you sure? I mean, not every gay flaunts their….gayness…...like you."Alec raised an eyebrow. "I mean you don't flaunt it." She said hurriedly.

He rolled his eyes. "Its best that way."

Just then The break room door swung open and Tessa and Christian walked in. "Break times up, your turn." Tessa said happily plopping down in a chair. "And just in time for Magnus Bane."

Clary giggled and Alec grimaced. "C'mon Alec." She grabbed his wrist and pulled him out.

"There you two are!" Mrs. Knot was looking furious as they took their places behind the counter "Where have you been!" She snapped.

"In the break room Mrs. K, it was our break." Clary said innocently.

The woman regarded them suspiciously, as though she were trying to think of reason they were breaking the rules. "Fine. Well...Magnus Bane is arriving any minute! Look sharp!" She hissed, and hurried off to her position.

"Show time." Clary said, taking up her position behind the register.

Alec grimaced again. Whenever some celebrity was here he had to be overly cheery. Quietly he made his way back to sweater section, hoping to avoid this Magnus Bane person.


"The Knot, owned by Anna Knot, sister store to The Loop ." Camille began spouting off information about the store as soon as they stepped out of the limo.

Magnus ignored her as always and looked around the front. The Knot was obviously a high class store, with its elegant outer display and spotless glass display cases. Inside the windows there were a few very expensive dresses and a couple mens suits, some of which were his own design. He sniffed and sipped his coffee. The same elegance and style from outside adorned the interior also. Magnus was surprised to see a single girl working the register, usually there was more. She looked up when they came in and smiled. "Hello and welcome to the Knot one of New Yorks finest stores.""Do you greet all the guests?" Camille inquired.

The red-head, Clary her nametag said, shook her head and grinned. "Only the ones we're trying to impress."

Camille made a noise and marked something down a clipboard. Magnus rolled his eyes, she was always especially hard on female workers who were as pretty or prettier than her. "Do you have to work the register alone?" Magnus asked, looking around for signs of another worker.

Clary shook her head. "No, usually I'm with someone, but hes hiding right now."

Magnus raised an eyebrow. "From who?"

"From y-...uh….Yolanda….Yolanda...his...uh...ex girl friend from siberia. She lives in an igloo." The girl looked around nervously.

"If you're going to lie, at least make them believable." Camille said frostily.

Clary blushed and looked down. "Well….we best be off exploring…" Magnus said awkwardly.

Camille sniffed and stalked off towards the dresses.


Alec heard Mrs. Knott's voice from few aisles down and quickly began making his way towards the check out, hoping Magnus Bane had already gone. I don't even understand why I had to work today. He thought to himself grumpily. He was without a doubt the worst employee here. If he didn't need the money for things like food, he would have quit a long time ago. He began thinking about why he had taken the job in the first place, and by the time he reached the dress section, he was so lost in thought that he didn't hear the voices coming from around the corner.


"And he spent the entire time talking about being a lawyer. It was brutal." Camille said, taking a snip of her coffee.

Magnus laughed. "Yeah, I've dated a few of those. At the end of the date you just want to smack them in the face. So what do you think of this place?"

She surveyed the dresses with a slightly unimpressed expression. "Well, the dresses are nothing to write home about, they're all dark and business-y, and the shoes could be-"

Suddenly something around the corner caught his eye and Magnus shouted at Camille to look out, but it was too late. Coffee sprayed everywhere and Camille shrieked, stumbling backwards. "You stupid idiot!"

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't….i-i…." The man who had knocked into her had his hands over his mouth and his blue eyes were filled with terror.

"This cost over 1,000 dollars!" She screamed, her face turning red.

"I didn't mean…." He whispered, looking on the verge of tears. His black hair fell in his eyes, and he pushed it back.

Suddenly a woman with bright red hair and horn-rimmed glasses appeared around the corner. "What in the name of heaven is going-" Her face turned white as she looked between the coffee soaked Camille and the other man.

"Whats going on Alec I heard-" The red head from the counter came around the corner also, and gasped.

"I am so sorry Miss Belcourt! We will reimburse you for everything and I assure you Mr. Lightwood will be-"

"Save it!" She snapped, turning on her heel. "I'm leaving." and she marched away.

The woman, Mrs. Knott, Magnus had deduced, turned bright pink, then red as she turned on the worker. "You clumsy fool! If this cost me my reputation I will! AAagghhh!" She screamed.

"Mrs. Knott I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" He stammered.

"No! This is the last straw! You're fired!" She shouted and stormed away.

Magnus felt terrible as the blue eyed man turned to look at him. "Sorry about Camille...shes just….well….she …..she…." He stammered, lost for words. Whats wrong with me! He thought, slightly panicked. He had never been one to stutter and stumblr for words, but as he stared into those vivid blue eyes, he found himself not being able to think.

"Come on Alec." The girl, Clara or something, said softly, taking his arm and leading him away.

Magnus started after them, still not sure what had just happened.

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